Mohamed Hadid’s Bel Air Mansion on Fast Track to Demolition

Last month, following years of contentious litigation, Mohamed Hadid was ordered to demolish his half-finished Bel Air mega-mansion. Shortly after, the high-profile real estate developer father of international supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid effectively claimed he was “too broke” to tear the place down, and 901 Strada LLC — his shell company that technically owns the property — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That claim, however, was recently dismissed by federal bankruptcy court judge Sheri Bluebond after L.A. Superior Court judge Craig Karlan toured the development and deemed the structure a clear and present public danger to nearby homes. During the proceedings, Bluebond chastised Hadid for filing bankruptcy to avoid razing the house.

Perched precariously atop a steep hillside, the imposing 30,000 sq. ft. concrete structure has been the central focus of a seemingly endless legal battle between Hadid and his neighbors. Hadid bought the property in 2011 and submitted plans to build a relatively modest 14,000 square-foot house, yet somehow the project ballooned into a 70-foot tall, six-story colossus that was ultimately constructed without proper city permits.

Hadid’s neighbors claim that the home was built on an illegally-graded slope, has poor foundational supports and unapproved retaining walls. Hadid, for his part, says his “nasty” neighbors are “obsessed” with him and hell-bent on derailing the project at all costs. They’ve also, according to him, caused the loss of a fortune — Hadid says he has sunk approximately $50 million into his doomed residential Shangri-La. But the neighbors are unsympathetic to Hadid’s claims of financial misfortune, pointing out that he recently purchased a $4.5 million home in the mountains above Beverly Hills.

Bluebond’s decision could be the final nail in Hadid’s spec home coffin, effectively clearing the way for the palatial home to be razed. “The whole thing has been a nightmare,” Hadid said in a statement to the Daily Mail. “Yes, I regret starting it. It has destroyed my life, it has destroyed my reputation and affected my family.”

  1. Darren says:

    Yes, I regret starting it. It has destroyed my life, it has destroyed my reputation and affected my family.”
    Mr.Hadid fails to comprehend, the house didn’t destroy his life, destroy his reputation and affect his family, he did. So often it is the ones who continue not to take responsibility that essentially screams guilt and a lack of caring for anyone else but themself.

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