Eminem Lists Suburban Michigan Estate for 42% of What He Paid 14 Years Ago

SELLER: Marshall B. Mathers III, a.k.a. Eminem
LOCATION: Rochester Hills, MI
PRICE: $1,999,000
SIZE: (approx.) 17,500 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 7 full and 3 half bathrooms
YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Marshall B. Mathers III, a man much better known to the world simply as Eminem, hung a $1.999 million price tag on a multi-acre estate in the upscale Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t take a mathematics genius or even a calculator to see the 15-Grammy winning rapper, record producer and actor, who also took home an Oscar in 2002 for Best Original Song “Lose Yourself” from the moved “8 Mile,” faces an astonishing $2.75 million loss on the property that he purchased in 2003 for $4.75 million. And that’s not even counting his two dozen-plus years of carrying costs and improvement expenses not to mention any associated real estate fees.
The gated and largely wooded 5.69-acre spread, about 30 miles due north of downtown Detroit near the end of a long cul-de-sac where it backs up to the Stony Creek Metropark Golf Course, is anchored by a sprawling stone-faced mansion of no discernible architectural vernacular that measures in, per online marketing materials, at around 17,500-square-feet with five en suite bedrooms and a total of seven full and three half bathrooms. Online listings don’t include any photographs of the interior of the hulking, multi-winged main residence — there are, however, a handful of images of the various outbuildings — but do show they include an 800-square-foot formal living room and a formal dining room that extends a baronial 40-feet from end-to-end plus a nearly 600-square-foot family room and a titanic “great room” that at 40-feet-long and 32-feet-wide measures in at a small house-sized 1,280-square-feet.
The estate’s various outbuildings include a guardhouse, an octagonal poolside cabana with kitchenette and a two-story detached guesthouse with what listing descriptions describe as a “wild game room.” The grounds provide a gated circular driveway and a couple of ancillary motor courts located at either end of the house, vast stretches of lawn bordered by dense stands of mature trees, a reedy private pond with a short dock, a swimming pool and spa and a lighted outdoor tennis/basketball court with open-air viewing pavilion.
As noted by Realtor.com, the estate placed 10th on a list a random list of the “Top 10 Rapper’s Mansions of 2016” but is nonetheless being sold “as is,” which along with the lack of interior images suggests there might be some updating and improvements required to bring the place up to speed.
listing photos: Janna Coumoundouros for Coldwell Banker

  1. WoodwardCruiser says:

    Actually Rochester Hills. What you’re saying is kind of like implying that Bethesda is Baltimore; it isn’t, but regardless I think you’d be surprised the good going on in Detroit today. Between having a lower unemployment rate than Boston, NYC, and LA and a city budget running 4 years in the black, it’s not a bad city, and its upscale suburbs, like Rochester Hills, are nice by even the snobbiest of attitudes.

  2. aggi says:

    Listen from the bottom of my heart idgf what nobdy saya there is millions of people who listen to not only Eminem but care about marshall mather- and everyone one your tryw level of understanding not true level of Insanity but level
    …pray by the will of God alone; that you see’s this…we need you in Detroit.. at the most. To remind us that Herion is the hardest drug to come off off.. the will NVR goes away…and the struggle is real and your music is a reality that showed us that. Dont YOU EVER forget who you are because of that. I dont need TMZ-media or NOONE’s reponse to tell me how real that purpose is-not even you- I appreciate revival as a person NOT just some real ass fan….Lean on God more then ever and realize your truth. Thank you God for the glory ahead of time. Dnt be crazy be heard. Your YOU and went through the shit you have for a greater purpose no one can understand. Gods plan is So sufficient. -Aggi

  3. Stan says:

    …And that’s not even counting his two dozen-plus years of carrying costs and improvement expenses not to mention any associated real estate fees??? 2003-2017 is not two dozen-plus years.

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