Drew Taggart coughs up $12 million for a Hollywood Hills contemporary

Jane Austen famously saidIt is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

But that was back in the day. In 2018, if you’re a wildly-rich young dude, there are a couple things far more wanted than a spouse. They are, of course, a flashy car and a flashy house. Not to sound shallow, but that’s just the way the world works! Or at least that’s how LA works, which is our world.

28-year-old Andrew “Drew” Taggart clearly knows this. While we don’t know what ride he rolls, we’re sure it’s something quite fancy and probably cost him six figures. We do know, however, that he’s a budding property tycoon who already owns three multi-million dollar homes in Los Angeles. 

But now he’s onto house #4, and this one is a big upgrade from the first three in every respect — size, price, and location. It’s over in a prime section of the eastern Hollywood Hills, and it’s huge and brand-new. And Mr. Taggart paid $12,000,000! That’s a ton of money for a very young man who’s not yet 30. 

Drew Taggart

Before we get to the property, a quick background check on Mr. Taggart. Born and raised in the seaside town of Portland, Maine — hey, isn’t that near where Murder She Wrote‘s Jessica Fletcher lived? — the young DJ earned his stripes as one-half of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers first came to prominence just four years ago — back in 2014 — with the cringe-inducing “#SELFIE” song. Remember that one? No? (If not, it’s probably a good thing). Many folks were quick to write off the group as a gimmick, just another one-hit wonder.

But Mr. Taggart and his bandmate Alex Pall eventually proved the haters wildly wrong. They returned in summer 2015 with the far more conventional pop ditty “Roses” — that one went top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 — and then followed that up with “Closer“, an insanely-catchy monster smash that went #1 for 12 straight weeks here in the US and spent over six months in the top 10 of the Hot 100. It’s now ranked as one of the biggest hits in chart history. Yes, of all time.

While we imagine Mr. Taggart and Mr. Pall could’ve retired in 2016 and forever remained loaded off “Closer” royalties alone, they instead parlayed their newfound superstar status into a lucrative three-year residency deal with Wynn Nightlife in Las Vegas. And according to Forbes, the duo hauled in a spectacular $45.5 million in 2017 alone, making them one of the highest-paid musical acts on the planet.

The Chainsmokers — high-paid DJs turned budding property moguls

So where has all that money gone? Well, a significant portion of it has been funneled into luxury real estate. The two Chainsmokers have kept their realtor lady busy — over the past two years they’ve purchased no fewer than six multi-million dollar LA homes worth a cumulative $27+ million. More on those in a bit. 

Mr. Taggart might seem as though he’s got everything going for him — he’s young and famous, he’s got oodles of money and a jetset lifestyle — but he recently opened up about his secret struggle with depression over the past few years. “Songwriting is my therapy,” he said in part. Yolanda is also happiest when we’re writing, so we feel him on that.

Anyway, onto the real estate. Mr. Taggart’s new house was spec-built in 2018 by a prominent local development group in collaboration with the design folks at ANR Signature Collection. If the ANR name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s probably because this is the same team responsible for the $13.5 million Beverly Hills (Post Office) mansion recently purchased by Little Miss Kylie Jenner

Mr. Taggart’s new “Architectural Contemporary” bachelor pad weighs in with a portly 10,067-square-feet of interior space and features a box-like shape centered around a courtyard (plus an undulating roofline).

Records show that the 1-acre, very private cul-de-sac property was acquired by the aforementioned group in 2015 for $3,900,000 and just sold to Mr. Taggart for the also-aforementioned $12 million.

Anywho, the listing gushes that the property “feels like Aspen in LA,”  and “[affords] the amenities of an elite resort.” And indeed, the blocky house is completely surrounded by a plethora of mature oak (?) and pine trees. Check out the massive pool and the size of that courtyard.

In contrast to the dark gray exteriors, interior spaces feature a neutral, off-white color scheme. Soaring ceilings and disappearing walls of glass make the structure feel even more enormous than it is. According to the listing, there are four different lounge areas/rooms within the home, a formal dining room that can easily seat 10, and a double-sided kitchen — one for “display” and the other for chef prep.

Keep the smelly stuff outta sight and mind, know what we’re sayin’?

Seemingly endless hallways run throughout the 6 bed, 7.25 bath compound — which includes a wee guesthouse. The lavish master suite is decked out in a rather minimalist manner with blondish hardwood floors and includes a private office/lounge plus a monster master bath.

Good gracious, that glass shower could easily fit Mr. Taggart and a half-dozen of his closest friends. Well, we suppose it’s all about water conservation these days.

Some of the estate’s many other luxury features include a home theater, a “bar room” with a huge wine closet, and a downstairs “reception bar”, whatever that is. Just know there’s lots of booze in this place to help Mr. Taggart drown his tears. (Bad joke, sorry).

Though The Chainsmokers only hit it big about four years ago, the pair of gentlemen have already amassed a substantial property portfolio. (And we have a feeling these guys are just getting started!)

Mr. Pall has two multi-million dollar homes in LA — that we know about — but Mr. Taggart has him beat with four. In addition to his huge new Hollywood Hills spread, he’s got one place in WeHo and two out in Sherman Oaks.

Drew Taggart’s WeHo home

Back in August 2016, as we told y’all, Mr. Taggart dropped $3,295,000 for a brand-new, spec-built residence in the proverbial heart of bustling West Hollywood.

Drew Taggart’s Sherman Oaks home

This June (2018), Mr. Taggart spent another $2,434,000 for a 2016 spec-built residence in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Sherman Oaks. 

Drew Taggart’s (other) Sherman Oaks home

On the very same day he purchased his Sherman Oaks house, Mr. Taggart followed it up with another $2,257,000 splurge on another property (also in Sherman Oaks). This particular residence was — you guessed it — spec-built in 2016.

We’re not sure why a young, single bloke like Mr. Taggart needs four different multi-million dollar LA properties. Maybe they’re just investments, or maybe they are occupied by family members. Maybe Mr. Taggart will ring us up and us know! But probably not.

Listing agents: Ernie Carswell & Scott Segall, Douglas Elliman
Drew Taggart’s agent: Jen Winston, The Agency

  1. Sandy SantaMonica says:

    Yolanda! -Glad you got your Yakketyyak back girl! Missed ya! Also: You LMD peeps did a great job transforming the office space next to ours (in Santa Monica) a couple years ago. Happy for your success!

  2. Porky says:

    Nice spread. And Yolanda, only you would think to work in Jessica Fletcher’s and Jane Austen’s names into a blog about a DJ buying a house. LOL

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