Jimmy Kimmel quietly drops $8 million in Hermosa Beach

A large Mediterranean-style mansion in the LA seaside neighborhood of Hermosa Beach recently sold for nearly $8.2 million, one of the highest prices ever paid for a home in the laid-back beachside community. Naturally, Yolanda was curious about the spendy new owner’s identity. A quick spot of quick research reveals that they are a not-famous local couple who have long lived in the area.

That’s all well and good, but then Yolanda noticed that the property immediately next door to the mansion — which currently sports a far more modest house — quietly sold last year for $8,000,000 to a mysterious blind trust. Somehow Yolanda (and everyone else, for that matter) completely missed this transaction when it went down, probably because it occurred totally off-market. That happens sometimes — we strive to be thorough, but things still fall through the cracks.

Anyway, Yolanda soon discovered that the buyers behind the blind trust are none other than Jimmy Kimmel and his (second) wife Molly McNearney. That should not be particularly surprising to anyone — after all, the Kimmels are longtime Hermosa Beach fans. And this is actually their third home in the neighborhood. More on that a little later.

Mr. Kimmel & Ms. McNearney

At the time of sale, the large (for the neighborhood) property contained a 2,110-square-foot, two-story cottage that was built in the 1940 and is of no particular architectural significance. Yolanda thinks this place is the epitome of an obvious teardown, particularly since the off-market listing provided many photographs of the view but nary a photo of the plain-jane home’s interior.

Mr. Kimmel’s $8 million Hermosa Beach house

And since this transaction closed way back in January 2017, Yolanda wondered if perhaps the Kimmels have already razed the structure and begun building a dream home.

But nope. Yolanda’s research reveals the little old house is still standing, and in fact is currently occupied not by Mr. Kimmel and Ms. McNearney, but rather by a local young artist named Lorien Stern.

Ms. Stern

We don’t know much about Ms. Stern or fully understand her connection is to the Kimmel clan, but she certainly seems to be either a close family friend or maybe even a relative. A little investigatin’ reveals that Mr. Kimmel, his kids, and Ms. McNearney all follow Ms. Stern on the Instagram contraption.

Whatever the case, we have to assume that Ms. Stern’s living situation is temporary and that the house will eventually be demolished once plans are drawn up for a luxury structure that maximizes the value of the prime hilltop property.

The property spans .42-acres — a very rare amount of land for tightly-packed Hermosa. Located in the coveted Hill Section and at the end of a quiet cut-de-sac, the house has clear views of the Pacific Ocean, Catalina, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

The current humble abode has 4 beds and 2 baths, but the listing makes a point to call out that the lot can potentially accommodate a 20,000-square-foot custom mega-mansion.

Jimmy Kimmel’s other Hermosa Beach pad

Since 2004, when he bought it for $2,175,000, Mr. Kimmel’s main residence in Hermosa has been the 2,200-square-foot house above. The house is conveniently located only one block from the beach.

Some of Mr. Kimmel’s high-profile Hermosa neighbors include billionaire In-N-Out Burger heiress Lynsi Snyder and billionaire Rockstar energy drink founder Russ Weiner.

The $2.25 million Hermosa Beach house Jimmy Kimmel bought for his sister-in-law Kelly

In September 2014, Mr. Kimmel shelled out $2,250,000 for a duplex structure in Hermosa. The property is occupied by his sister-in-law Kelly McNearney (she’s his wife’s younger sister, FYI). Records show that Mr. Kimmel deeded the house over from his blind trust to Ms. McNearney’s name in 2015.

Jimmy Kimmel’s $7.1 million Hollywood Hills home

When they are not in Hermosa Beach, Mr. Kimmel and Ms. McNearney’s main residence is a two-parcel, two-house compound located on a famously star-studded street in the Hollywood Hills, just above the legendary Chateau Marmont. Our Mr. Kimmel purchased the contemporary complex in two separate transactions a few years back, for a total outlay of $7,100,000.

Listing agents: Robb Stroyke, Stroyke Properties

    1. James says:

      Looking for a “Current” address for jimmy kimmel as of 2018.
      Please leave an address here or post it to any Youtube Video of the Jimmy Kimmel show.
      I need the Current Address where he sleeps.

  1. Former Hermosa Resident says:

    If this is the same house I think it is, we used to live right around the corner years ago. This was owned by an Indian family and looked like a dump even back then. Hard to believe it could sell for 8 million!

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