Salma Hayek, François-Henri Pinault Check Out of Bel Air Estate

Much to the chagrin of nosy passersby and squawking neighbors, Salma Hayek is officially a former Bel Air resident. The Academy Award-nominated Mexican actor and her French multibillionaire tycoon husband François-Henri Pinault started 2020 off fresh, packing up and moving out of their longtime L.A. house this past weekend. An entire cavalcade of moving trucks and accompanying army of contracted workers assisted in their residential exit, causing some traffic congestion and blaring horns on the local roads.

So the rumors go, Hayek and Pinault have departed because they were feeling a wee bit cramped in their 8,000 sq. ft. home. Last year, they submitted plans to demolish the entire residence and replace it with a 17,500 sq. ft. modern monster manse. While it hasn’t been publicly announced if those plans were approved, it would appear the pair are indeed swiftly moving forward with their scheduled demolition of the existing structure.

The high-society couple acquired the .9-acre property way back in 2007, when they paid Kelsey and Camille Grammer $13.5 million for the 1940s-era residence, which sits privately behind tall trees and gates. In the 13 years since, they’ve remodeled the place at least once, spending hundreds of thousands on a second-floor expansion and renovation. The vaguely Cape Cod-style house currently contains 9 bedrooms and 10 baths, and has a spectacular over-the-treetops view of the L.A. basin and Century City skyline.

And the Hayek-Pinault abode is tucked away in what is arguably the very best neighborhood pocket of Bel Air and in all of Los Angeles, for that matter. Some of the nearest neighbors include Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, Michael Milken’s son Lance, U.S. Secretary Treasury Steve Mnuchin, Saudi prince Muhammad bin Fahd, U.K.-based sports agent Aidy Ward, movie mogul Michael Bay and Lachlan Murdoch, who recently set the California record with his $150 million Chartwell compound buy.

As longtime members of the international jet-set glitterati, Hayek and Pinault maintain an enviable collection of homes scattered around the globe — London, Paris, and the French countryside are just some of their real estate playgrounds. And for her part, Hayek continues to own a charming Hollywood Hills cottage that she acquired nearly 25 years ago, near the dewy dawn of her career, and has occasionally offered for lease.

  1. Richard says:

    Looks like someone is going to capitalize on the development potential…this sits directly across the road from “Billionaire”

  2. cadavra says:

    How does a couple with no children feel cramped in an 8000 sq ft house? I hope they sell it to people who appreciate vintage architecture rather than tearing it down.

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