‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Settle Into the Suburbs

location: Valley Glen, Calif.
price: $1.91 million
size: (approx.) 3,765 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms plus cabana with bath

Vanderpump Rules” stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have made no secret they’re new homeowners. Indeed, Taylor spilled the news himself while attending the Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, Fla., and their social media accounts have since shown them posing in the gourmet kitchen, floating in the pool and otherwise enjoying the real estate fruits of their reality TV success. A little poking around indicates the newly married Bravolebrity restaurant workers paid just over $1.9 million — a bit more than the just under $1.9 million asking price — for a brand spanking new house in the un-celebrated but increasingly popular and ever-more pricey Valley Glen area of L.A.’s sprawling San Fernando Valley. It’s the same neck of the suburbs, actually, where several of their other coupled castmates have also bought similarly designed and appointed homes.
Described in marketing materials as “traditional” in style and jam-packed with a luxurious bevy of high-tech creature comforts, such as surround sound with built-in ceiling speakers, a comprehensive home automation system and a camera-equipped security apparatus, the two-story, family sized home has five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms in almost 3,800 square feet. The property was listed with Avi Barazani at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.
The front door opens informally directly into a combination living and dining room with a fireplace and wide-plank wood floors. Featuring snazzy, herringbone pattern marble tile backsplashes and an expensive array of name-brand appliances, the kitchen is open over a large island to an informal dining area and family room that spills out to the backyard through a floor-to-ceiling bank of glass panels that vanish into the walls. Several en suite guest bedrooms and a tiny courtyard patio are joined on the upper floor by a master suite replete with vaulted ceilings, a slender balcony, a fitted walk-in closet and a roomy bathroom with a dedicated hair and makeup vanity. Back downstairs, a small, covered patio outside the kitchen and family room gives way to a pancake flat, fully fenced and freshly sodded backyard decked out with a swimming pool, spa and built-in grilling station along with a roughly 250 sq. ft. poolside cabana that contains a bathroom and an open-air lounge with fireplace.
Married last month at a castle-like hotel in Kentucky in a “fairy-tale themed” ceremony officiated by Lance Bass, the Cartwright-Taylors acquired their new home in presumably planned close proximity to several other cast members who have also recently purchased not exactly identical but undeniably and remarkably similar houses to that of Cartwright and Taylor. Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz shelled out just above $1.9 million for a slightly smaller four-bedroom and 4.5-bathroom, vaguely Cape Cod-style traditional with a remarkably similar interior layout to Cartwright and Taylors’ new pad and Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix coughed up close to $2.1 million for a slightly larger and also similarly laid out, farmhouse-inspired residence that’s a bit less than 1.5 miles from Cartwright and Taylor and just over 1.5 miles from the Maloney-Schwartzes.

    1. Mary Kasal says:

      Why would you wish for Innocent children to be placed in a mix of nit-wits? Their “income” is based on a show that will end (soon). That said, along with the franchise leaving the airwaves so will the checks stop coming and then what? Now you have two people living in a home they can’t afford with children that should be provided with everything most important a roof over their head. Jax and Brittany don’t have the ability to think about the “long-run”, they are focused on the here and now, with kids that is not the best way to prepare for the future. I don’t think a child is going to keep Jax from doing what Jax does best, i.e. look for another woman to “be with”. Common, have a heart for the children I hope they wake up before it is too late.

  1. Sherri C says:

    These two trolls deserve each other. He’ll cheat on her (for the nth time) as soon as she’s pregnant and not desirable to him any longer. She’ll stay with him because all she cares about is the game. They’ll be miserable for as long as they’re together, but hey, at least they’re miserable in a $1.9 million house.

  2. DC Guy says:

    I hope these insipid and vapid people enjoy their extended 15 minutes of fame, because it will come crashing down on them soon. 5 years from now, we’ll all say Jax who? Start saving your Vanderpump Rules money, honey. You’re gonna need it.

    1. Mary Kasal says:

      So refreshing to read the type of reply I would have left if I read this article first. What I do not understand is why on all that is Holy in the Universe would you put yourself in this type of debt when you know that eventually, your “fame” (along with the checks) is going to end? Neither of these two nit-wits has the skills, the intellect to apply for anything more than a waitress or bartender. Unless Britney is willing to work at a place where showing her boobs along with other “lady parts” might increase her base salary and they both stop purchasing the “labels” maybe they will scrape together the monthly mortgage payments but Jax? He is the epitome of stupidity at it’s highest level. Jax does not possess the moral fiber to be anything other than a “skirt chaser.” Little Ms. Brit talks about her dream job “teaching kids with disabilities,” I taught Middle School and High School students for 40+ years, based on her demeanor, her vocabulary, subjectively I do not believe she possess the ability to complete a rigorous University program successfully. Regardless, a teachers salary is not going to cover the mortgage payments along with the general payments from HO Dues to Electric, on their “Barbie” dream house. Living within your means is the best way to stay out of financial trouble this purchase will eventually become an albatross as their income now is based on their soon to end 15 minutes of fame. Putting funds away to use during retirement is the best advice they could get. FYI, Beer Cheese is nothing new in the Midwest, it is not the new “skinny girl” fortune. NEWS FLASH, Social Security will not be supporting their generation; now is the time to save every dime, get a financial planner, save, save, save, or beware the consequences.

  3. Sleepy Brown says:

    They should have pulled a Joan Van Ark who during the height of popularity of Knots Landing bought a simple modest house in the valley and now doesn’t have to worry about house payments or property taxes causing her to lose her home because now she’s set for life. Ed McMann bought a huge mansion up on the hill and when he left the Tonight Show he couldn’t pay the yearly property tax, same thing will happen to Jax and Brittany. Always follow the Joan Van Ark rule and never the Ed McMann folly. Word.

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