Kevin Costner Seeks Short-Term Tenants for Rocky Mountain Compound

location: Aspen, Colo.
price: $30,000 per night
size: 160 acres with three residences that accommodate 27 people

It’s tough to imagine he needs the money or the headache of renters but Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winning film and television actor Kevin Costner and his wife, Christine Baumgartner, have none-the-less made their comfortably posh Rocky Mountain compound just outside of Aspen, Colo., available as a short-term rental to deep-pocketed groups at a sky-high rate of $30,000 per night. More private five-star resort that what most people think of as a private home, the 160-acre retreat is remote seeming yet just a quick drive out of downtown Aspen and, per marketing materials, will comfortably accommodate 27 people in three casually luxurious lodges.
Generic, easy-to-miss gates nestled into a thick wood open to an exceptionally long and uncommonly scenic driveway that passes through a rugged idyll of birch and pine as it snakes its way to the secluded main residence perched high on a grassy knoll above the rocky bank of Roaring Fork River. With six bedrooms and six full and two half bathrooms, the roughly 5,800-square-foot multi-level main house exudes understated luxury that blends rustic architectural features with elegant decorative elements: Rough-hewn exposed wood support columns and ceiling beams are balanced against premium-grade materials and exacting craftsmanship throughout; The dining room chairs are slip covered in relaxed, cardboard-colored linen under a pair of delicate chandeliers dripping with glittering tear drops of crystal; And a snarling stuffed mountain lion is contained in a lighted niche above the bed in the master suite that, as revealed to CNBC, also offers a secret, under-the-rug trap door in the floor that pulls open to a wooden staircase that leads to one of the estate’s three hot tubs.
The photogenic compound offers two additional, smaller residences plus vast stretches of lawn, a couple of fish-stocked ponds and a sledding hill. The “Field of Dreams” star, who’s appeared in now fewer than four baseball themed films, unsurprisingly built his own baseball field complete with stadium lighting, a sound system and an automated pitching machine.
Currently starring in the Paramount Network drama “Yellowstone” as well as the soon-to-be-streamed Netflix crime film “The Highwaymen” opposite Woody Harrelson and Kathy Bates, the “Dances With Wolves” star also maintains an eye-popping collection of properties just south of Montecito, Calif., in the sleepy seaside community of Carpinteria where he keeps three side-by-side ocean front homes. Costner acquired the first property in the late 1980s, the second in the late 1990s and the third just over two years ago when he quietly shelled out $7.3 million for an updated three-bedroom residence positioned to take advantage of unimpeded ocean and coastline views.
In 2006, Costner and Baumgartner substantially expanded their Carpinteria holdings with the $28.5 million purchase of an under-developed 17.25-acre bluff-top property overlooking the Pacific only about half of a mile down the beach from their oceanfront compound. At the time of their acquisition, there were several modest residences sprinkled around a large open space used as a polo practice field. The Costner-Baumgartners sold off about seven acres in 2009 for $25 million and, after deciding not to build a home for themselves, put the remaining 10+ acre spread with its pint-sized cottage up for sale with an eye-catching, publicity generating and much too aggressive asking price of $60 million in the spring of 2017 and then again in 2018 at a hugely reduced $49 million. The property no longer appears on the open market and property records do not reflect a change of ownership.
Listing photos: Coldwell Banker

  1. Matthew says:

    Hi Mr. David, I was reading your article and the description of the driveway to Kevin Costner’s house talks about pine trees and birch trees. I believe the trees in that area share their name with the town as well – they are aspen trees. Just a heads up. Have a great week. Thanks!

  2. Jana says:

    Perhaps but Colorado is also known for its pines. Colorado’s major tree species include bristlecone pine, Colorado blue spruce, Douglas-fir, Engelmann spruce, limber pine, lodgepole pine, narrowleaf cottonwood, quaking aspen, piñon pine, plains cottonwood, ponderosa pine, Rocky Mountain juniper, subalpine fir and white fir. All the trees in Aspen arent Aspens. I havent been to visit Kevin so I dont know.

  3. Carly says:

    Exquisitely beautiful – homes and landscape – his home is right off lake – others are lined up next to each other -but do have to watch out for Bears certain times of year. – if not near homes. Haven’t rented – just stayed when working on film.

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