Turns out Yolanda was right about Nick Jonas buying in Sherman Oaks

…well, sort of.

You may or may not recall that your gurl posted a certain story a couple months ago. Basically, it was meant to celebrate your boy Nick Jonas’s arrival to the prototypically suburban San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Sherman Oaks.

Within hours of the story being posted on the internet, we heard from a enigmatic fella — Yolanda will call him Deep Throat — who whispered to us the house was actually jointly purchased by Nick & his bro Joe. That seemed a little odd to Yolanda, but since Mr. Throat provided evidence he was close to the Jo. Bros, we amended our post to include Mr. Throat’s assertion.

The very next day, our friends at the Los Angeles Times posted a story fingering Joe Jonas as the sole buyer of that very same Sherman Oaks house. Got that? Not Nick. Joe.

Your gurl Yolanda was devastated. Well, okay, devastated might be over-dramatizing it a tad. But we were perturbed to have printed something inaccurate (at that time, we believed it was inaccurate).

There are three things Yolanda strives to do with this silly platform she’s been given: be honest, post accurate stories, and give credit to others where credit is due. Those might seem like no-brainer concepts, but you’d be surprised how little regard certain peeps on the internets have for those values, as we’ve become acutely aware of recently. We’ve had some klassy folks lie to our (virtual) face about jackin’ our shit. It’s like the Wild Wild West out there these days. But, babies, that’s life. And, as always, we digress.

Anyway, occasionally even the great Real Estate Yenta Yolanda makes a mistake. Yes, yes, it’s true. So we dried our tears, amended our post (again!) to say Joe (and not Nick) bought that house and moved on.

Fast forward to last week. Yolanda was idly checking our little book’s traffic and we noticed that out of nowhere, that old Jonas post was suddenly getting hundreds of hits. We wondered what all the hullabaloo was about. Were a bunch of folks laughing at Yolanda getting stuff wrong? The nerve!

At least that’s what we believed until a thoughtful Jonas fan sent us a message, telling us that Nick had appeared on Ellen that week and had himself confirmed he was living in that same Sherman Oaks house. Yes, Nick. Living in that house. With Joe.

Incredulous, we headed to YouTube. Sure enough, there was Nick Jonas, talking about the new Valley home the brothers were sharing. Remembering what we had been told by Mr. Deep Throat, Yolanda decided to do a deep dive into property records. Perhaps the answer lies buried in there, we imagined.

Turns out, kids, Nick and Joe did, in fact, purchase that house together. Records show the property was acquired jointly by two separate blind trusts. One happens to be the exact same trust that owned Nick’s former Sunset Strip house and the other happens to be the exact same trust that owned Joe’s former WeHo house. So property records very clearly confirm both brothers bought the house, and you also have it straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

That’s all, folks. Both Yolanda and the LA Times were partially right. We just got different sides of the same story, as you can see. The only player in this hot mess who really knew what’s up in totality is our boy Deep Throat. You go, Mr. Throat. You the boss up in here. We bow down to your mysterious skills.

And what do you think, guys? Does Nick read Yolanda’s blog? Is he the first confirmed celeb fan of your gurl? Did he purposely clear the air just to give Yolanda a self-esteem boost? We’re gonna tell ourselves he did. Don’t rain on our parade. Aww, Nick baby, you shouldn’t have!

Mazal tov on your purchase, Jonas boys. Now here’s hoping you stay planted there for a long time. And remember, don’t forget to invite Yolanda over for a cup of tea. Or something stronger, preferably. After all the grief you’ve caused your gurl with this purchase, we think we’ve earned it.

And for all the photos of Nick & Joe’s new Sherman Oaks house, go here.

  1. StPaulSnowman says:

    Yolanda, fun to find this blog. I trust it will take a little time before more folks start commenting, but I’m loving it so far. I still read the Real Estalker every day, but this has been added to my list as well. Any more of Your Mama’s chillun’s make it over here?


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