Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec pays Shaun White $6.7 million for his Hollywood Hills hideaway

Every neighborhood in LA (or most anywhere, for the matter) has a unique flavor. And Hollywood HillsOutpost Estates area is known primarily for its romantic Spanish and Mediterranean housing stock, much of which dates to the 1920s. It is also famous — or at least famous to Yolanda — for its proliferation of mature trees and leafy foliage. Feels like drivin’ through a park or forest every time we’re out there.

Because of their close proximity to Hollywood and the natural privacy the dense fauna affords them, many Outpost homes have long been, as y’all might expect, a proverbial magnet to both celebrities and wealthy business folks who want to go Hollywood. One good example of that is this house we shall discuss today, which is an atypical-for-the-area Contemporary.

Built a few years ago by Maxim Cherniavsky — a high-end property developer who once starred on Russia’s version of the Bachelor and has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram — the pad was sold to Olympic-gold-medalist-turned-successful-entrepreneur Shaun White for $6,400,000 back in 2015. Our Mr. White — who buys and sells multi-million dollar homes like most folks go through underwear — flipped the property for $6,700,000 a couple months ago.

As noted by our friend Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial, the buyer of Mr. White’s Outpost Estates bachelor pad was a mysterious entity called the “Woolloomooloo Trust”. And now, after a hot minute of investigatin’, Yolanda can tell y’all something fun. Behind that bizarrely-named trust is a real human — the new owner! His name is Robert Herjavec.

Mr. & Mrs. Herjavec

Mr. Herjavec is a Croatian-Canadian businessman who grew up in poverty but is now the CEO of the Herjavec Group, a security solutions integrator, reseller and managed service provider that he founded in 2003. The company is one of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses and has done over $500 million in sales.

Our Mr. Herjavec may best be known, however, for his role as a judge on Canada’s uber-popular TV show Dragon’s Den and its sister US show Shark Tank. The popularity and fame he achieved from his Shark Tank role catapulted him onto Dancing With The Stars. Though he did not win (he finished in a respectable 6th place), we doubt Mr. Herjavec cares much. That’s because his dancing partner, a ballroom dancer named Kym Johnson, is now his wife! The couple were married last year (2016) — mazel tov!

At roughly 4,500-square-feet, the view property is definitely spacious but not humongous. The home’s front facade sits up hard on the street and is a mix of concrete, glass, and horizontally-applied wood siding. The front door is accessed by passing by the two-car garage and opens into a kitchen/dining/living room combo that spans nearly the entie downstairs and includes ash hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and some snazzy suede sofas.

Also of note, lest we forget, is the unusual lighting situation. The criss-crossed strips of LEDs are certainly guaranteed to impress family, friends, or maybe Mr. Herjavec’s fellow Shark Tank judges, should they ever drop by for a cup of tea.

The kitchen is outfitted with high-end appliances (natch) and opens to the dining room, which overlooks Hollywood and the western LA basin. On a clear day, there are views of the Pacific Ocean; on a clear night, the city lights are dramatically laid out below like a glittery magic carpet.

And let’s not forget the glassy wine rack/closet, which is prominently placed to ensure “oohs” and “ahhs” from guests/staff.

Perhaps the most bizarre feature of the 5-bed, 5-bath house, however, is the master suite. The bedroom is fancy with all that wood and glass but is inexplicably accessed by entering through the bathroom, which is also open and completely visible to anyone lying in bed. Yolanda ain’t down with that exhibitionist shit, so we’ll move on.

The backyeard shorts a large lawn and a swimming pool with inset spa.

And the best part of the house, of course, is that view. On a smog-free day, the Century City skyline is plainly visible.

Our Mr. Herjavec has lived mainly in LA for the past few years and has owned at WeHo’s Sierra Towers luxury high-rise condo, where he paid $3.2 million for a 17th-floor unit in 2015, only to flip it one year (April 2016) later for $4.15 million. Also in 2016, according to our friends at The Real Deal, he paid $3,900,000 for a contemporary casa in the Hollywood Hills. Records show that Mr. Herjavec dumped his old Hollywood house earlier this month (October 2017) for $4,150,000 to a real estate investment company exec named Brett Ersoff.

Mr. Herjavec also owns (or owned) a mansion in Toronto’s mega pricey Bridle Path neighborhood, the same area where Drake is custom-building a colossal 35,000-square-foot mega-mansion for his part-time use. That pad includes a “snack lounge”, an “awards room”, and But we digress!

As for Mr. White, he has moved out to Malibu’s celebrity-swarmed Point Dume neighborhood, where he owns a $20 million blufftop compound that Yolanda has previously written about on several different occasions.

Shaun White’s agent: Scott Bross, Duke Partners Properties
Robert Herjavec’s agents: Josh & Matt Altman, Douglas Elliman

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