Nick Jonas spends $6.5 million on a slick Beverly Hills (Post Office) sanctuary

This transaction actually went down a full six months ago, but Yolanda is only blabbing about it now because, well, it took us that long to figure out who bought the damn thing. It’s still worth discussing because 1) it’s a very cool house where we’d gladly reside and 2) there’s the whole celebrity factor, for those of y’all who care about such fluff. So better late than never. Right?

Almost immediately after the sale closed — way back in April (2018) — we heard from not one but two different individuals who begged to know the new owner’s identity. Unfortunately, records show the snazzy contemporary was acquired by a blind trust that links back to an NYC-based firm well-known for managing the financial affairs of many uber-successful music industry peeps. After a little askin’ around, a tipster swore he’d heard the buyer was Nick Jonas. Still, we had nary a shred of proof.

Anywho, the house is located way high up in the mountains above Beverly Hills, on a cul-de-sac in an area known as the Beverly Hills Post Office (houses up there have the coveted 90210 zip code and therefore get their mail from the B.H. post office, though they are technically within the city of LA). This particular B.H.P.O. cul-de-sac is usually quite sleepy, but last week we were contacted by a resident there who we’ll call Major Horace Applegate. He/she generously blabbed that the new owner “only just moved in” and is indeed young Mr. Jonas. “The whole street is talking about it,” whispered Major Applegate.

Keep in mind, kiddies, that each of the dozen (or so) homes on this particular street are worth millions of dollars, and we’re sure at least a few of the neighbors are every bit as rich (or richer) than Mr. Jonas. But as Major Applegate informs us, folks up yonder aren’t used to having a big celeb in such close proximity. Maybe there’s something to that old adage. Y’all know the one. How does it go? “Can’t put a price on fame“? Something like that. Hmm.

But we digress. Speaking of Mr. Jonas’s fame, he’s had it for a very long time — since 2007, when he was still a pimply Disney teen. Now he’s 26 years old and all grown up. And he was recently engaged to be married to the beautiful Indian actress/singer Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas

We definitely approve of Mr. Jonas’s lovenest choice. In fact, it’s one of our personal favorite homes ever featured on this website. But we were a little shocked that Mr. Jonas can afford this $6.5 million minx. Weren’t the Jonas Brothers over ages ago?

Well, a wee bit of Googlin’ mended our ignorant ways. At least one website says Mr. Jonas has a $25 million net worth, and he’s released two Billboard top 10 albums (and a multiplatinum single) since the JoBros’ 2014 disbandment. So there y’all have it. He’s a rich young dude. And when he’s not buying fancy houses or planning his upcoming nuptials or writing new music, y’all might find him voicing an animated character in the upcoming film adaptation of UglyDolls.

So Mr. Jonas is a hardworking guy, and he’s been toilin’ away since he was a mere babe in arms. Let’s check out his residential reward, which we assume will soon be shared with Ms. Chopra.

Originally built in an architecturally ambiguous style, the fully renovated and expanded 1965 structure is now a swoopy contemporary with 5 beds and 4.5 baths in a comfortable 4,129-square-feet of living space (FYI, that figure includes the sizable guest wing).

Back in 2012, the house was acquired for about $1.8 million by nightclub proprietor Jason Lev, owner of a couple hotspots on LA’s Eastside. Our boy Mr. Lev hired architecture firm SPACE International — in collaboration with design team Ground Up LA — to invigorate the ol’ gurl by injecting her with healthy dollops of sex and spice. And a hefty squirt of modernist-influenced minimalism, too.

The result y’all see here successfully captures the spirit of mid-century-modern architectural gems without resorting to outright plagiarism, in our opinion. Though mostly frill-free, the glassy interiors never feel overly austere or clinical the way many new-fangled contemporary confections do.

Anyway, Mr. Lev first attempted to unload the pad in fall 2016 with a $7.4 million asking price. But it would be more than a year before Mr. Jonas came along and scooped it up for a deeply-discounted $6,500,000. Good for Mr. Jonas. And good for Mr. Lev, too. Although that’s a major price slash, the final figure is still nearly $5 million more than he paid six years ago. Even with the hefty renovation/expansion fees, we’d wager he still walked with a tidy profit.

The interiors are open and inviting, with rich-lookin’ Machiche wood adorning many of the walls and contrasting nicely with the white oak hardwood floors. The great room — which features a living area framed around an imposing hematite fireplace and formal dining — is highlighted by the massive (disappearing) wall of glass and the elevated clerestory roof, both recent additions engineered by the architects at SPACE International.

Behind the great room is a functional library-slash-family-and-media room combo with a giant flatscreen set into a built-in bookcase. Ironic? Nah, it’s just a modern configuration for modern times.

Elsewhere in the home is a clean-lined and glitz-free kitchen, whose unpretentious facade belies the high-end appliances it contains. It wouldn’t look outta place in a case study house, honestly.

The master suite features a view of the pool area and a vaulted ceiling. Behind the bed is the chic bathroom, which includes dual vanities and separate all-glass enclosures for the toilet, shower, and soaking tub. There’s a wee courtyard just beyond — gated to ward off peeping Toms and Tinas, naturally.

The guest wing is accessed by way of a covered outdoor walkway. Within the wee two-story structure is a guest/staff bedroom suite, an office, and a spare room facing the pool. We’d imagine the latter could be converted into an at-home gym.

It’s clear that Mr. Lev and his team of architects and designers worked hard to maximize the outdoor space here — although the house is sited on a sloped hillside lot, they installed a cantilevered wooden deck (with a firepit!) just beyond the new infinity-edged pool/spa. There’s also a dog-run-sized grassy lawn and plenty of terrace for loungin’ a lazy day away. (Not that Mr. Jonas or Ms. Chopra know anything about that).

Before moving to his new digs, Mr. Jonas bunked up with his older brother Joe in a luxe Sherman Oaks mini-mansion. Records show that the two younger Jonas Bros paid $3,700,000 to co-purchase the property in early 2016, back when they were both still single and living the bachelor life.

Nick & Joe Jonas’s brotherly bachelor pad

Now that both JoBros are soon to be hitched, they’ve naturally decided to go their separate real estate ways. As such, the former housemates have listed their old Valley pad with a $3.9 million asking price. Spec-built back in 2015 in the trendy “Modern Farmhouse” style, the 5-bed and 5.5-bath structure has 5,600-square-feet of living space spread across the main residence and a guesthouse. Although Nick has already purchased a new residence, no word yet on where his bro will be moving.

But here’s the most important part of this story: Joe Jonas recently admitted that he often raids his brother’s closet. We’re not sure why anyone needed to know that, but there y’all have it. So wherever he winds up, it probably won’t be far from Nick’s 90210 digs and designer duds.

Listing agent: Brian Courville, Pacific Union
Nick Jonas’s agent: Carl Gambino, Westside Estate Agency

  1. UNO WHO says:

    Priyanka Chopra will be his beard just long enough until the divorce. Then she’ll get the house in the divorce settlement, tear it down, and bring her real husband over from India so they can build their dream home on the lot.

  2. Marty Rocket says:

    Yolanda must be drunk yet again to fall for this ugly, overpriced box.

    Still love ya, gurl…say the word and drinks on me at SoHo House

  3. Chris says:

    very pretty but…saw it on google maps…entire property exposed on public street with the front door easily accessible. not exactly ideal for a future celeb power couple…..good luck with the burglars, stalkers, and paps…..

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