Ten Celebrities That Call Austin Home

With ever-rising rent prices and California’s cost of living increasing on the daily, some folks have forged an exodus from the Golden State to find greener, and cheaper, pastures elsewhere in the country. According to historical data, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon are some popular places for transplants to move. However, the favorite choice for many Californians is its political (and meteorological) polar opposite: Austin, the capital city of Texas. But it isn’t just common folk who are making the move. Many celebrities are seeing the appeal of the hipster haven — the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world — and are packing up their Rimowa suitcases, yee-hawing their way out to the Lone Star State.

For some showbiz folks, there’s no place to live but Los Angeles. It’s a bustling, coastal metropolitan city full of upscale gastronomic fare, unbelievable sunsets and rich culture. And there’s Hollywood and the convenient movie studios, of course.

But for many celebs, living the high life in L.A. comes with a few drawbacks. For big-wattage names, stepping out in L.A. often brings the unwelcome attention of paps or throngs of fanatic fans. So many A-listers have elected to find a primary or second home in a place that’s a wee bit more laidback, where they can kick up their cowboy boots without fear of becoming headline fodder for TMZ. That place, for an increasing number of celebs, is Austin.

Despite what some Angelenos might think, there are many things to love about Austin — provided one can look past its hellishly hot and humid summers, of course. First of all, housing costs are still relatively cheap, so buyers can get more bang for their buck.

Plus, Austin isn’t short of fun things to do. The city supports its healthy music scene with plenty of impressive local acts, and national talent often makes it a point to add ATX to their touring schedules. Plus, there are big music festivals that happen most every year — coronavirus willing — like SXSW and Austin City Limits. Austin is also a college town thanks to its University of Texas and St. Edwards campuses, so local politics tends to lean towards the left, in line with the L.A. crowd. And there’s also a bustling nightlife scene, if one is so inclined. Plus, with Lady Bird Lake, Lake Travis and the Colorado river running through the city as well as its extensive greenbelts, there’s plenty of things to do outdoors, and innumerable ways to stay fit.

From a purely practical and economic standpoint, there are also perks that come with living in Texas. If one is looking to start a side hustle like a restaurant, Texas is the place to do it — state income tax is explicitly outlawed in its constitution. It’s a great place for deep-pocketed folks to dabble in opening a small business.

Grab your cowboy hats and get ready to say howdy to 10 celebrities that call the Violet Crown City home.

  1. Josef Hanson says:

    Howdy. Keep Texas Red y’all. If your Californian don’t expect Native Texans to like you or get along with you if you move here to change our state. It’s our state not Yours, and we intend to keep it that way. Liberals are pretty out of place in most of Texas, so If you try to change our state you better expect pushback. Texas is still deep Red, city folks in their bubble might deny, but y’all are outnumbered by Native Texans and conservatives moving here too. The Austin suburbs are also pretty conservative so don’t expect to just ignore us Real Texans. But, we’d like it if you don’t come here, God bless y’all and God bless Ruby Red Texas!

    1. BRENT WATSON says:

      Joseph – the real conservatives in Texas are not part of the cult conservatives that are in the WH now. A different breed. In fact you could be so lucky to have more intelligent rich people come to Texas. Be careful how you

      1. John says:

        I’ve lived in Texas all my life, anyone from California wants to come here and chase out these redneck bigots You’re more than welcome. Real Texans and real men welcome visitors and new residents with open arms regardless of political affiliation. However if you want to turn Texas blue, you’re more than welcome.

        1. Bullet Bob says:

          Look at the mass exodus from any liberal enclave in America to red states! Look at the uhaul rates leaving California to Texas and the reverse – 15 times less heading to California from Texas! We don’t need a poll or some indicator on a chart to figure out if liberalism/Marxism/communism/progressivism works – you tell us with your wallet and your feet! There’s not one fucking thing that draws someone to Texas that was established by a liberal politician! Those taxes you run from were crafted by liberals and the low tax/deregulated states that you run to are made by conservative policies/politicians/and red state voters! There’s not a fucking thing that says “Texas” that a liberal policy created – gun rights – religious freedoms – small business atmosphere – low taxes – deregulation – those things you ran TO are a staple of what conservatives do right – and liberals can’t stop running TO! You claim to be the party of higher education/science but you can’t figure out how to run an economy without bankruptcy lawyers getting invoked – you then run from your failures and rather than admit your failures you bring the same voting habit to Texas in an attempt to make it look like the place you fled from! Remember if where you’re from was worth a shit – you’d be there! What happens when you ruin Texas through illegal immigration and liberal migration – where do you run to next – Mexico? I hear the threat “white men are dying off” and we’re being replaced but I ask you what illegal immigrant population do you want America to be like – you can’t bring there to here without here becoming there so what “brown” country do you want America to turn into? Out of all the brown people that flee places that look and act like them – which one do you want America to be – Mexico – Guatemala – Honduras – Venezuela – which country filled with brown people betters America and replaces the people that reflect our founding? You know why El Paso is so much safer than the border towns directly connected – yep – it’s the one thing you’re celebrating the death of! Don’t California my Texas – Texians have destroyed our enemy once and we’ll do it again! Those “rednecks” you so hateful speak of were the boys that gave Texas is status as a republic and we won’t let sissy actors from Hollywood or you disgusting tick transplants change what’s great about Texas! Texas has its individuality – it’s morals – it’s fierceness – its ability to stand on its own – it won’t be taken over by you leftist hacks – we’ll slap you off the map anytime we take you serious! Ask Santa Anna what happens when you get in our way!

        2. Jameson says:

          You need to look up the word bigot. It means someone intolerant of others opinions…that would be you. Pick up a dictionary once in awhile, moron.

      2. Kimberly Hawkins says:

        Sweetie,.TX isn’t a red state, it’s a voter suppressed purple state and you fat old conservatives are dying off faster than those of us who believe in facts and science. We’ve been working on weeding out you dipwads for a while now. I’m a liberal who’s lived here for 40 years. (Moved here from KS) so suck it.up cupcake. You’d better learn to get along before too long.

        1. John says:

          We’ve got a special place for wannabe Texans like you. It’s called Oklahoma! You’re dreaming if you really think your kind is going to turn Texas blue. Lol

          1. Karen says:

            I was born and raised in Texas and very very very Conservative and proud of it. The one thing I don’t like is people from other states to bring their weirdness here and then tell us to deal with it. Just stay where you are and deal with your idiot government.

        2. Peggy Ivey says:

          Don’t assume that Texas are not educated. You lead me to believe that you think Texans are stupid. In Texas we have many different cultures.Depending where you live in TX determines what kind of weather you will live with. I was a life long Democrat voted for Obama twice, and his list four yeas was terrible. He put crap insurance plans in place. Premiums doubled if not tripped. Obama screwed the pooch.

    2. David says:

      As a 5th generation Native Texan, speak for yourself. There’s more of us that don’t hold your narrow minded view of the world than you think.

      1. Eddie B says:

        LOL… Wow when i read the blatant ignorance in here its beyond laughable its downright pittiful. Look democrats run the 3 largest mmetroplexes here which are Houston, Austin and Dallas all 3 shitholes because democrats made them that way. They can have them. The remainder of Texas which is 5X the size of the 3 are staunch republicans and will remain as such. And far as “weeding us out” If you dont think that i am raising my kids with my values you are sadly mistaken. So keep dreaming and stop making the rest of us look stupid. If you cant speak intelligently and with facts just be quiet.

    3. John says:

      I’ve lived in Texas all my life, anyone from California wants to come here and chase out these redneck bigots You’re more than welcome. Real Texans and real men welcome visitors and new residents with open arms regardless of political affiliation. However if you want to turn Texas blue, you’re more than welcome.

      1. Bentura says:

        Born and need in Texas. I don’t care if you wanna move here,you are more than welcome. BUT…..we ARE a blue state. And we care for our neighbors and OUR STATE! Don’t come here with your racist bullshit. Our time is running out and God is STILL DEEP IN THE HEART! RACISM IS DEAD. THIS STATE IS FOR ALL AND ALL ARE WELCOME! DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS THO. As for you rich,stick up your red ass pricks? STFU!!

      2. Eddie B says:

        Redneck biggots…..The most racist thing i have heard all week. You sir are the type that needs to be removed from society. We need an island we’ll call it ignorance island and all of you can go there jave your government any way you like it. Have no guns elect some folks to be your SS police live on fruit and tree roots and be happy while leaving the rest of us alone.

    4. Stan L says:

      As a native Texan, I take exception to the backwoods redneck stereotype being displayed in this post. Texas is getting more “blue” every year, and those who have this closed-minded “stay out of our state” mentality will soon die off, and the state will be better for it.

    5. Tisha Dawn Drzymala says:

      Im born & raised in Texas. Sherman all the way down to the Coast of Port A. Anyone from Texas knows it takes all kinds..Texans are Kind, Courteous and Respectful. We only Kick Butt when need to. All is Welcome ✌

    6. Go ask alice says:

      O.k. Yosemite Sam. I think your boots have cut off circulation to your ass for brains. Your entire post was an antiquated and abysmal cliche’. Maybe you are that pathetic and small minded. Thankfully, Texas is a huge state, full of people from all walks of life; and not just Ruby Red over here.

  2. Emily says:

    Agreed. Texas conservatives read William F Buckley not the art of the deal. We are inclusive not exclusive and all are welcome.

    1. Bert W says:

      I’m sorry your state sucks and you think moving to Texas is a better place. Congrats on your thinking. Texas is the new land of opportunity. Now that you are here don’t bring your f”uped state’s philosophy ie state income tax & liberal views. Work hard being a productive part of our economy and not a drain on a welfare system, this is the Texas way. Work hard & respect our state. Don’t be an a-hole. You are welcome to play hard. Visit the Alamo, Gonzales & Goliad to learn our history, all very moving to celebrate our heroes. Enjoy our coast, piney woods, & barrien west Texas. Great people, sites & food alore. Remember the Alamo and God Bless Texas means something here. In

  3. Chuck says:

    Too bad Josef. Texas especially the Austin-San Antonio corridor all the way to Houston is blue and liberal to the core. Who needs crazy ass cowboys nowadays in this open-minded world? I’m not even originally American, been in Texas for a very short time and thanks God I managed to study and get a decent job after college. There are many like me that call Texas home along with Californians and New-Yorkers. Texas is liberal the core buddy; stop fooling your damn selves narrow minded people. I can guarantee all urban areas in Texas speak blue.

    1. Bonnie. C. says:

      Texans allow each other to choose what they support. Where on earth do you think Roe V Wade came from? We are the victims of Vote suppression and gerrymandering. After all our Texas President Lyndon B. Johnson won many rights and support for the working class, and he was a teacher, married with children. A lifelong Democrat who represented the common man. The worst thing that happened here in Texas was the “right to work” law, that lost working labor’s the strength to stand up for higher standards of living. Governor Ann Richards was the last true blue Texan to represent the Texas people,

    2. John says:

      We’ve got a special place for wannabe Texans like you. It’s called Oklahoma! You’re dreaming if you really think your kind is going to turn Texas blue. Lol

    3. Peggy Ivey says:

      We have real ranches and they ride horses.They are real cowboys. Houston Live Stock and rodeo show happens every year. In out town we habe two different rodeos with live stock. and real Cowboys. I suppose you want those people out of the state. God, talking about out of touch.

    4. Brian Knight says:

      Well said well said. They been trying to flock New Braunfels not realizing it’s trump land there. Where the BBQ is nice and farty. Who eats kale anyways? Hard working Texans down here!

  4. Amber M Lancelot says:

    Ugh, not ALL native Texans feel as you do. I’m native, born and raised, farm and city. It’s a damned shame you are so closed minded.

  5. I bet they move there despite the 49% of the state that are knuckle draggers like you. The best spots in the state are blue anyway. Who needs Williamson county? They can split their time between Austin and Terlingua.

  6. Steve says:

    I’m not sure who wrote this, but Austin is not the political opposite of California. When conservative Californians leave their homeland for Texas, they avoid Austin because it is exactly what they are escaping. What I find interesting is liberals who leave California and move to Austin. It is exactly what they are leaving behind and the more that move here the more the cost of living goes up, thus making it more like what they are running from. To each their own. As long as they don’t come and try to pass legislation that makes it exactly what they are leaving, I can get along with anyone regardless of political affiliation.

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