Rob Zombie plunks down $4.5 million on the house next door

A little birdie whispered to Yolanda (and records certainly appear to confirm) that famously hairy shock rock musician Rob Zombie has secretly shelled out more than $4.5 million — $4,535,000, to be exact — for his next door neighbor’s house. The property is located in a rather remote section of the Hollywood Hills, tucked in between Beverly Hills’ fiendishly fancy Trousdale Estates neighborhood and LA’s far more hippy-dippy Laurel Canyon area.

Longtime readers may recall that Yolanda tattled to the world about Mr. Zombie and his longtime wife Sheri Moon Zombie — and yes, those are indeed their legal names — throwing down $2,490,000 in April 2016 for their first Hollywood Hills house, a rather sinister blacked-out structure with an idiosyncratic folded-plate roofline.

The Zombies

Anyway, records show that Mr. Zombie purchased the house next door from two dudes named Alan Katz and Jerry Simmons. The couple had acquired the property way back in January 2007 for $3,850,000. Though originally built in 1957, the home has been majorly remodeled at least once in the past 20 years, and it now appears to be a contemporary-style mini-compound of some sort. There are a total of 3,335-square-feet of living space with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

This was a totally off-market deal, of course, so Yolanda unfortunately does not have pics for y’all to ogle over. We apologize — but in lieu of new photos, here is a repost of pictures from their other house — the one they bought two years ago.

Goodness! Though this place is definitely not your gurl’s style, we have a feeling it would start to look really sexy after a couple stiff vodka-based drinks. It just seems like one of those spots, right? Is that just us?

Anyway, $4.5 million is a lot of money to spend on a neighbor’s house, especially in this particular neck of the woods. But Yolanda believes this acquisition is actually a very smart move by Mr. Zombie. You see, the two houses share one long, private driveway. And previously, Mr. Zombie’s house had no room for off-street parking. Now he can gate the driveway and he has heaps of space for vehicles on the .72-acre, totally private compound.

The Zombies’ $7 million canyon compound

Our tabulations show the Zombies have now spent a grand total of $7,025,000 on their spooky, tree-shaded digs up in yonder hills. And yes, that is certainly a big price to pay. But finding a home that perfectly matches your personality — as Mr. Zombie’s appears to — well, that is priceless.


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