Marina Acton sells the old Kimye house at a multi-million-dollar loss

Late last year, celebrity supernova Kim Kardashian and her hot-headed hubby Kanye West sold their “starter” LA mansion for a shocking $17,800,000 in cash to a Ukrainian woman named Marina Acton. The property is located in the guard-gated community of Bel Air Crest and was purchased solely by Ms. Kardashian for $9 million back in early 2013. She and her future hubby then spent years and millions of dollars transforming the faux-Tuscan villa into a starkly contemporary extravaganza.

Hilariously, as was later revealed, the purchase agreement included a novel clause that contractually obligated Ms. Kardashian to make certain public appearances with Mrs. Acton, and also to follow her on the Instagram contraption. Our Mrs. Acton paid $17.8 million for this house solely because she craved fame, or so it would seem. Her dream, apparently, was to make it big as a Hollywood pop star. Can y’all picture it? Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and… Marina Acton all competing for the same Grammy award. Sounds like fun.


Unfortunately, the only thing Mrs. Acton is singing these days is a sad swan song, as she now exits the LA real estate market with her proverbial tail between her legs. Property records show she quietly sold the Bel Air Crest house a couple weeks ago for “just” $14,000,000. For all y’all math junkies, that’s a $3.8 million loss before taxes, closing costs, maintenance and realtor fees are factored in. And she only owned the house for 10 months! Ouch.

The discount buyers, we discovered, are a local Iranian couple named Shahram & Niloo Shoushani whose money comes from owning apartments and commercial real estate. For their $14 million, the Shoushanis now preside over a 9,000-square-foot mansion sited on a .87-acre lot.

Tucked away on a quiet cul-de-sac, the blocky house sports a two-car garage and an enormous front driveway/motorcourt that can easily accommodate another dozen vehicles. The monolithic interiors feature endless white walls and a mixture of marble, limestone, and medium-brown hardwood floors. The kitchen — while equipped with every high-end appliance known to man — will likely be seen as far too sterile for all but the most hardcore fans of austere minimalism. But the backyard is somewhat more charming with an expansive lawn, a classy rectangular swimming pool with mountain views, and a spacious poolside cabana.

Despite the $14 million “discount” sale price, Yolanda’s research indicates this figure is still more money than any other home in the gated community has ever fetched. And given that the old Kimye house isn’t even close to being the largest pad in Bel Air Crest — it’s about half the size of the biggest mansions there — we think Mrs. Acton should be thanking her lucky stars that someone actually ponied up $14M. In our opinion, the property is probably worth even less than that.

By the way, despite its name, the Bel Air Crest enclave is actually geographically much closer to the San Fernando Valley community of Sherman Oaks than it is to prime Lower Bel Air. But we digress.

Though the Shoushanis are not famous, the purchase of the old Kimye palace is not their first brush with celebrity real estate. Since 2002, they have resided in a large contemporary mansion within the nearby Mulholland Estates guard-gated community, in the mountains above Sherman Oaks. Some of their nearest neighbors there include Christina Aguilera, Kendall Jenner, DJ Khaled, Big Sean, Paris Hilton, Vanna White and Charlie Sheen, just to name a few.

Records show the Shoushanis’ Mulholland Estates home has more than 9,000-square-feet of living space and is sited on over an acre of land. It’s also one of only a handful of properties in the community with its own private tennis court.

The Shoushanis’ Mulholland Estates estate

Presumably Mr. and Mrs. Shoushani will be looking to sell their Mulholland Estates manor very soon, but as of today it is not (publicly) available for purchase.

As for Mrs. Acton, she is currently pregnant with her first child with Mr. Acton, so perhaps that is why she has abandoned her LA career plans and is said to be shopping for a more family-friendly mansion in Florida. As such, she’s also put her contemporary mansion in the Silicon Valley community of Palo Alto on the market for $8.5 million. Given that Mrs. Acton paid $8,400,000 for the property last year, we fear the unlucky-with-real-estate lady could be facing another financial loss up north.

Mrs. Acton’s Palo Alto home, currently asking $8.5 million

Ah, well. But it’s only money, as Mrs. Acton would probably opine.

Listing agents: The Altman Brothers, Douglas Elliman

  1. notsayinganything says:

    Not surprised she sold it at a loss, she paid way too much to begin with. Side note: you might want to double check on the husband part, I don’t think she actually is Brian Acton’s wife.

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