YouTube star Troye Sivan buys a $2 million starter house in the Hills

It’s always fun to dissect a house that costs more than what 99% of folks will earn in their entire lives, but Yolanda has been floating far too long in the ultra-high-end sector of the real estate market. And it’s getting a wee bit hard to breathe — time to briefly ground ourselves by discussing a financially attainable pad. If y’all consider a $2 million house attainable, of course. Hey, this is LA.

Some time ago we stumbled over a mysterious blind trust that recently paid $2,150,000 for a fully renovated casa high up in a particularly celeb-packed area of the Hollywood Hills. Records show the property had been sold for just under $1.35 million in 2016 to a producer/developer named Logan Levy, who gave the pad a makeover and flipped it to the aforementioned blind trust at a healthy profit.

The new owner, Yolanda eventually discovered, is a 22-year-old singer fellow named Troye Sivan. And while we had never previously heard of this young man, a little Googlin’ reveals he is quite a big deal in the wacky world of social media.

Our Mr. Sivan was born Troye Mellet to a Jewish family from South Africa but was raised in Perth, Australia. He first came to attention at the tender age of 11, when he sang at the annual Australia telethon. But it wasn’t until 2012 or so that Mr. Sivan really went full throttle on his social media career — it was then that he began uploading regular video blogs and song covers to the YouTube. That resulted in a major label record deal, a top 5 Billboard Hot 100 album, and eventually a hit song in the USA.

As for his personal life, Mr. Sivan is openly gay. And in case anyone was wondering, one of his best friends is pop princess Ariana Grande.

Anyway, obviously the career gamble paid off quite nicely for Mr. Sivan — our boy now has more than 8 million followers on the Instagram contraption and more than 6 million followers on the YouTube. His YouTube videos have racked up more than a quarter of a billion views. Well, hot damn!

Mr. Sivan’s new house is located just above the Laurel Canyon neighborhood. Records show it was originally built in 1958 in the general Post & Beam style, but the structure has been renovated so many times over the past 60 years that the poor house probably doesn’t even know what architectural type it currently identifies as.

If you were to ask an ignorant lass like Yolanda, we’d say that this place looks like a quasi-Spanish with a radical contemporary makeover. And we actually don’t hate the front facade — we think the whitewashed walls against the black doors and the single porthole window giving the evil eye are kinda cool. So sue us!

The 3,380-square-foot house has hardwood floors that may or may not be white oak and a very livable open floorplan. The living/family area lies off the “gourmet” kitchen, which sports high-grade stainless appliances and a center island with bar-style seating.

There are 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths within the structure — the master suite has that porthole window, a sitting area, a very large fireplace, a walk-in closet, and a bathroom with an unconventional ebonized herringbone floor pattern.

There’s also an unexpectedly voluminous double-height living room with some sort of retractable glass ceiling, a formal dining area off the family room, and a built-in outdoor bench seating area.

The lot is a modest .11-acre, so a yard is virtually non-existent. And look at that little oval pool! Good gracious, that might be the smallest cement pond we’ve ever seen around these parts. Well, at least it does not appear that the very fair-skinned Mr. Sivan has much use for a pool. And no yard means low maintenance costs!

Some of Mr. Sivan’s nearest famous neighbors include Lady GaGa, Niall Horan, and Will Ferrell.

Listing agents: Aaron Kirman & Jonathan Mogharrabi, Pacific Union

  1. Sam says:

    Wow, crazy seeing Troye on this blog. His career has really blown up over the last two years! I remember 5 or 6 years ago when he just made Youtube videos.

  2. Amaya says:

    WOW THIS HOUSE ID HELL OF NICE. And I agree with you Sam he was just a boy making youtube videos, but know he is doing big things with his life. #TroyeArmy

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