Turns out Ashton Kutcher is quite the real estate baller

A few short days ago, Yolanda blabbed about high-paid actor/budding tech investor Ashton Kutcher’s new $10 million beach house on Carpinteria’s prodigiously pricey Padaro Lane. We also chatted about Mr. Kutcher and wifey Mila Kunis’s $10 million main residence in a private, celeb-soaked community called Hidden Valley in the Beverly Hills Post Office neighborhood.

At the time we wrote that story, Yolanda was unaware that these are not the only multi-million dollar properties owned by Mr. Kutcher (and Ms. Kunis). But shortly after we published that article, we were contacted by an in-the-know informant who wishes to remain anonymous. Let’s call him/her L.B. Jefferies.

So anyway, L.B. Jefferies hissed to us something very interesting about the Kunis-Kutchers. In addition to their Carpinteria and Hidden Valley homes, L.B. Jefferies swears up and down that the Tesla-driving showbiz couple are currently — and very secretly — in the early stages of building a new, A-list-sized mega-estate even further up in the Beverly Hills Post Office area.

Yolanda was shocked! Shocked, we tell you. Not that we like to blow our own beeper, but we like to think we keep pretty good tabs on the neighborhood and we thought for sure we would’ve heard that Mr. Kutcher and Ms. Kunis owned a construction site up on yonder hills. But apparently even your ol’ gurl doesn’t know everything.

The hilltop property fingered by L.B. Jefferies is absolutely massive — 5.7+ acres — and it just happens to lie directly adjacent to a parking lot that services the guards and vendors at Yolanda’s absolute favorite guard-gated community in all the world: Beverly Park.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s compound construction site — all six acres of it

Mr. Kutcher’s acreage is not located within the hallowed of gates of Beverly Park, however. Instead, it lies within a much smaller (and often overlooked) gated community called Bella Vista Estates that runs along a high ridge above Beverly Park. It should be noted, however, that the sheer size of Mr. Kutcher’s land puts all but the very largest Beverly Park estates to shame.

For those who may not know, Bella Vista is accessed by driving all the way up Summitridge Drive until the gates of North Beverly Park come into view. But right before one reaches the gate house, veer left and there will be a little road that leads to another big gate. That’s Bella Vista.

The gates of Bella Vista

Keep in mind, kiddies, that neither Mr. Kutcher nor Ms. Kunis’s names appear on the deed for this (currently vacant) property. However, a close examination of property records reveals that the lot is registered to Mr. Kutcher’s longtime business manager and links back to the exact same New York City address to which both of his other homes are also linked. And on top of that, our L.B. Jefferies swears on his/her firstborn’s life that the land is owned by Mr. Kutcher, and he/she is definitely in a position to know. Got it?

Property records also reveal that Mr. Kutcher acquired this two-parcel property a very long time ago — way back in December 2007, in fact. Back then, he was only a 29-year-old whippersnapper currently married to actress Demi Moore. Anyway, his LLC paid a fat and even-steven $8,000,000 for the land and permits reveal that whatever structures currently existed on the property were almost immediately razed by Mr. Kutcher. The seller of the property was an odd (but very rich) dude named Wayne Kao, who currently resides on Holmby Hills’ tony Carolwood Drive.

We aren’t sure why Mr. Kutcher has let this very valuable piece of land sit vacant for nearly a decade, but he’s been very busy over the last 10 years — divorce, marriage, kids, making buttloads of money — so maybe he just hasn’t gotten around to building his dream home until now.

Speaking of his dream home, it’s finally happening. Documents dug up by Yolanda show that Mr. Kutcher filed for permits to construct a mogul-worthy estate in November 2016. The new compound will cost many millions of dollars, of course, and will feature (among other things) a two-story main house, a two-story guest house, a pool house, and a pavilion. From what we can tell, construction is being overseen by Crest Real Estate.

Mr. & Mrs. Kutcher

As y’all should know, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are remarkably rich for still being in their 30s, with a combined net worth that is routinely estimated at nearly 200 million bucks and sometimes even more. And they are doubtless one of the wealthiest A-list celeb couples out there. But they are also notably down-to-earth — or at least they appear that way to Yolanda — and so we don’t think they mind foregoing the super-famous and celeb-friendly Beverly Park prison for a virtually unknown gated community next door. In fact, we’d venture a guess that they will prefer the quiet life over there.

The Bella Vista gated community, located on a ridge overlooking Beverly Park

With the exception of Mr. Kutcher, Bella Vista does not sport any famous residents on the level of Beverly Park denizens like Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Murphy, or Sylvester Stallone. But rest assured that the Kunis-Kutcher couple’s future neighbors are all ludicrously rich and notable in their own ways.

Directly across the street from their (currently vacant) lot is another multi-acre vacant parcel that is owned by trouble-makin’ developer Mohamed Hadid. Next door to that is a mansion that was purchased a couple months ago for $8 million by Ilan Sharone, who occasionally pops up on Million Dollar Listing. Next door to that is the much larger estate of top talent agent Adam Venit.

Other Bella Vista residents include billionaire Don Hankey, who paid $18,600,000 for rocker John Fogerty’s mega-mansion a couple years ago and has been remodeling it ever since. And then there’s Saudi Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, who paid $18,500,000 (at the height of the last economic recession) for an ultra-private 10-acre compound with a guest house and a tennis court.

Easily the most lavish estate in Bella Vista, however, is the compound on the very top of the hill, which directly overlooks both Mulholland Drive and the entirety of North Beverly Park. This highly-secured estate is comprised of two separate single-family mansions connected by an epicly-long driveway. There are two infinity pools — one of which is partially indoors — golf greens, 8+ acres of land, and a tennis court on top of the damn roof. For a long time, Yolanda assumed this estate was owned by another Saudi royal (just based on the extravagance), but we recently learned that is not the case. The real owners are a billionaire family from Mexico whose money — so we have been told — derives primarily from the production of sugar or alcohol or some such mundane thing.

If you’d like a glimpse into Bella Vista, watch the below video, which features a motorbike and a Bentley leaving that mega-compound on top of the hill and traveling through the gated community and on down Summitridge Drive. At about the 1:38 mark, y’all can see Mr. Kutcher’s big vacant lot up close, to the left of the street.

That’s all, folks. Oh, actually — just one more thing. Yolanda also received a rather rude message this week from a sassy reader who questioned how we know what we know about real estate and seemed to be implyin’ that Yolanda was pulling things out of her tender tushie. So we thought we’d digress for a quick moment and respond just this once.

Frankly, y’all, we are far too old and have neither the time nor inclination to make shit up. But if you still think we’re just babblin’ bull, you don’t have to believe Yolanda. And you are more than welcome to not read this blog. We promise you, we won’t lose one single wink of sleep over it. Okay, Sassy Sally?

Just remember one thing: when Mr. Kutcher & Ms. Kunis’s new Bella Vista compound is complete in a few years and their Hidden Valley crash pad pops up for sale, don’t say your gurl didn’t warn ya.

  1. Austin says:

    Actually if you type Beverly Park into Google… it cuts “the Kutcher” property in half.. half of it looks to be in Beverly Park if the correct outline above are the boundaries for the Kutcher property.. it looks like the more flat area is on the Summitridge Dr. side than the Beverly Park St. side though…

  2. Mikora Mee Lemons says:

    Nothing more exciting than news of a megamansion popping up on a huge lot in an exclusive community.

  3. Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen says:

    Does anybody know who was supposed to build that house labelled as French Renaissance – Beverly Hills Residence? Who owns that lot?

    1. Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen says:

      I forgot to add that the Biglin project site is not too far away, so I was interested to see if anyone knows.

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