Tobey Maguire weaves his way into a $13 million Brentwood spec-mansion

Actor Tobey Maguire and his longtime wife Jennifer Meyer (daughter of NBC Universal bigshot Ron Meyer) recently called it quits and (unsurprisingly) quickly heaved their charming Santa Monica micro-compound onto the open market. Divorce is very sad for all parties involved, we know. And yet it is our manna from heaven! Yolanda is ashamed to admit it, but that is the damn truth. Divorce means at least one house sale and at least two home purchases. And we love it, duh.

Thus, it really wasn’t such a surprise when our Romanian buddy Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial hissed that Mr. Maguire just upgraded in a big way by slamming down a very A-list $12,965,000 on a newly-built Brentwood mansion. A quick “amen” on the matter from our Mr. Deep Throat sealed the deal. Mr. Maguire obviously isn’t gonna let a pesky divorce stop him from living way large.

Of course, Mr. Maguire is (in)famous for being exceptionally good at making truckloads of cash. Although he’s recently been plagued with silly rumors of a Hollywood blacklist, his acting career includes major roles in lucrative blockbusters like Seabiscuit and The Great Gatsby, but his best-known work is (natch) his title role in the Spider-Man film trilogy, which grossed more than $2.5 billion worldwide.

However, kiddies, film is not Mr. Maguire’s only source of income. He is also known in some shady circles as one of Hollywood’s best — and most competitive — poker players. Mr. Maguire is a very serious card shark, folks. And he’s won many millions from his celebrity and billionaire pals over the years.

Anyway, Spidey’s big new house is located in a the low-key but hyper-pricey neighborhood pocket known as Brentwood Park. This is the same little neighborhood, kiddies, where last year Lebron James paid a record-busting $20,970,000 for a big house just down the block and across Sunset.

Mr. Maguire has mad love for this neck of Brentwood

As y’all can see from the above, Mr. Maguire is not new to the area in which his new house lies. Back in January 2008, he shelled out an even-steven $10,000,000 for a nearly one acre vacant Brentwood Park-adjacent lot. (Nearly nine years later, that property remains vacant and undeveloped.) Then — in January 2014 — he paid former talk show host Ricki Lake $8,450,000 for her plantation-style mini-mansion that’s pretty much right across the street. Scarcely a year later, in April 2015, Mr. Maguire flipped the former Ricki Lake pad for a profit-assuring $10,400,000 to Quest Nutrition snack-bar entrepreneurs Ron & Shannan Penna.

Both Mr. Maguire’s vacant lot and his former Brentwood house are basically right around the corner from his new Brentwood house, which was built on spec by top realtor David Offer.

So what did nearly $13 million get our boy? Let’s have a quick look-see.

Described in marketing materials as a “Modern Traditional”, the vaguely farmhouse-inspired structure has a front-facing three-car garage and packs in 6 bedrooms and 7.5 water closets. Listing information does not indicate square footage, but Yolanda would say maybe 7,500 or so. Just a wild guess, y’all.

There are two brick chimneys and a wooden pergola partially shading a family-sized backyard terrace. Mr. Deep Throat hissed to Yolanda that the house looks naked without the traditional window shutters, but your gurl actually prefers this more minimalist look. We’re such a rebel!

Light brown oak floors and whitewashed walls give the gallery a beachy ambiance. The step-down living room sports a black marble fireplace.

The vaulted-ceiling master bedroom is quite cozy and includes yet another fireplace. Windows overlook the backyard. There are not one but two master bathrooms (his and hers) and not one but two walk-in master closets (hers and hers?).

Yolanda likes the unusual shade of teal and forest green used on the kitchen cabinetry. Naturally the space is open and the subway car-sized center island plenty spacious enough for catered shindigs or clandestine poker tournaments.

Across from the kitchen is a family room with a brick-surround fireplace and airy windows opening to the backyard. Another room opens directly to the spacious back patio.

The backyard of the .38-acre property ain’t particularly spacious — it’s rather petite, actually — but it does have a dog-run patch of green grass and a rather compact negative-edged swimming pool with inset spa.

In addition to the two above-ground levels, the house also contains a full basement. Down there you’ll find a sitting room with wet bar, theater, gym, laundry room, wine cellar, storage room, and maid’s quarters. And yes, there is also the all-important elevator to assist folks in making the tedious climb up and down the home’s three levels (and vice versa). Not that Spidey should require anything like that, of course. But even superheroes gotta hang it up eventually.

Listing agent: David Offer, Berkshire Hathaway HomeService
Mr. Maguire’s Agent: Judy Feder, Hilton & Hyland

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