Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner gets $3.15 million from makeup mogul Nikki Eslami

Our BFF Your Mama over at Variety magazine already let the proverbial kitty cat outta the bag, but Yolanda is about to throw her useless opinion about this transaction into the ring because it’s Friday and this is an easy story. Come on, y’all, cut this ol’ gurl a break. We’ve been slaving away on here all week!

Seller: King Kylie Jenner

Although the deal has yet to be officially recorded, Yolanda happens to know that teenage makeup tycoon and social media superstar Kylie Jenner has quietly done sold her Calabasas starter house. The agreed-upon price is $3,150,000, which is significantly less than the downright greedy $3.9 million originally requested by Miss Jenner. However, that figure is still a fat $550,000 more than the $2,600,000 paid by Miss Jenner just over two years ago, in March 2015. Oh, to be all of 17 years old and have $2,600,000 to drop on a suburban mansion! But we digress.

The buyer, Yolanda happens to know, is another raven-haired young lady whose wealth also derives from the beauty industry. Coincidence or not? You decide.

Buyer: Nikki Eslami

Nikki Eslami is her name. She is the co-founder of Bellami, a very successful company that supplies a full range of branded cosmetics to thousands of salons across the country. Hair care products, lip liners, eyeshadows, and much more. The company is primarily known, however, for its ultra-popular line of wigs and hair extensions.

Say, doesn’t Miss Jenner’s money also come from makeup? By golly, it does! (Well, that and the TV show all the other random products/crap she shills.)

The house is located in the guard-gated and mock-Med mansion-filled “Oaks” community of Calabasas, that fancy (if a bit nauseatingly suburban) city in the San Fernando Valley. Situated on a fairly tight .36-acre lot, the 2006-built structure packs in 5,100-square-feet of living space with a family-sized 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms.

Miss Jenner gave the place a thorough makeover in the form of a ton a black and white paint. While some of you young’uns might find it glam and fabulous, Yolanda finds the contrast-contrast-contrast scheme rather dull and uninspiring. But we can appreciate that though this place is not to Yolanda’s tastes, there are many folks who probably feel this is the height of style.

A gated entryway leads directly to a petite courtyard equipped with a firepit. Gleaming ebonized hardwood floors begin in the living room and continue through the most of the home’s public rooms. (Those floors are so shiny, y’all, that Yolanda would not dare to stand on them while wearing a skirt without our bloomers on. But we digress.)

Naturally, the kitchen sports high-end Viking appliances and a quartz counter top.

The massive master suite includes a walk-in closet, a mirror-lined master suite, and a seating area with television set.

There is also a rather hokey-lookin’ screening room, and out back there’s a massive outdoor dining set under a covered patio, an outdoor bar and full BBQ, and a rectangular plunge pool with inset spa. Despite all that, however, Yolanda can’t help but feel that the backyard is rather depressing for $3.15 million. All that money in Calabasas and you get barely any land and no views? Meh!

Now, a $550,000 profit in two years on a $2.6 million house is quite impressive. But keep in mind that Miss Jenner clearly spent a significant amount of moolah renovating this entire place top-to-bottom.

And also, $550k is chump change to Miss Jenner. She may be only 19 years old, but she tools around town in a limited-production Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster (price: $530,075 before options, taxes, and the inevitable dealer markup). Not to mention all her other supercars and assorted luxury vehicles.

Miss Jenner and her $600k+ Lambo

Anyway, Miss Jenner has long since departed Calabasas to the yonder northern Hidden Hills community. She’s got a $10,525,000 compound situated down a super-private flag lot, but she doesn’t actually live there. Oh no. Miss Jenner actually lives in her $12,050,000 Hidden Hills mega-mansion a few streets away. It’s got 13,000+ square feet of living space. And let’s face it, what 19-year-old social media hound doesn’t need all that room?

Miss Jenner’s $12 million Hidden Hills mansion

Don’t forget, kiddies, Miss Jenner is rich enough to live in Beverly Park if she so choose. Don’t underestimate those krazy Kardashians’ pocketbook power.

Kylie Jenner’s agents: Tomer & Isidora Fridman, Compass
Nikki Eslami’s agent: April Lopez, Re/Max Traditions

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