Jessie J scores a sultry Studio City mid-century modern

Happy Cinco de Mayo, y’all. We hope everyone has some fun plans for the remainder of the day! A rich friend of Yolanda’s very generously invited us over for a lazy afternoon in the sun, and apparently there is already a margarita with our name on it waiting poolside. But before we rush off, work comes first. Of course we were not to anyone leave anyone hangin’.

Now then — if the house we are discussing today looks vaguely familiar to some of you avid real estate watchers, that may because it was sold last year for $2,200,000. At the time, it was reported that the buyers were rocker Benji Madden and his wife, recently retired actress Cameron Diaz.

Yolanda thought it odd that Mr. Madden and Ms. Diaz would want a $2.2 million house in Studio City when they already own (and reside in) an A-list-style $10 million compound in a famously star-studded 90210 enclave. But Mr. Madden is indeed listed on the Studio City home’s deed — as trustee of the blind trust that purchased the property. Whatever, Yolanda thought. Celebs do weird stuff all the time. Maybe they bought this place for a less financially-fortunate family member?

Anyway, we promptly forgot all about the house until earlier this week. But then, out of nowhere, Yolanda was contacted by a tipster named Billie Sue. Our boy kindly whispered to us that the house was acquired not by Mr. Madden or Ms. Diaz, but rather by an English woman named Jessica Cornish. Our gurl Miss Cornish is probably better-known by her pop star stage name Jessie J.

A quick spat of internet research reveals that Miss J is kind of a big deal in the industry. Her songs “Do It Like a Dude“, “Price Tag“, “Domino” all went top 10 in various countries around the globe. And her most recent big hit — 2014’s “Bang Bang,” a collabo with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande — went to #1 in the UK, #3 in the USA, and sold millions of copies internationally. Additionally, in case anyone was curious, she has nearly 7 million followers on the Instagram contraption.

Oh, and the reason Mr. Madden’s name shows up on Miss J’s deed is because he is her business manager.

Miss J

Miss J — who is a very attractive lass, we must say — was born and raised in London, but in 2014 she announced her decision to relocate over here to LA. According to Miss J, “In America they see me as a singer whereas [in the UK] I feel that people don’t appreciate my voice. I’ve dedicated my life to singing and I want to be taken seriously. [In the UK] it seems that all people want to know is what I’ve had for breakfast and who I’m sleeping with.”

Mmhmm. Yolanda feels ya, baby. Apparently some folks have been asking our friends about Yolanda! Lots of nosy personal questions, too. C’mon y’all, leave your gurl alone. We just wanna blab about houses make some quick cash to pay the rent on this crappy apartment. Yolanda is so broke that our checks do not just bounce — they go into orbit. Sucks!

The 2,483-square-foot casa was originally constructed on spec and styled in a classic, swingin’ mid-century modern manner. In 1964, when she was still a newborn babe of a house, the ol’ gurl was sold for — ready for this? — just $53,500. Damn. Those were the days.

Anywho, the original owners held onto the property for more than 50 years, until 2016. In February of that year, the property was sold for $1,210,000 to developer Jordan Bakva of MODERN BUILD. Our Mr. Bakva thoroughly renovated the structure in a sexy contemporary manner, while respecting the integrity of the mid-century architecture.

Speaking of value, it appears that at least a couple prospective buyers were sold on it. The $2.2 million sale price is actually $50,000 more than Mr. Bakva was asking, indicating Miss J faced competition for this property.

The .3-acre lot sits in the Studio City hills, in a quiet mid-century development known as The Doñas that is conveniently located just off busy-busy Laurel Canyon Boulevard. (Think of The Doñas as Studio City’s much less expensive answer to Beverly Hills’ Trousdale Estates neighborhood). A gated driveway leads to a motorcourt and a two-car garage.

Both the front and back yards are landscaped in a minimalist-minded and low-maintenance manner with beds of pea gravel, a couple large evergreen trees for privacy, wee patches of grass out back, and three mature juniper trees out front for looks. Yolanda hearts the (almost) windowless front facade.

The double front doors open to an open-concept living area with pricey French oak hardwood floors flowing throughout. The great room encompasses a dining area, living area, a very contemporary kitchen with a waterfall-style stone island and high-grade appliances, and a fireplace that may or may not be hewn from grainy black marble.

Sexy, endless sheaths of disappearing glass walls overlook the classically-shaped oval swimming pool and the surrounding hills.

The structure additionally sports 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, and the master suite has its own glass wall. The master bath includes a glassy shower with rainfall showerhead and dual vanities.

Lastly, Yolanda knows that starting life afresh in a different part of the world can be a singularly lonely experience. In case Miss J is indeed feeling lonesome, she can rest easy knowing that many of her musician peers are just a quick jog away. Other homeowners in the Studio City hills include Bruno Mars, Lana Del Rey, Gwen Stefani, and Linkin Park’s Brad Delson.

Toodles, everyone. Drink responsibly!

Listing agents: James Harris & David Parnes, The Agency
Jessie J’s agent: Brett Lawyer, Hilton & Hyland

  1. John says:

    Hi Yolanda! I’m a big fan of your blog. I love your attention to detail and the backstory you provide with your posts. Also, you’re hilarious. I’m a celebrity/Los Angeles real estate enthusiast myself and I was wondering about a large sale in Bel Air which seems to have gone down quietly last fall. From what I can see, the home at 457 Cuesta Way in Bel Air sold for 15.8 million in September. Interestingly enough It was on sale at the time Beyoncé and Jay Z made headlines for purchasing the home next door for 88 million dollars. Shortly after, it seemed to have sold-to no reports on any blogs that I keep up with. Of course it could be anyone, but The Carters purchasing the property for security reasons and a chance to develop a “compound” sounds interesting. It’s also odd that the home sold for so much despite it’s looks, and having been on the market for years. This makes me think the buyer most have cash to spare. Even more odd, it’s apparently available to rent for 29k. this makes me doubt it’s The Carters. But who could it be? The property is sandwiched between some of the largest and most grand mega-mansions in all of LA. Interesting mystery.

    1. JLegend says:

      457 Cuesta Way appears to have sold to a Delaware LLC for John Saca, a developer who built a whopping contemporary home at 1520 Gilcrest Dr that sold in late 2016 for around $38,000,000 so I seriously doubt it will be around too much longer.

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