Coldplay’s Phil Harvey dumps $15 million in Brentwood Park

Family-friendly yet outrageously expensive Brentwood Park continues to prove itself as one of LA’s most coveted neighborhoods. Though the high-end market is soft at the moment, prices in that wee pocket are on an infinite upswing, or so it would seem.

Take today’s home. Spec-built in 2010 by developer Paul Morrow and designed by accomplished architect Stephen Giannetti, the “New England Traditional” was sold that same year for exactly $11 million. The buyer was British magician Andrew O’Connor, perhaps best-known for creating the cult favorite English sitcom Peep Show.

At home in Brentwood Park

In early 2015, Mr. O’Connor resold the property for a hefty $13,177,000 to Brian Robbins, the current president of Nickelodeon. Mr. Robbins and his (second) wife Tracy quickly settled into their posh pad.

Brian Robbins (photo: Variety)

But although Mr. Robbins enjoyed his luxurious new 90049 digs, he was royally peeved by the notoriously traffic-clogged Brentwood streets. As our boy complained to the Hollywood Reporter, the morning commute from his home to the Hollywood’s Paramount Studios takes “45 [minutes] on a good day“.

So our Mr. Robbins rectified this untenable situation as only rich folks can do — by quickly bouncin’ into a big ol’ beast out east, over in tony Hancock Park. Daily commute? 10 minutes. On a bad day.

A few months back, Mr. Robbins unloaded his Brentwood Park home for a fat $15,450,000. The buyers, Yolanda discovered, are a British man named Phil Harvey and his longtime wife Yasmin.

Though perhaps not a household name, Mr. Harvey is indeed famous for his affiliation with the band Coldplay, whom he single-handedly managed from 1998-2001 and with whom he remains very much entwined. As a boy, one of Mr. Harvey’s classmates (and closest friends) was Chris Martin.

Chris Martin & Phil Harvey (photo: Coldplaying.com)

Though the scholarly Mr. Harvey matriculated to Oxford University — where he majored in classical studies — he eventually dropped out to manage Coldplay full-time, a move that would prove wise and inordinately lucrative. Although the band eventually grew too big for his managerial abilities, Mr. Harvey remains their creative director and the group has officially ordained him their “fifth member“.

The media (and Coldplay themselves) occasionally describe Mr. Harvey with adjectives like “mysterious” and “elusive” because of his propensity to decline nearly all media interviews or appear in public with the band. Even many Coldplay fans aren’t aware of his existence. “I just prefer it this way,” is all Mr. Harvey will say on that subject.

Mr. Harvey with the rest of Coldplay (photo: Coldplaying.com)

How rich is Mr. Harvey? While Yolanda does not know his exact net worth, homeboy is loaded. Coldplay is one of the most successful bands of all time — they’ve reportedly raked in the better part of a billion bucks over the past 20 years, including $115 million in 2018 alone. So while a $15 million Brentwood Park mansion purchase may be unfathomable to most folks, it’s just the equivalent of another supermarket run for Mr. Harvey. That’s how the superrich roll, kids.

Charmingly half-obscured behind a tall hedge and framed by majestic sycamore trees, the 11,324-square-foot “Gerard Colcord-inspired” mansion is accessed through an arched entry arbor. The clapboard-clad walls contain 6 bedrooms and a total of 7.75 bathrooms.

Nifty interior features include a two-story paneled library and an entertainment lounge with a fireplace, shiny ceiling and lavish wet bar. More traditional spaces include a family room — outfitted with a second (smaller) wet bar — and a living room with fireplace and bookshelves.

The roomy kitchen is well-suited for casual dining with its bar-style seating. And check out that massive glass SubZero (?) fridge — that thing probably costs more than a new Corolla!

There are both indoor and al fresco dining rooms plus an outdoor family room w/ fireplace for wintry nights.

The master suite has a sitting area and fireplace in the bedroom, while the bathroom has a soaking tub and huge porthole window. A private balcony overlooks the lush backyard.

Mr. Robbins has a toddler-age daughter, so there’s a bedroom and a playroom done up in a fanciful decoratin’ scheme. Elsewhere in the elevator-equipped abode are more adult features — a lounge/games/second family room and a wine cellar.

The nearly half-acre flat lot has an amply expansive backyard. Recreational options include a children’s playlet, broad stone terraces for sunbathin’, and a pool with inset spa. At the estate’s far end is a two-story guesthouse with a bedroom suite.

In case anyone is worried about the Harveys being blindsided by area traffic — as was Mr. Robbins before them — don’t be. The couple are not new to the Westside. Since (at least) 2014, they’ve lived in Brentwood, albeit in a slightly less fashionable part of town.

Records reveal the couple paid $5,975,000 for the brand-new Traditional in early 2014. The stately spread has 5 beds and 5.5 baths in nearly 6,000-square-feet of living space — plus a wood-paneled wine cellar and library.

Although the Brentwood starter home is not currently listed for sale, Yolanda expects it to become available very soon. Have the dough and like what you see? The Harveys would love to hear from you.

Listing agent: David Offer, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Phil Harvey’s agent: Susan Perryman, Hilton & Hyland

  1. Petra says:

    Truly I don’t get the appeal of BW Park. Yes it’s beautiful. But I can’t imagine paying so much for a view of nothing but the neighbor’s trees.

    1. Steve says:

      Large lots and beautiful estates. What’s not to get? It’s convenient to everything on the westside and the 405. Not everyone needs a view; some folks like living in a park.

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