Kylie Jenner coughs up $5 million cash for the vacant lot next door

Now that the Kardashians are richer than even most A-list celebrities, they have kicked their little-people habit of buying homes in the $3 to $5 million range. That sort of spending is for the poors! It’s now mega-mansion compound building time, y’all.

Take little Miss Pregnant Kylie Jenner. Though the budding makeup mogul just recently turned 20 years old, her billionaire-level spending has already become the stuff of legend. In the two years she has been legally an adult, Miss Jenner has spent well over $30 million on luxury real estate for herself. But don’t take that to mean she’s selfish! Miss Jenner splurges on the people closest to her, too. Per TMZ, she has already dropped $70,000 on baby clothes and accessories for her unborn child. And Yolanda just happens to know that she gifted her best friend — some random chick named Jordyn Woods — with a $120,000 Mercedes-AMG GLE63s Coupe. For her 20th birthday! Shit, for a $120k car on our bday, even Yolanda would deign to be Miss Jenner’s friend too! Hit us up, hun bun.

We’re not certain what Kylie Jenner’s net worth is, y’all, but Forbes conservatively estimates that she hauled in $41 million over the past 12 months, making her the youngest member of the annual Celebrity 100 top moneymakers list.

In addition to her Keeping Up With The Kardashians TV role, Miss Jenner recently starred in a (blessedly short-lived) show called Life of Kylie. In her almost unfathomably vapid confessionals, she leaves us with little nuggets of wisdom like “I just don’t like the airport. It scares me.” and how she “feels so bad” for “not driving [my] Lambo enough“.

(To be fair, Miss Jenner’s “Lambo” is a Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce Roadster, one of only 500 in the entire world, and it’s got an MSRP of nearly $600,000 with taxes. So we might feel a little guilty about not driving it, too. But we digress…)

Kylie Jenner’s $12 million main residence — currently under construction

As y’all may recall, Yolanda was the first to hiss that Miss Jenner quietly forked out $12,050,000 for her massive new mansion just over a year ago (in September 2016). The “Cape Cod” (per the listing) behemoth was built on spec and measures in at a whopping 13,200-square-feet of living space with 8 bedrooms and 9.75 bathrooms on about 1.4 acres. Naturally, there are luxury features like a home theater, gym, and massage room. For lots more pics, go here.

But Miss Jenner has spent the last several months not living in her $12 million airplane hanger because the place has been under construction. Yes, even though it was brand-new when she bought it, Miss Jenner wanted to put her own custom touch on the joint, apparently. Maybe she’s adding an “Instagram room” with the perfect selfie lighting? Maybe a “booty room” with funhouse mirrors to give her caboose that disturbingly swollen look?

Anyway, renovations are still not quite complete. But after a few months spent living in a rental mansion in the Beverly Hills Post Office area, Miss Jenner has nonetheless already moved back to Hidden Hills. And like all good bazillionaires should do, she is extending her real estate footprint with the purchase of the property next door.

Yes, kiddies. Yolanda happens to know that Miss Jenner has paid $5,000,000 (in cold, hard cash) for the vacant lot that sits directly to the northwest (get it?) of her massive new home.

Kylie Jenner’s $17 million Hidden Hills compound

As best as we can tell, Miss Jenner’s $17,050,000 compound now spans close to 2.5 acres of land on a newer cul-de-sac in the Hidden Hills neighborhood where several more large mansions will be built in the next couple years.

Kylie Jenner’s $6 million Hidden Hills mansion

In addition to her $17 million spread, Miss Jenner continues to own her old house, a stylistically similar but significantly smaller “Cape Cod” spec build that she purchased for $6,025,000 in early 2016. This house was briefly rented to her brother Rob Kardashian and his stripper baby mama Blac Chyna, though the ex-couple has long since abandoned the property and Yolanda confesses we have no idea who (if anyone) is currently living on the premises.

Time will tell what Miss Jenner plans to do with all her Hidden Hills property, but even at 20 she’s already had plenty of experience with flipping. She recently sold yet another Hidden Hills house to muffin mogul John Schiavo for $5,275,000, way above the $4.5 million she had paid a year earlier. She also sold her Calabasas “starter” mansion to haircare entrepreneur Nikki Eslami for $3,150,000, comfortably above the $2,600,000 she paid when she was just 17 years old.

Listing agents: Marc & Rory Shevin, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Kylie Jenner’s agents: Tomer & Isidora Fridman, Compass

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