Pink gets her lease on in Malibu Colony

Although it sorta seems like only yesterday, it has already been two months since Yolanda was the first to blab about how international music superstar Pink (or P!nk) and her retired motocross racer hubby Carey Hart had sold their landlocked house in Malibu’s celebrity-swarmed Point Dume neighborhood for $12,500,000 to prominent French financier Matthieu Pigasse.

At the time, Yolanda speculated that Mr. & Mrs. Pink were abandoning LA County altogether in favor of the decidedly slower-paced Santa Ynez Valley area up north, where they have owned a big spread for the past several years. More on that property in just a moment.

But not so fast. Our insider source Malibu Gretchen has big hair that is full of secrets, remember. Not only did he surprise us with news of Mr. Kenny Chesney’s undercover Malibu home acquisition, he was also adamant that the Pinks have elected to stay in Malibu at least part-time. Together, as opposed to what certain gossip reports would have you believe.

When Yolanda told Mr. Gretchen that we hadn’t seen any evidence of the couple buying a new Malibu property, Mr. Gretchen snitched they they are opting not to buy for the moment. Instead, according to him, just days ago they signed a lease in the super-exclusive and legendarily Hollywood history-steeped Malibu Colony guard-gated community. Our Mr. Gretchen even pointed out the specific house to us! What a guy.

Pink’s rental house in super-prime Malibu Colony

The oceanfront rental house has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in approximately 3,000-square-feet of living space. Plenty of room for Mr. & Mrs. Pink and their growing family (they just announced they are expecting baby #2, congrats!)

Property records reveal the house is owned by an entrepreneur-slash-real-estate-investor named Howard Leight. Our Mr. Leight, for what it’s worth, primarily resides in the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estatea hulking stone manor house that he custom-built in the rugged mountains above the seaside city. It is here where Mr. Leight and his son Junior maintain a 10-acre winery and vineyard . (That property, for what it’s worth, was on the market a few years back for a still-optimistic $43,000,000, reduced from an eye-popping $49 million.)

But we digress. The beach house was originally constructed in 1963 (per tax records) and was purchased by Mr. Leight for just $2,288,000 way back in 1988. Yolanda dug up evidence that it has popped up for lease many times over the years, including just days ago when it was listed for $45,000 per month in the off-season (winter months) or $69,500/month beginning next summer, when the car congestion in the difficult-to-access city goes from bad to ridiculous.

Mr. Gretchen told us that Pink’s lease starts this month and that she is paying a crazy $65,000 to rent this house on a month-to-month basis. Yolanda can’t fathom why Pink is paying that much when the house was listed at $45k, but perhaps the month-to-month lease has something to do with it. Either way, she’s shelling out a ton of moolah to live here so she must still have love for Malibu.

The knowledgeable Mr. Gretchen says that Pink has leased here (in the Colony) several times before. So she ain’t no naive ‘Bu newbie. And of course, $65,000 per month to someone like Pink, who has a (estimated) net worth of $130 million, is what? A new T-shirt every month?

Pink will have plenty of space to Get the Party Started. There’s a tiled courtyard between the two-car garage and house with an umbrella-shaded outdoor dining set. The kitchen has some very 90’s-lookin’ appliances and cabinetry. The half-moon shaped center island has beige granite countertops, and the floors appear to be beige tile.

The glass dining table seats six and has views through the glassy windows to the deep blue sea below. Most girls (and guys) will probably love the big sectional couch next to a three-sided fireplace. Cozy.

The master bedroom is situated on the second floor and has a step-up king size bed plus a white leather couch that looks like it walked right out of a Tony Montana mansion. The master bathroom has a soaking tub and dual vanities, and the suite also boasts a private balcony with plenty of outdoor furniture overlooking the Pacific.

Crashing waves will make it difficult for Pink to shout Blow Me (One Last Kiss) from the balcony to her hubby in the bedroom before he leaves for work in the morning (or whatever he does), but they’ll have to manage somehow or there could be Trouble in paradise.

A guest suite has pink comforter, pink pillows, and beige carpeting. Fuckin’ Perfect setup for the couple’s toddler daughter.

Back down on the first floor, there’s another outdoor terrace with steps leading to the sandy beach below. Don’t let the pictures trick you, though — at high tide those crafty waves can easily reach all the way up to those stairs and even Try to drown the entire house. That’s beach erosion for ya.

According to that ol’ Malibu beach access app, despite the fact that they’re part of a pricey gated community, Malibu Colony homeowners are some of the nicest oceanfront residents in the city. Who Knew?

Best of all, of course, is that ocean air and breeze. So addictive, it’s gotta be Just Like a Pill. 

Now then, we promised that we’d show Pink’s Santa Barbara County spread to y’all again. First of all, though, allow Yolanda to babble on and give y’all a quick history lesson.

Things can get a bit wet in Malibu Colony

Malibu Colony is definitely the most famous — and probably overall the most expensive — gated community in Malibu. But instead of us digressing and dissecting the 100-home tract that was originally developed in the late 1920s, Yolanda is going to be lazy and just link everyone over to this article on The Daily Beast.

Written by former Malibu Colony resident and New York Times journalist Michele Willens, it exhaustively details the history and the crazy happenings within the gates far better than an ignorant outsider like Yolanda ever could. Back in those days, you see, the place was swarming with celebrities and the craziness that celebs always bring along with them.

Nowadays, however, rising prices and the increasing propensity of stars to seek out less tourist-swarmed vacation destinations has caused the number of Hollywood celebrity homeowners to dwindle. In their place, rich entrepreneurs, financiers, and other assorted billionaires have rushed in to claim a prime piece of the (eroding) beachfront.

Jim Carrey sold a few years back to Alexander Hughes, the 20-something year old bazillionaire heir to Herbalife. Judd Apatow & Leslie Mann sold to a powerful attorney. Neil Diamond decamped ages ago.

Today, billionaire Jerry Perenchio owns no fewer than six houses. And Vegas-based billionaire Sheldon Adelson lays claim to five properties within the gates, all but one of which were purchased within the last three years. Billionaire Taylor Thomson owns one of the largest homes. Heiress/philanthropist Wallis Annenberg has a big ol’ compound. Entrepreneurs Michael Lewis & Lizanne Falsetto have a swanky spread. RainBird sprinkler heir Michael LaFetra is trying to sell his Lautner. Bigshot hedge fund honchos like Seth Brufsky and Marc Stern live here. On and on it goes.

Yet celeb holdouts remain. Rob Reiner, Sting, Tom Hanks, Jason Statham, John McEnroe, Pamela Anderson.

But enough of this whimsy.

Pink’s secluded compound in the Santa Ynez Valley

Above is Pink’s the massive 200++ acre ranch/vineyard/semi-remote estate to which we earlier referred. The couple paid at least $12 million for their three-parcel estate a few years ago.

The main house was built in 1992 and weighs in at 6,392-square-feet with 4 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. Other features of the estate include a 2,500-square-foot guest house with 2 beds and baths, a 12-stall barn, an infinity pool, and a private lake. Sounds pretty sweet, right?  But Yolanda likes Pink and Mr. Hart and we’re glad the couple has elected to spend split their time between here and there. For now.

Just please don’t leave us, Mr. & Mrs. Pink.

Listing agents: Irene Dazzan-Palmer & Sandro Dazzan, Coldwell Banker
Pink’s agent: Lily Harfouche, Compass


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    Rocky Mountain Oaks Estate was also Marshall’s (John Goodman’s character) in the Hanover III — the house they broke into that Mr. Chow said was his to steal the gold.

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