Mike & Brooke Mahan lay out $22 million in Brentwood Park

One of our all-time favorite films is the 1975 flick Return of The Pink Pantherparticularly the scenes in which Inspector Clouseau (in disguise) attempts to impress Lady Lytton with his smooth talk and suave demeanor. “A man sees a beautiful chicken, he can’t help but be inquisitive, you know?” says he.

That Pink Panther film is really apropos of nothing — we only bring it up because Yolanda has always wanted an excuse to mention it in one of our stories. But we could never think of a reason to weave it in, so here we are today. No relevance at all. But we will say that if Clouseau had the keys to today’s house, we think her Ladyship would have been suitably impressed.

This house, you see, was just sold for nearly $22 million — $21,800,000, to be exact. That’s a great deal of money. In fact, Yolanda believes it is the most ever paid for a house in Brentwood Park, which is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles.

For those new to LA or simply slow on the uptake, Brentwood Park is the most exclusive neighborhood in Brentwood, which is itself one of the most exclusive (and priciest) neighborhoods within the city of LA. Brentwood Park consists of just a handful of streets centered around Sunset Boulevard. Notably, properties here do not have views, but they (mostly) feature spacious lots and large mansions. Current Brentwood Park homeowners include South Park’s Trey Parker, billionaire Rick Caruso, talk show host James Corden, actor Tobey Maguire, WME CEO Ari Emanuel, and Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff, just to name a few. And all of them have paid eight-figure prices for a chance to live in this area.

Today’s property was built by a low-profile local developer who acquired the land in early 2015 for $7,610,000. He spent three years and millions of bucks constructing the spec-mansion, which was completed in early 2018 and quickly put up for sale with a fat $23 million asking price. Within 2-3 months, the house had found a buyer and sold for the aforementioned $21.8 million.

Unfortunately, the buyers’ names do not appear on the deed — their identities are shielded behind an all-too-common blind trust — but Yolanda did a great deal of digging on this one. After a long spat of fruitless research, we finally found out who the new owners are: a guy named Michael Mahan and his wife, the former Brooke Horrell. The couple have two young sons.

Mike & Brooke Mahan

Mike Mahan, in his early 40s, is a former financier and currently toils as the CEO of Dick Clark Productions, the Santa Monica-based studio that bills itself as the “world’s largest producer and proprietor of televised live event entertainment programming.” Yes, that’s a mouthful — in simpler terms, the company produces major award shows. The Golden Globe awards and the Country Music Awards, for example. Yolanda confesses we do not know anything about Mr. Mahan’s salary or net worth, but we can only assume that he is extraordinarily well-compensated in his leadership position.

Brooke Mahan, also in her early 40s, is a popular YouTube personality. With her friends Elle Walker and Meg Resnikoff, she founded the channel What’s Up Moms. According to Forbes, that channel is now the #1 “parenting” destination on YouTube and sports a whopping 2.2 million+ followers. The three mom founders are now regarded as top social media “influencers”, run a team of 12 employees, and can command seven figures for a partnership. Ka-ching!

While involved in What’s Up Moms, Mrs. Mahan became famous for her DIY crafts and fascinating artsy creations. Yolanda wishes we had one ounce of Mrs. Mahan’s creativity, but we don’t. Such is life.

For reasons unknown to Yolanda, Mrs. Mahan — who has more than 60,000 followers on the Instagram contraption, incidentally — departed What’s Up Moms a few months ago in a finale video that boasts over 1 million views. It is unclear whether she still holds an ownership stake in the business, but it is very clear that she and her hubby are not hurting for cash. Their new $21.8 million house is proof of that.

Though it contains a hefty 13,558-square-feet of living space, the Traditional-style structure appears deceptively modest to incoming visitors. A gated driveway on the half-acre lot leads to a small motorcourt and a three-car garage. The front door opens to a double-height foyer with an eye-catching chandelier and unvarnished (oak?) floors. To the left of the entryway is a formal dining room that can easily seat 8, to the right is a living room with a vaulted ceiling and fireplace.

Just beyond the staircase are the main living quarters, which include an open kitchen (complete with an enormous center island and every high-end appliance known to mankind) and a spacious family room. Also downstairs are a swanky wet bar and a wood-paneled office.

The backyard isn’t quite as big as y’all might expect for a $22 million estate, but it does have ample lawn space and a classy rectangular pool with an inset spa. A flagstone surround terrace has a fancy heated loggia and plenty of space for lounging, sunbathing, and outdoor siestas.

There are five bedrooms upstairs, all of which sport en-suite bathrooms. The master sports a vaulted ceiling with a fireplace and a large balcony overlooking the backyard. In addition, there are his-and-hers master baths — each with built-in soaking tubs and glassy showers — and his-and-hers “showroom” closets.

Besides the main level and the upstairs, there is a full third level in the massive basement, which features a playroom, a home theater, a gym, a gargantuan lounge, two additional bedrooms, a wine cellar, and an impressive wine bar with bar seating space for 10 individuals. The tricked-out house also features an elevator servicing all three floors and a mudroom plus a laundry room. There are a total of 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in all — more than enough space for a young family of four, we imagine.

Yolanda suspects that Mr. and Mrs. Mahan have already moved into their big new house, as their former digs in nearby Pacific Palisades are already for sale. And the interiors look staged to the max, y’all. Records show that the couple acquired the below house in 2014 for $4,420,000.

The Mahans would very much like someone to pay them $5,995,000 for the house you see above, which is located near the downtown Palisades area and features 5 beds and 6.5 baths in 6,414-square-feet of living space. Unfortunately, the property does not include a pool. Would Yolanda pay almost $6 million for an LA house with no pool? No, kiddies — we definitely would not.

But if the lack of a cement pond doesn’t bother y’all and you have the money, please do give the Mahans (or their realtor) a call. We are sure he/they would be glad to personally tour you through the premises.

Yolanda sends our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Mahan on their huge new mansion purchase — owning the most expensive property in one of LA’s priciest neighborhoods is no small accomplishment. See, Clouseau, if only you had saved your pennies, you could have a swank place like this. There wouldn’t be any need to woo Mrs. Lytton with alcoholic beverages and boasts of your proficient skiing!

Listing & selling agent: Santiago Arana, The Agency

  1. Bailey says:

    A bit like the emperor has no clothes. $22 million for a home that is nothing more than an oversized version of the bland McMansions replacing tear downs all over the west side. Even the back yard is generic and underwhelming.

  2. Christopher says:

    oh dear!! i’m not sure if this is a win for them. 22m for such a bland looking home with unremarkable outdoor space…….yes, indoors it is very spacious… but it looks bit outdated for a home completed in this very year! i’m also having a hard time trying to pinpoint the aesthetic the architect and designers were going for, both inside and out. the mahan’s have questionable taste….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Look at all the haters in the comments section. Overpaid, smoverpaid… who freaking cares. The bottom line is they have the money to do whatever the hell they want with it. It looks like a helluva house most people would be happy in. The Mahan’s have fine taste. All you haters need to just shut up. It is unbecoming.

    1. Non hater says:

      Best statement! Mind ur own biz & let the people u wish u could be do what they want. Not 1 person commenting can afford 1 months electric bill! Heres some advice, make money & do better!!

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