Shane Dawson’s big new house in the Calabasas wilderness

Today’s story is by special request for a very nice young follower of this blog. She knows who she is — so shoutout to you, missy.

“Missy” wanted to get our take on Shane Dawson‘s new house. For those of y’all ignorant old fogies like Yolanda, Mr. Dawson is a young dude — he recently turned 30 — who made his fortune on the YouTube contraption. He’s one of the OG YouTubers, actually — he’s been uploading videos since way back in 2008, years before folks even knew that doing so could actually become a viable career.

Mr. Dawson

Nowadays Mr. Dawson has amassed 19 million subscribers on the ‘Tube, racked up 4 billion video views, and he’s rolling in the deep dough. He also founded his own podcast, authored a couple memoirs, and has released has several original songs on iTunes.

On the personal front, Mr. Dawson is a rare LA native — he grew up poor in the still-somewhat-gritty (but rapidly gentrifying) city of Long Beach. Openly bisexual, he dated fellow YouTube star Lisa Schwartz for a number of years but now lives with his long-term boyfriend, Ryland Adams

Anyway, it’s already widely known that Mr. Dawson just splurged a big new house. He posted a house tour on his vlog — naturally — and the video has already been viewed more than 5.6 million times. See, people like houses!

So here is Yolanda’s take. Our boy’s premium new pad is located in the far-flung western reaches of the San Fernando Valley. The 2.85-acre ranch property includes a “Spanish-style” main house built in 1989.

The late 80s was not an era known for great architecture — to put it mildly — but this place really isn’t so bad. Records show the property was last sold just over a year ago (October 2017) for $1.61 million to big-booty-jeans mogul David Vered. He quickly gave the house a complete and contemporary cosmetic overhaul before flipping it to Mr. Dawson this November for nearly $3 million — $2,955,000, to be exact. 

It should be noted that while the property has a Calabasas zip code, we think this place is actually in an unincorporated area just outside the city boundaries. Either way, this is clearly a very different Calabasas than The Oaks, where the Kardashians and all their pro athlete friends reside. Mr. Dawson’s home is way out in the quiet countryside. You’re more likely to spy a horse-drawn carriage trawling along out yonder than a blinged-out Bentley bombing down the boulevard. Well not really, but y’all get the picture.

The estate is completely walled and double-gated for privacy, and (naturally) there’s also a full security system. A tropically-landscaped front island ringed by a circular driveway leads to the residence.

Beyond the driveway, a covered atrium entryway meanders past a spacious center courtyard to the wooden front door, which — rather unusually — opens directly into the formal dining area. Yolanda can’t remember the last time we saw a multi-million dollar house outfitted like this, but to each their own. It’s breezily casual and that’s okay.

To the left of the entryway is a fireplace-equipped living area; to the right is a kitchen with high-end stainless appliances, a center island, and bar-style seating for on-the-go dining situations. Beyond the main living area is a large wall of glass that folds away, allowing direct access to the poolside pavilion.

The open floorplan features hardwood floors throughout the 4,866-square-feet of living space. 

According to the listing, there are 6 beds and 4 baths in the spacious residence. The upstairs master features a cavernous bedroom with fireplace and sitting area. Plus there’s a bathroom with dual vanities, glass shower, soaking tub, and a walk-in closet.

The other five bedrooms are much smaller, of course, but also done up in a similarly casual-luxe style.

Other features of the sprawling property include (but are not limited to): an attached two-car garage, a wee barn that’s been converted into a gym, a neat-o firepit, a classy oval-shaped pool w/ spa, a BBQ, and various outdoor dining and lounging areas. There’s also a huge flat swath of dirt suitable for a riding rink or horse stables (or both, maybe).

Oh, did we mention the ol’ wagon (or what’s left of it)? And you thought Yolanda was joking with the horse-drawn carriage crack!

Mr. Dawson’s Studio City home… with a view

Before fleeing hectic LA for the wilds of Calabasas, Mr. Dawson and Mr. Adams bunked up in Studio City, which is also part of the San Fernando Valley but much closer to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the like. Records show that Mr. Dawson paid $1,710,000 for the property in late 2015, and Yolanda fully expects it will soon be sold (it may already be available as a pocket listing, we dunno).

Listing agents: David Shemesh, Keller WilliamsRon Galam

    1. pantaleimona says:

      You likely haven’t seen his work. It is, as he’s matured and used his channel not as a stepping stone to commercial media, but rather as the goal he sought, mature, insightful, and intelligent.

  1. Faye Dunaslay says:

    Thank you Miss Yoyo for your entertaining-as-always write up! All that land is making me drool – although the house is less impressive than I first thought. Anyway – Merry Xmas darling!!

  2. ashlee hill says:

    hi guys it’s me my name is ashley marie hill and i’m a youtuber and i’m 18 years old and how much i’m has favorite and how much i like him but has name is shane dawson and how much i love him as a youtuber as a frined he hope be happy on has face and i konw everything about him and i know all if has favorite things i want to be has girl i know he has a boyfrind buy i’m has girl all now it as well and i’m has dream girl and i want to see him i need has address and phone number too i want to call him too and video chat ok and i will come over at shane dawson house and i want to be on has videos on has youtube channel and i want too see has frineds and has boyfrined and i know thier names morgan and drew and garrett and andrew and everybody , love ashley marie hill

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