Lindsay Chambers renovates in the Birds


Today we are going to discuss one of the homeowners in the trendy “Bird Streets” area of the Hollywood Hills: interior designer Lindsay Chambers.

Miss Chambers — a former PhD student at Stanford and now a WeHo-based up-and-coming decorator — was recently named by California Home + Design magazine as their 2015 Emerging Designer winner. Congrats, gurl! She and her “signature transitional style” (per her website) have completed more than 40 projects, many of them in the Silicon Valley area.

We scrolled through Miss Chambers’ portfolio and though our gurl has apparently never met a shade of white or grey she didn’t fall madly in love with and marry in international waters, the results are not unattractive and quite pleasant in most cases.

Still in her 30s and a Palo Alto (CA) native, young Miss Chambers first caught everyone’s attention back in December (2014) when she paid a decidedly A-list $10,985,000 (through an LLC) for the former Bird Streets view home of comedic actress Megan Mullally.

Ms. Mullally, who owned the home for more than a decade, had sold it the previous year for $9,970,000 to formerly-Idaho-based venture capitalist Kipp Nelson. It was Mr. Nelson who flipped the property to Miss Chambers for a million-dollar profit. (Miss Chambers herself unsuccessfully attempted to flip the property again in 2015 for $12.5 million, though she has since removed it from the market).

Perched on the so-called “front row” of the Bird Streets (a silly name imagined up to encapsulate the unobstructed jetliner views the neighboring properties enjoy — the 3,803 square foot single-story crib is perched onto the rather cramped-seeming .29-acre lot and sits cheek-to-jowl with its two much-larger neighbors on either side.

Well, babies, our gurl has gone and done it again. Just last month (June 2016), an ultra-dated structure just two doors away from the Mullally-Chambers pad sold for $10,250,000 to a mystery corporate entity calling itself “Gizmo’s Skyline LLC”.

Anyway, the residence is 100% a teardown, to the point that listing photos do not show a single interior photo of the structure (and only one shot of the sad exterior). Hey, at least it looks like a home, unlike most of the sterile 5-star office buildings surrounding it, right?

The .41 acre lot, owned for over 50 years by the same family, was originally listed for a ludicrously-unrealistic $17,500,000 before undergoing multiple (and much-needed) price chops.

Anyway, the two properties in the Bird Streets are hardly Miss Chambers’ first foray into Los Angeles real estate. Four years ago, in July 2012, she threw down $3,050,000 for a single-level uber-modern pad just above the Sunset Strip (and very close to the Chateau Marmont) that features panoramic views of the LA basin.

After renovating the property, Miss Chambers unsuccessfully attempted to sell this house earlier this year, first with an ask of $5,495,000 and then at $5,250,000 before it was delisted.

Moving on. We also located direct, conclusive evidence that Miss Chambers recently owned not one but two separate, non-contiguous houses on Laurel Way in Beverly Hills. She flipped both homes to the very same developer in two separate transactions, one off-market and one on, raking in a whopping $4,150,000 profit on the two deals, minus real estate fees, taxes, and any renovation costs (we don’t think she did much work at all). Damn! Get that money, gurl.

Miss Chambers’ two former Beverly Hills properties, flipped for a $4 million+ total profit

But back to Miss Chambers’ new double-down in the Birds. Now that she has two houses just two doors apart, will she attempt to snap up the property in between? A contiguous triplex, if you will?

Records show the house in between Miss Chambers’ two properties was sold by actor Tobey Maguire (and his wife Jennifer Meyer) for $10,800,000 in 2007 to an anonymous shell company that everyone and their granny’s lint-roller knows is a front for recently-divorced Wal-Mart heiress Paige Laurie, the only child of Bill & Nancy Walton Laurie (the latter is the younger daughter of Bud Walton, the long-deceased younger brother and business partner of Sam Walton).

Remember, y’all, there are three big D’s that constitute the most common reasons for folks to buy and sell houses: Death, Divorce, and Diapers. Given that Miss Laurie is (we assume) currently putting the finishing touches on a long, drawn-out, and deeply acrimonious split from her moochin’ hubby Bo, could she be in the mood to unload her marriage crib? Let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise your gurl in the least. But given that we’re told she paid over $10 million and poured mega-bucks into renovations, she wouldn’t let it go for less than $15 million, we think.

Celebrities love Birds, apparently
Celebrities love Birds, apparently

One last little tidbit. There are so many celebrities and notable business folks in the Bird Streets we couldn’t possibly list them all in a single post. Well, we could, but that would be one long-ass story and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. So we’ll just tell you who’s within crawling distance of Miss Chambers’ properties. In addition to Miss Laurie, there’s the Facebook-suing Winklevoss twins, actors Keanu Reeves and Leo DiCaprio, songstress extraordinaire Diane Warren, apparel mogul Calvin Klein, high-paid DJ Avicii, big-haired socialite widow Joan Dangerfield, and TravelZoo CEO Holger Bartel.

“These Birds ain’t big enough for the two of us.”

So will Miss Laurie and Miss Chambers meet face-to-face to hash out a deal, gal-to-gal? Will they sit outside, overlooking the LA basin poors far below? Is Miss Chambers attempting to be the new Megan Ellison with her three-in-a-row houses? Would we like to be a fly on the wall if and when it happens? Are you seriously asking?! Hell yes, we would! Imagine that deliciousness. Two billionaire daughters haggling over how many millions one should pay the other for a house — and one of them who infamously cheated her way through USC. All the coke-snortin’ douches in the Bird Streets couldn’t keep us away.

  1. Don Juan says:

    Funny at one point back when both these properties were for sale I wondered if someone would buy them and also try to pick up the house between. Few will argue that this stretch of homes has some of the BEST views in LA.

    Is she just remodeling the home formerly owned my Mullally? When she tried to flip it… it was being sold with renders by McClean for a 9k sq.ft. house with a big basement. My guess is she leveled it and went that route vs a cosmetic remodel, no?

    I heard Winklevoss’s whom have been trying to lease their house forever are open to selling it, which would make more sense. I’m curious to see 1407 Tanager— that house though too small for the area now, was gorgeous already before the extensive overhaul / expansion started. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before 1400 Tanager hits the market as a tear down and that lot will be the trophy of the street with its wrap around 240-degree views.

  2. Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says:

    The Rabbi maintains ambiguouity with J.E.R. Carpenter-designed 950 Fifth Avenue, where fine 76th Street corner siting provides lengthy southern exposures for each apartment. Unfortunately, ceilings are low for generous room proportions, and horizontal window replacements on the western facade are blasphemous.

    Confidential to Miss Chambers: The Rabbi is praying to see board shorts guy photographed up close!

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