Michelle Pfeiffer drops $7.7 million on the Palisades house next door

She may be best-known for her roles in iconic films like Grease 2, Scarface, and Batman Returns, but Michelle Pfeiffer is also a high-end real estate connoisseur with a taste for expansive (and expensive) compound living. As y’all may know, Ms. Pfeiffer paid $8.15 million back in a 2016 off-market deal for a nice but rather ordinary-lookin’ house in the fancy Westside neighborhood of Pacific Palisades.

Well kids, the house immediately next door to Mr. Pfeiffer’s pad has just sold for $7,700,000 and an examination of records reveals that the purchaser is — again — none other than our very own Ms. Pfeiffer. That makes a total of $15,850,000 that she has forked over on the two properties.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s $7.7 million Palisades house

We know it may not look like much. It’s actually a very humble single-story house with a front-facing two car garage. But Pacific Palisades is fearsomely expensive (as y’all should already know) and this house is located on one of the best streets there.

This is not Ms. Pfeiffer’s first (or second, for that matter) luxury compound. Back in the day she owned an enormous two-house estate in Brentwood. That place was sold back in 2005 for a total of nearly $27 million to two different buyers — one of whom was current Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Ms. Pfeiffer’s former $27 million Brentwood compound

Since selling off her Brentwood holdings, Ms. Pfeiffer has made her primary residence in the sleepy but very wealthy town of Woodside — up north in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is there where she owns a bucolic, equestrian-friendly multi-acre compound that was listed for sale a few months back with a hefty $29.5 million asking price.

Ms. Pfeiffer’s Woodside estate

Though she is now 60 (and still looks great, we might add) and has been on an extended hiatus from acting, it would seem that Ms. Pfeiffer is eager to make a comeback. Perhaps that is what has precipitated her return to living in LA.

Anyway, both of Ms. Pfeiffer’s current LA homes are located in the Riviera, which is the most exclusive neighborhood in Pacific Palisades, itself one of LA’s most exclusive areas.

And yes, we know that some of y’all are wondering where Ms. Pfeiffer gets nearly $16 million for a luxury compound when she’s only acted sporadically in the last decade. Well, Yolanda will tell you. Since 1993, Ms. Pfeiffer has been married to a fellow named David Kelley.

Ms. Pfeiffer & Mr. Kelley

Our Mr. Kelley is one of the most successful TV show creators in Hollywood — just a few of his shows include Picket Fences, The Practice, Ally McBealBoston Legal, and Big Little Lies. Some of those have gone into syndication, and thus we imagine that $15.85 million is no more than a drop in the proverbial bucket to Mr. Kelley.

Funnily enough, Mr. Kelley never intended to become a writer or show creator. He is an attorney by trade who began screenwriting as a hobby — in the evenings and weekends — and did not even sell his first script until he was in his 30s. And now he’s one of the richest guys in Hollywood. Funny how life throws curveballs at you, right?

Anyway, we digress. Since both of Ms. Pfeiffer’s Palisades acquisitions were made off-market, we know little about either house beyond what we can tell from records. The $8.15 million house has 3,211-square-feet of living space with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms on .45-acres of land, while the $7.7 million house has a mere 2,870-square-feet of living space with 4 beds and 3 baths and is situated on .35-acres. Both properties are of the Traditional variety and were originally constructed in the 1970s. For decades, both were long owned by two non-celebrity families (until along came the Pfeiffer-Kelleys).

The nearly $16 million Palisades compound

Put it all together, and Ms. Pfeiffer and Mr. Kelley now have themselves a compound on nearly an acre of prime Palisades land with over 6,000-square-feet of living space and 7 beds and baths.

Time will tell what Ms. Pfeiffer and Mr. Kelley plan to do with this $15.85 million Riviera compound, but for now their intentions are utterly unbeknownst to Yolanda. Perhaps they will demolish both houses to make way for a new mega-mansion. Or maybe they’ll expand and renovate both structures. We shall see, shan’t we?

Many of Ms. Pfeiffer’s Riviera neighbors are also famous — some of the nearby folks include Jessica Capshaw, Molly Sims, Bill Cosby, Ben Affleck, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, Blake Griffin and Sam Raimi, just to name a few.

  1. Kait says:

    Why do celebs buy all of this real estate? Yes, it’s a great investment. But in a 1970s neighborhood? I live in a California 1978 treasure myself. No matter how many updates you do, it and the entire neighborhood scream “this is the worst architectural era EVER.” I know, they’ll remodel (their contractors will remodel, that is), sell to some fool who will pay big the glamour of a movie-star home, and move on.

  2. Curtis Reser says:

    Here in Houston Texas the same thing is going on, Tearing old structures down and building up, three story’s in most cases.

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