Ellen DeGeneres lists Hollywood Regency villa in Beverly Hills

Thanks to our observant readers Miss Havisham and Boris Badass, Yolanda has learned that serial house flipper Ellen DeGeneres and her longtime actress wife Portia de Rossi have jettisoned their 90210 mid-century time capsule onto the market with a $17,950,000 ask. And all the Platinum Triangle trophy wives and paper boys are all in a tizzy about it.

Astute subscribers may recall that Yolanda discussed this very house barely six months ago — back in September (2018) — which is when Ms. DeGeneres coughed up exactly $15 million for the Hollywood Regency-style abode, originally built in 1962 by architect John Woolf.

Why the $3 million price bump after six months? According to the listing, the house was “completely restored & updated in 2019.” (Must’ve been a speedy restoration, given that we’re still in Q1!)

Ms. DeGeneres & Ms. de Rossi

It ain’t surprising that Ms. DeGeneres would renovate her home — she’s the celebrity queen of house-flipping, after all — but the odd thing is that the house was already painstakingly restored by the legendary Marmol Radziner architecture firm in 2018. Yes, right before it was sold to Ms. DeGeneres.

So in essence, the lady is attempting to flip a freshly-renovated house that was already flipped last year for a big profit — as a freshly-renovated house. And they say we aren’t in a bubble! But we digress.

Current listing photos are limited and do little to showcase Ms. DeGeneres’s renovation work, but a thorough investigation reveals that she has definitely made some cosmetic changes. This includes the painting of several walls and installation of new curtains. And the furniture is also all-new. with lovely and authentic MCM pieces aplenty. Several punishingly pricey Lalanne Sheep sculptures roam the premises.

The single-story structure sits on a nearly half-acre lot and boasts approximately 5,100-square-feet of living space with 5 beds and 4.5 baths. At the time of Ms. DeGeneres’s purchase, two of the guest bedrooms were configured as a media room and an office, respectively, although we have no clue if they’ve since been repurposed.

Those $18 million views

To be honest, this house is not among Yolanda’s favorite Woolf works. But we live for the stunning views — on a clear day, the ocean and Catalina Island are visible — and for the sublime location. The property is squirreled away on a discreet cul-de-sac high in the coveted Trousdale Estates neighborhood. Some of the nearest neighbors include include Blink182’s Mark Hoppus, music producer Clarence Avant, and songwriter Ryan Tedder. And fashion world bigwig Hedi Slimane is right next door.

So what do readers think of this place? Will it soar as a successful flip or scrape bottom as an epic flop?

Anyway. Should they sell their 90210 digs tomorrow, Ms. DeGeneres and Ms. de Rossi won’t be homeless. The property-mad couple maintain at least three other estates — all of them located up north in Santa Barbara County, and all acquired within the past couple years.

Back in late 2017, the couple shelled out a whopping $18,600,000 for an oceanfront glassy modern on Carpinteria’s exclusive (yet somewhat quaint) Padaro Lane.

The $18.6 million Padaro Lane palace

The following August (2018), the ladies bolstered their portfolio with the $6,700,000 acquisition of a rustic compound in the foothills above Carpinteria. The 10+ acre farm/ranch spread includes plenty of riding room for the horse-lovin’ pair.

The $6.7 million horsey compound

And this January (2019), Ms. DeGeneres came for blood and made heads roll with her $27,000,000 splurge on an amazing Bali-influenced compound on the outskirts of Montecito. That property (below) happens to be almost directly across the street from their equestrian estate (above).

$27 million Bali in Montecito

Ms. DeGeneres has historically been very successful in her real estate endeavors, but time will tell if that Midas touch continues with her Trousdale trophy. We’re in a wee little real estate slump right now. But Beverly Hills homes are always desirable. Ellen-owned homes, even moreso.

And at nearly $18 million, what are the odds the next owner will renovate the house yet again to suit his/her persnickety real estate tastes? Hint: they’re very good. That’s just how billionaire buyers do.

Listing agent: Kurt Rappaport, Westside Estate Agency

  1. nene_catini says:

    It strikes me as so odd that she seems to go up and down in house. Like I could get if she hopped around but it was comparable size/price houses but she goes up to a something huge, than down to something reasonable then back up and all around.

    I would have NEVER let go of the Brody House if I were here.

      1. Sam says:

        If I remember correctly she wasn’t looking to sell it but when Sean Parker swooped in and offered $55 million for it she could resist the $15 million profit in 6 months. Especially since she hadn’t done anything to the property

  2. Mark Kline says:

    Hello there,
    I luv luv luv your blog! First time for a comment. I love Woolf’s work
    and it is such a strong aesthetic. I don’t see Ellen connecting with it. No surprise
    she is unloading it. This one is not a success.


  3. Steve says:

    A remarkable house compromised by the nearness of neighbors- look at it on google maps, it’s about a foot clear of the houses on each side.

  4. BKS says:

    Hardly one of their more memorable flips: their old house on Hillcrest was much more “Ellen” and a classic. The girls should take up Lloyd Wright’s Newman house, recently listed and awaiting their magic touch.

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