Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner cop a $13.5 million Beverly Hills (Post Office) lovenest

Someone in South Carolina won a $1.5 billion lottery jackpot last night. We imagine that (as yet unnamed) individual is probably — between fainting spells and euphoric jig-dancin’ — wondering how to spend all that cash. Stock investments? A first-class world tour? Cocaine?

Well, if the lucky dude (or dudette) takes a cue from other folks new to stratospheric wealth, they’ll sink a fat chunk of that moolah into real estate. Take the example of lip kit mogul Kylie Jenner, Yolanda’s favorite member of the Kardashian clan. She’s the 21-year-old lass recently proclaimed (by Forbes, no less) to be “the world’s youngest self-made billionaire“.

Self-made? Hmmm. On this earth, kiddies, some folks toil to become great and others have greatness thrust upon them. Miss Jenner, we think, belongs decidedly in the latter category. But we digress.

Anyway, Miss Jenner — barely old enough to legally purchase alcohol, she is — already has a $12 million mansion out in Hidden Hills, which she bought more than two years ago. But she and her rapper baby daddy Travis Scott (real name: Jacques Webster) apparently want a new lovenest closer to central LA. And so — a few days ago — Miss Jenner and Mr. Scott laid down a very A-list $13,450,000 for a contemporary compound in the mountains above Beverly Hills, in an area known as the Beverly Hills Post Office (houses there have the coveted 90210 zip code, despite being technically located in the city of LA).

Originally built in 1971, the contemporary casa was last sold back in August 2014 for just $6.3 million to a prominent local development firm. Said firm renovated and rebuilt every inch of the estate with help from the design team at ANR Signature Collection before attempting to flip it (in 2016) with an optimistic $16.9 million ask. It would take 1.5 years (and a couple changes of realtors) before the Jenner-Scotts paid a discounted $13 million and change.

And yes, records very clearly show that the house was co-purchased by Mr. Scott and Miss Jenner — they’ve each got a 50% stake in the property. Theoretically, that means they each coughed up $6,725,000.

Mr. Scott & Miss Jenner

For those of y’all naysayers who have trouble believing that Mr. Scott can afford a $6.7 million anything, don’t hate. We know $6.7m is big money, even by celeb standards, and we know Mr. Scott really only hit it big a couple years ago. But he’s already got one platinum album under his Gucci belt. And he’s done some touring, which is where the big music money is made. So please don’t assume that his billionaire baby mama loaned him the cash for this place.

Though the B.H.P.O. property is not located in a gated community, it is extraordinarily private. Set high above the road at the very end of a hidden cul-de-sac just off the main Benedict Canyon drag, the home is securely tucked away behind walls and tall gates. Naturally there’s a state-of-the-art security system with cameras galore.

The wooden security gate hides a long driveway that runs under one wing of the house and slopes upward to a motorcourt and three-car garage. We’re not sure how Miss Jenner is going to fit her massive car collection up in this bitch — she paid about $3 million for a rare Ferrari LaFerrari shortly after giving birth, and she’s also got a $600,000 Lamborghini, a $350,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith, and a $250,000 Bentley Bentayga. And that’s not even the half of it.

Oh well, we imagine her assistants will find a way to make it work. That’s what they’re paid for, right?

A short walkway leads to the entryway and double-height foyer, which in turn opens to the expansive living room. The sun-drenched public rooms (dining, living, family, etc) all sport honey-colored oak floors and dramatic Fleetwood disappearing walls of glass that open to the backyard. The open kitchen sports cupboards trimming in exotic-lookin’ wood and fancy Miele appliances.

The hedonistic 2,300-square-foot master suite (that’s bigger than most American homes, FYI) spans most of the second floor and includes a lavish bedroom (with distant views of the LA basin via a massive wall of glass) and his/hers bathrooms — at least one of which has a soaking tub and romantic outdoor balcony. Also up there are two bedroom-sized walk-in closets (perfect for Miss Jenner’s designer wardrobe), a sitting room with a fireplace, a gym, a massage room, and a large office.

As for the remainder of the upstairs, it is comprised of three small guest/family bedroom suites, one of which will likely be dedicated to Stormi Webster, Miss Jenner and Mr. Scott’s young daughter.

The 1.1-acre lot has ample outdoor space and includes a classy rectangular pool with inset spa and formal gardens. Naturally the residence is surrounded by mature plantings and tall hedges for celeb-style privacy. Despite the hillside location, however, the house doesn’t sit quite high enough for truly panty-droppin’ views. Still, the second-floor master suite has clear sightlines to the Century City skyscrapers (and beyond).

Some of Miss Jenner and Mr. Scott’s nearest B.H.P.O. neighbors include Friends actress Lisa Kudrow, soap opera bazillionaire Lee Phillip Bell, and Cary Grant’s widow Barbara Harris (who owns the much larger property right next door).

As far as we know, this is Mr. Scott’s first-ever home purchase. But his baby mama, of course, has been buying and selling pricey real estate since she was a mere lass of 17. In addition to her new $13.5 million 90210 manse, she’s still got her humongous main residence in Hidden Hills.

Miss Jenner’s $12 million Hidden Hills home

Our Miss Jenner purchased the Hidden Hills spec-mansion back in 2016 for $12,050,000, and we’ve been told that she spent many months (and more than a million bucks) renovating the entire premises. (Those renovations, incidentally, were overseen by the Kardashian family decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard). Her customizations included a walk-in purse closet dedicated to her million-dollar handbag collection, basketball hoops and an arcade in the basement, and lots more fancy stuff.

At one point Miss Jenner also owned a smaller Hidden Hills mansion and a nearby vacant lot, but both those properties were sold off a couple months ago to two different (non-famous) buyers for a total in excess of $12 million.

Listing agent: Ginger Glass, Coldwell Banker
Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott’s agents: Tomer & Isidora Fridman, Compass

  1. AMC Gremlin says:

    Isn’t this twit being sued AGAIN for stealing someone else’s product? She’s good at slapping her name on other people’s work and jacking up the price, I’ll give her that. All she does is steal and sit at home all day taking selfies and thinking about which rapper she’ll ride next, and she’s a billionaire. That’s Amurrica.

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  3. Sam says:

    Interesting house with a nice floor plan. It’s hard not to be jealous of Kylie Jenner as evidenced by this comments section. Absolutely nothing extraordinary about her in any way and yet she’s a “billionaire” at 21. Life’s not fair, that’s for sure.

  4. Vanessa says:

    I like how, out of ten comments, only two say anything about the house and the rest are just bashing the owners. 😂🤣😂🤣 I’ll be number 3: amazing place, never mind who owns it.

  5. E Ray in Weho says:

    Looks like the old Cary Grant house was mostly torn down and new structures bring built, any scoop on who doing it, that’s a nice promontory lot.

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