Jussie Smollett Loses on Secret Sale in Studio City

location: Studio City, Calif.
price: $1.655 million
size: 2,597 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

Jussie Smollett has sold his San Fernando Valley view home in the foothills above Studio City, Calif., to a non-famous couple in a clandestine off-market deal valued at $1.655 million. Unfortunately for the legally beleaguered former “Empire” star, fired in the wake of a controversially dismissed, 16-count felony indictment brought for allegedly staging a fake hate crime with him as the victim, didn’t have much luck on the real estate merry-go-round. Not counting carrying costs, improvement expenses and real estate fees, Smollett took a $30,000 loss on the hillside contemporary bungalow that, as was sussed out by the Blast, he scooped up during better professional days, a bit more than two years ago, for $1.687 million.
Because the deal happened on the down low, not much is known about the current configuration and condition of the property. Tax records, digital marketing materials from the time of his purchase and other available resources, however, indicate the house is invisible behind secured gates and a towering row of privet hedges with three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms in close to 2,600 square feet. At the time of Smollett’s purchase, the upper level of the two-story home encompassed a combination living/dining room and open kitchen with an over-the-treetops, north-facing mountain view along with two guest bedrooms and a couple of renovated bathrooms. Downstairs, in addition to a private study/office and another bathroom there was a spacious master suite complete with two walk-in closets, a marble-tiled bathroom and French doors to a slender deck with a through-the-telephone wires view across the valley. According to listing descriptions from the time, the property was also equipped, with a camera-equipped security system, built-in surround sound and a Nest thermostat.

Smollett, who has understandably laid low the last several months and was recently reported to be “camping out in New York while working on a ‘new project’ and ‘lining up work’”, was cleared of all charges in March but is still mired in the tangled legal aftermath of the ugly imbroglio. He’s not only staring down a $130,000 lawsuit brought by the city of Chicago to recover money spent investigating the alleged hoax, but a special prosecutor’s review was called by a Cook County judge and, back in March, Donald Trump weighed in by tweet to say the FBI & DOJ would also review the case, although it’s not clear if that is happening..

  1. Honesty says:

    Hes gonna need the money after the legal fees and he should plead guilty before it costs him all his Hollywood money as no one will hire him again in entertainment. Hes a liability and his insurance cost to employ him will make him unprofitable so perhaps he should learn a new trade that wont hold his record against him.

    1. Genie says:

      Leave this man alone im tired of hearing it if he pays he pays if he dnt he dnt dam everybody who have it out for this man sound like playground bullies in there 20s y’all grown get over it dammmmmmm!!!!

  2. Katrina says:

    Jussie Smollet is a liar. I can not wait to see him pay for his made up attack that never happened. He is a sick, untalented, attention whore and should be in jail.

  3. Me says:

    Karma is a you know what. How many gay or not men will not come forward after being actually assaulted, because of him? Think about it. Men of all races. He needs to pay back every dime they spent investigating his lie because it diverted time from actual CRIMES.

    1. Danielle says:

      Barr, he was most certainly not “fully exonerated”, charges were dropped for all kinds of reasons (friends in high places being one…), not the same thing! Even the prosecutor said he still believed him to be guilty.

  4. Wild Bill Kinda says:

    In five years he’ll be broke. Sweet justice for Jessie. (Omitted “u” on purpose to disrespect the phony).

  5. sparkymcbiff says:

    Good. This lying, hateful and intolerant piece of garbage deserves to be bankrupt for his attempt at spreading lies and hatred.

    1. America says:

      Reasons why Trump must be impeached. Congressional Republicans betrayed this country by not bringing charges against him sooner.

        1. America says:

          Trump’s broken state, and federal laws. It’s why he had to pay huge fines. FBI might be investigating Smollett. Both are liars, and hateful pieces of garbage as we all know.

    2. G L Cragle says:

      Hey Jussie, your greed and pompous attitude has caught up with you. I hope justice is played out and you get the punishment you truly deserve.

  6. lin says:

    Everything all tallied up how does the salary increase look to you now Jussie? You have lost Friendships and ALL your honesty, reliability,, creditably not to mention a swift kick financially! Lawyers are going to keep you on their hook and I hope this drags on for years….

  7. Tony says:

    He’s not only a lying embarrassment to this industry, he’s a lying embarrassment to all of us as people. He deserves all that still awaits him. Accountability, a Wonderful deterrent.
    Jussie searched himself online over 50 times after the police left that night, looking for, ‘himself trending’.
    Well, I ‘bet’ Jussie is sliding by here too the egotist he is.
    Jussie, anything we are a part of, you will ‘not’ be. Ever.
    You played your card, too bad it was the fake hate race card.

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