Live like Dan Bilzerian for $39,500/month

Have you ever purchased Instagram followers? Do you spend more time at the gym than in bed? Does the thought of Tsar Cannons get you all hot ‘n bothered? If so, Yolanda has the perfect house for you!

Before moving to his (leased) $80 million Bel Air mega-mansion, Instagram “king” Dan Bilzerian — he’s got more than 25 million followers on the social media contraption — had a long-term lease on this property in the high-priced Bird Streets, just above the iconic Sunset Strip.

Set on the most famous Bird Street of them all — Blue Jay Way, immortalized in psychadelic-influenced song by the Beatles — the 1962 mid-century modern was occupied by Mr. Bilzerian for at least a year. Possibly more like two or three years, in fact. As Yolanda recalls, homeboy was paying $45k per month for his stay, but the property can now be yours (temporarily) for the discounted monthly amount of $39,500.

Yes, kids, we realize that is the cost of a base model 3-series. But which one will make you look cooler — the itty-bitty Beamer or the Dan Bilzerian digs? That’s what we thought!

Of course, the $39,500 pricetag includes the house only — not all the other accompaniments of Mr. Bilzerian’s outrageous lifestyle. The residence does not come stocked with booze, blow, Bentleys or beautiful buxom babes. You’ll have to purchase those things separately.

Sorry, y’all. But all jokes aside, this place is pretty sweet.

Set behind a long driveway framed by towering hedges, the flag lot house itself is completely invisible from the street out front. A large motorcourt and two-car garage have ample space for a car collection.

Astute Bilzerian fans may recall that this is the house where our boy threw a naked woman off the roof and into the swimming pool. Rather an unwise decision, that. The equally foolish young lass struck her foot on the pool’s edge — Holy ouch! — and later demanded compensation from Mr. Bilzerian.

The home’s 5,000-square-feet of open-concept living space include at least ten piñata-like chandeliers — honestly, we’re surprised Mr. Bilzerian never drunkenly took a baseball bat to those — walls of glass, soaring ceilings, and 3 beds/4 baths.

Property records show the house has long been owned by the “David Chow Humanitarian Foundation”, an entity formed by the late David Chow, a guy who left this earth way back in 2007. So what is his foundation all about? Let our good buddy Dan Hale explain:

We hope Mr. Bilzerian’s cash helped. And if you’d like to read more about Mr. Chow, click here.

For this story, suffice to say that Mr. Chow was born in Mainland China, eventually became a bit-part Hollywood actor, earned a Master’s degree from USC and grew wealthy as an entrepreneur — one of his most lucrative gigs involved the import and resale of thongs. Yes, kids, the sort of swimwear Mr. Bilzerian’s ladies love to take off. But we digress.

Out back is a vaguely boomerang-shaped pool surrounded by a concrete terrace. Views take in the Downtown LA skyline and much of the surrounding LA basin.

The house comes fully furnished, per the listing. And for all you animal lovers, the lease allows for cats and small dogs. But poor Thumper the Great Dane is s*** outta luck. Sorry, buddy.

For those interested in networking, you’ll have plenty of exorbitantly rich neighbors, too. Folks like Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian, a young lady named Connie Jiang, Rodney Dangerfield’s widow Joan, and billionaire Walmart heiress Whitney Kroenke. And then there’s Sheikh Abdullah Al-Johany, Ph.D, who owns the flag lot house right next door and recently completed a multi-million dollar remodel.

Listing agent: Dustin Nicholas, Nicholas Property Group
Property Photographer: Luke Gibson Photography

  1. Well says:

    I live up the street. Does anyone know who is leasing 1482 Blue Jay? They have four Rolls Royces in the driveway plus a party bus on the street, not to mention 20 trash barrels they leave out on the street ALL week. Ugh!!!!

    1. Shhh says:

      IG @alexhawkers which now appears to be mostly empty, but he’s a Spaniard who sold a sunglass company for lots of $ and now just flaunts his wealth on Instagram… or was.

  2. Sandy Santa Monica says:

    This house is like a great movie that lasts 20 minutes too long.. I’m sure all that excessive open space is put to good use during a 500 guest, four-day soirée, but beyond that it’s superfluous to the point of distraction. Allow me to edit-out 500 feet and I’ll take it for 70m (with a 100% fresh Rotten Tomato score) ☺.

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