The Killers’ Dave Keuning drops $5 million in Los Feliz

It was just a few months ago that Dave Keuning, the longtime guitarist for rock band The Killers, announced he was taking a break from the group’s touring schedule to spend more time with his family. Mr. Keuning was not, his other bandmates stressed, leaving the group entirely. Just a short break.

In addition to spendin’ time with family, said touring exit also allowed Mr. Keuning the time to start spendin’ that hard-earned cash on a big new house. Last week, a fancy-pants pad in the hills of Los Feliz sold for an aggressive $4,950,000 to a mysterious blind trust — a trust that a little birdie squawked to Yolanda is a front for our very own Mr. Keuning.

The house in question is located just down the street from the world-famous Ennis House — currently owned by billionaire Ron Burkle — and also around the corner from “The Castle“, which was last sold in 2014 for a then-record-breaking $8,300,000 to noted language translator Muna El Fituri.

We digress. Mr. Keuning’s new pad was last sold only two years ago, in February 2016, for $2,100,000. The new owners (a not-famous couple from Las Vegas) gave the place a quick but thorough refresh/update before flipping it to a Killer.

Originally built in the 1930s, the house presents itself as a rather Traditional-style affair from the street out front, where the front-facing two car garage and rambling facade give it a rather matronly appearance. Out back, however, the party gets started with a Bangkirai deck and a big infinity pool that befits a $5 million house.

And no, Yolanda had no idea what “Bangkirai” meant either. But a quick convo with our friend Mr. Google let us know that it is some sort of Burmese mahogany or similarly exotic wood. Whatever the case, it looks good!

Indoors, the kitchen draws yer eyeballs with its azure blue (?) cabinets offsetting the marble countertops and the oak flooring. Yolanda is rather loving the look, and we are not ashamed to admit it.

The 5,049-square-foot abode is big enough for a large family with its 5 bedrooms and 6 baths. As y’all might expect, the master suite is large and comes complete with vaulted ceilings, a private balcony overlooking the city, and a bathroom with marble, dual vanities, and a glass-walled shower.

Elsewhere there’s a libary without any books, and an outdoor dining area plus an outdoor lounge.

Just imagine curlin’ up in that spa on a chilly Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Listen to the wind whistlin’ through the palm fronds. Maybe the toads will be rustlin’ in the bushes. At least, you better hope those are toads. Y’all should know that Mr. Keuning’s house is in the Los Feliz hills and very close to Griffith Park. That is also mountain lion territory — P-22‘s ‘hood, to be exact.

Internet rumors say that Mr. Keuning owns homes in both San Diego and Las Vegas. Try as we might, however, Yolanda could not unearth a San Diego address for this fellow. But that does not necessarily mean he has no home there, it just means we were unable to locate it, if it exists.

However, we did find that Mr. Keuning owns a luxury Sin City condo in the guard-gated Park Avenue complex, near the city outskirts.

Listing agent: Justin Mandile, Mercer Vine


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