Los Feliz double whammy part 1: Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams buy a Wallace Neff

Yolanda took a look over our most recent stories and realized we’ve yet again fallen into that trap of too much Westside stuff. But don’t get it twisted! We love Santa Monica, Brentwood, Malibu, all those places. But we’ve had our behind parked in one spot for much too long. So our next couple stories will be all about us showing love to the Eastside — specifically the hipster-approved and spectacularly scenic yet dangerously-expensive Los Feliz neighborhood.

That gosh-darn Angelina Jolie may have captured all the area’s real estate headlines with her record-smashing not-yet-finalized $20+ million purchase of the Cecille B. DeMille estate, but there are a whole bunch of other celebs on the stylish move out here, too. For starters, witness the lovely A.L. Schoenborn residence, constructed in 1924 by legendary California architect Wallace Neff.

In 2013, the Spanish-style casa was sold for the first time in more than 40 years for $2,545,000 to a lady named Patricia (Patty) McHugh. Our Ms. McHugh is a very, very rich lady — in case y’all didn’t already know. The onetime fashion model is now the Chairwoman/head honcho at McHugh Construction, which is one of the largest commercial construction outfits in the whole damn United States. The Chicago-based firm has annual revenues of more than $500 million, employs more than 1,000 people, and has built some of the city’s most recognizable landmarks: Water Tower Place, Marina City, and Trump Tower.

Anywho, Ms. McHugh made a whole bunch of renovations and upgrades to the then-somewhat-bedraggled ol’ Neff, endeavoring to preserve original details while equipping it with modern conveniences. For the most part, with a few exceptions, Yolanda thinks Ms. McHugh succeeded in her quest

In February 2016, Ms. McHugh first attempted to flip the newly-refreshed property for somewhere around $5 million. Sadly — although we doubt her deep pockets were hurting much — it took nearly a year and a handful of pricechops before the property finally found a new owner for the less-impressive (but still substantial) sum of $3,875,000.

Now kiddies, that right there was almost the end of the story. Y’all know that Yolanda strives to keep up with the entire LA real estate scene, but even we occasionally miss juicy tidbits. We admit it — we completely (and egregiously!) forgot to check on who the new owner was here. But thanks to our buddy Vlad the Revealer at the Celebrity Address Aerial website for noticing that the house sold to a mysterious blind trust and hittin’ your gurl up. Who, Vlad wondered, could the secretive new owner be?

It took us a hot minute or two, but we finally sorted out that the buyer is a young (31-year-old) lady named Troian Bellisario. And although the ignorant Yolanda swears on our silk sunshade that we’d never previously heard of her, turns out Ms. Bellisario is quite a big deal in the wacky world of entertainment.

Ms. Bellisario was born and raised in Los Angeles (who knew non-transplants existed!). She also grew up rich. Really rich. Serious moolah. Her daddy is Donald P. Bellisario, who has a whole boatload of money because he created a whole bunch of super-successful TV shows like Magnum P.I., JAG, Quantum Leap, NCIS, and many more. Ms. Bellisario is the sixth of her daddy’s seven children and the first of two with his third ex-wife, former actress Deborah Pratt.

Despite the advantages that her father’s wealth and fame afforded her, Ms. Bellisario did not necessarily have an entirely charmed childhood. Although she graduated as high school valedictorian from a prestigious private school and went on to attend/graduate from USC, our gurl also revealed that she once suffered from an eating disorder and engaged in cutting. Yolanda hopes she’s all better now, we do!

While Ms. Bellisario has been acting since she was a tot and guest-starred on many of her daddy’s TV programs, it wasn’t until 2009 when Miz B really got her big showbiz break. It was that year, after all, when she won the plum role of Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars. The very popular tween drama series — it just wrapped after its seventh season — has surely earned Ms. Bellisario many millions of dollars.

Ms. Bellisario

But we digress — Yolanda’s here for the real estate. And it’s really not such a surprice that Ms. Bellisario would be in the market for a big new house right about now. After all, it was only about six months ago when she celebrated her nuptials to actor Patrick J. Adams of Suits fame. Congrats, lovebirds! Now let’s check out their fancy new nest.

The steeply-sloped .38-acre property features a two-car garage out by the street that abuts a gated staircase and winding driveway. Both lead up to the house, which is almost entirely hidden from prying street-level eyes behind thick foliage. And though the aforementioned steep slope is certainly not ideal for a dog run, it does allow the main house to rest on a high knoll and provide occupants with stunning vistas of Downtown LA and beyond (on a clear day, natch).

Inside there’s a surprisingly-gigantic double-height living room with an original fireplace/ironwork and what appear to be newish hardwood floors. The staging stays neutral and somewhat generic, but we like it nonetheless. Elsewhere there’s a petite dining nook and an office/library of some sort that features an oddball glass table with horse-hoof legs.

The kitchen has been completely renovated and is guaranteed to wow all guests with its tip-top-of-the-line fixtures that include a super-chic La Cornue range and a SubZero glass-doored fridge. Yolanda can almost guarantee that those two items together cost more than yo mama’s new Porsche Panamera. Clearly Ms. McHugh spared no pennied in the kitchen.

We’re less enthusiastic about the white-painted brick. The German in us gloves the glossy sheen, but at the same time we can’t feel there’s something a bit… hmmm… antiseptic about it? Sue us.

At 3,900-square-feet, the house isn’t quite a mansion, but it’s still plenty commodious. We guarantee Ms. Bellisario and Mr. Adams will have plenty of room to rattle around up in here. The staircase (pictured here) features lovely original tilework.

The master bedroom is mostly — save for the four-poster bed and tiny chandelier — devoid of frippery but it does carry a big WOW in the form of its balcony, which is accessed through French doors and takes in views of a huge swathe of the LA basin. The master bath has the requisite glass-enclosed chandelier with rainfall showerhead, plus a boxy soaking tub.

In addition to the master, there are a total of 3 more bedrooms and 4.25 baths scattered throughout the upstairs and the rest of the mini-estate. Those tiles you see in the bathroom are 1920’s originals, kids.

Yes, the lot is steep, but it’s been reasonably well-terraced. The backyard is perhaps too small for any event (save a small tea party) but it does come equipped with a pool and spa.

As far as Yolanda knows — and we know so very little — this is the very first home purchase for both Ms. Bellisario and Mr. Adams. Yikes! There’s always anxiety that comes with being a first-time homeowner, y’all know. But if it makes these two feel any better, Yolanda approves of your splurge.

Listing agent: Konstantine Valissarakos, Sotheby’s International Realty
Ms. Bellisario’s agent: Anne Underwood, Keller Williams Beverly Hills


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