5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin chooses Studio City

Within the past month alone, three of the four members of Australian boyband 5 Seconds of Summer have become first-time Los Angeles homeowners. Bass guitarist Calum Hood bought a house in the Hollywood Hills. So did lead vocalist Luke Hemmings. Now it’s drummer Ashton Irwin’s turn.

Just because Yolanda wouldn’t know a 5SOS song if it popped us in our ample caboose with a tire iron doesn’t mean that the bond is not successful. They are enormously so, obviously, albeit with a fanbase that appears to consist mainly of preteen (and teen) girls. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

The band’s big break seems to have come in early 2013, when they were announced as the headliner for One Direction’s enormously-successful Take Me Home tourAn eponymous debut album and several hit singles (“She Looks So Perfect”, “Amnesia”) followed and the rest is history.

Before we begin on the house, however, let’s perform a quick background check on Mr. Irwin. He’s 22 years old, he originally hails from the Sydney suburb of Hornsby, Australia, and he’s got more than 5 million followers on the Instashiz. And he was recently seen in the company of an attractive young lady named Halsey. Whoever that is!

Mr. Irwin

Now, kiddies, Yolanda must confess that she was tipped off about Mr. Hood’s and Mr. Hemmings’ home purchases before we wrote about them. However, we knew nada about Mr. Irwin’s purchase. And we might have missed it entirely had it not been for a remarkable — and fortunate — coincidence. We stumbled right over it, so to speak. So for all you silly people out there who have been pining for a look at Mr. Irwin’s dining room or glass shower — well, this one is for y’all.

While his two bandmates both chose contemporary confections in the Hollywood Hills, Mr. Irwin chose a different zip code to go with his contemporary: his new house is located in a good area of the leafy hills of Studio City. Property records show that the deal actually closed back in late December (2016). Mr. Irwin forked out $1,765,000 for the residence.

Yolanda is just going to pause and say that this sale shows the quality of house you can get in Studio City versus just over the mountain in the Hollywood Hills. Mr. Irwin scored a fully updated 3,300-square-foot contemporary house with views. For abou the same price, his bandmates got stuck with dated monstrosities. If y’all are cost-conscious and don’t mind the stigma of “livin’ in the Valley”, we suggest Studio City all day every day.

Anyway, the house sits privately behind a walled and high-hedged courtyard. A locked gate swings open to reveal a nifty fountain and a crunchy gravel walkway to the all-glass front door. A hardwood-floored corridor leads to an enormous combo living room/dining room/kitchen. Neutral tones abound — as do those recessed florescent lights — and the sloped ceiling has faux-exposed wooden beams.

The all-new kitchen has all the latest high-end features and appliances, but it’s a bit too corporate or industrial-looking for Yolanda’s tastes. Well, at least that rich wood (walnut?) paneling helps a bit.

A row of disappearing glass doors fold away to a slim balcony that is guaranteed to impress Mr. Irwin’s guests and family members.

The tri-level house has three balconies, the largest being on the lowest level (natch!). Down here there is a bull outdoor dining table (with wicker chairs!) that is serviced from the home’s other kitchen (picture on the lower right). Yes, Mr. Irwin’s new house has not one but two kitchens. Baller, eh?

A total of 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms fill the structure. The all-new master suite, located on the third story, has a bedroom with more of those same hardwood floors and balcony access. The “spa-style” master bathroom has a glass steam shower next to a soaking tub. There’s also a walk-in closet (not pictured).

Yolanda likes how the little area around the staircase is outfitted as a quasi media room.

Due to the house being positioned on a steeply-sloped hillside, it doesn’t have much of a backyard. But the hilltop location means it is blessed with generous and lovely (if not exactly heart-stopping) views of Burbank and the San Gabriel mountains beyond. And although we find it hard to believe, the listing says that the .12-acre micro-lot has “room for a pool”.

So Mr. Irwin one-upped his bandmates with this home purchase, we think. Good on you, Mr. Irwin. But the game ain’t over yet. There’s still one more 5SOS-er left to make his move — guitarist Michael Clifford. Will he resort to tradition and pick a dumpy dive in Laurel Canyon? Or will he grab something shiny in Sherman Oaks? What about a mini-ranch in horsey Hidden Hills?

Your move, Mr. Clifford.

Listing agentTherese Hyde, Coldwell Banker
Mr. Irwin’s agent: Jonathan London, Compass


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