Five of the Best Cities for Art Deco Design

It may be nearly 100 years since Art Deco design and architecture took off following the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, but it’s still one of the most beloved architectural styles found around the world. We’ve gathered some of our favorite cities that have some of the most eye-catching, awe-inspiring Art Decor spaces and exteriors. Take a look for some inspiration for your next project, or for just a little bit of armchair travel!


Miami, USA

Known for its pastel, candy-colored Art Deco buildings that line the blocks of Miami Beach, the hotels of this Miami neighborhood represent some of the best, most exuberant examples of Art Deco in the United States. With more than 800 buildings located in this district, it’s chock-full of hotels featuring circular porthole windows, glass block, chrome trim, and terrazzo floors.

Mumbai, India

Considered home to the second-largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world (following Miami, of course), Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage was recently declared a world heritage site. The city’s movie houses popularized the style, and British-trained local architects proliferated it across the city while still adapting it to the local climate and environment.

New York, USA

Few cities benefitted as much as New York during the booming 1920s, and the city’s architecture is physical evidence of its prosperity and the popularity of Art Deco style. Here, you’ll find skyscrapers, office complexes, apartment buildings, and more that feature the clean lines and pared-down aesthetic of Art Deco.

Havana, Cuba

Havana’s rich architectural landscape is bolstered by its Art Deco movie theaters, office buildings, and apartment buildings that take the influence of the European and American design trend and infuse local flavor. You’ll find pineapples sculpted out of plaster, balconies that undulate with their curved facades, and buildings adorned wtih palm tree iconography — what more could you want?

Shanghai, China

Shanghai witnessed a flurry of Art Deco building construction in the late 1920s and 1930s as Chinese students of architecture returned to the city after completing their education abroad and designed buildings that reflected traditional Chinese motifs alongside the sleek, streamlined style honed in school in the West. You’ll find many of these hotel, bank, and apartment buildings along the Bund, a riverfront development with a range of colonial and internationally-influenced buildings.

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