Jeremy Piven splashes out $7 million on top of Mount Olympus

One of the (many) reasons why Yolanda loves real estate is because every neighborhood has its own unique vibe, its own personality. Take the fancifully-named Mt. Olympus ‘hood in the Hollywood Hills, where all the streets have names like Hercules and Achilles and Electra. Although this area is conveniently located just off the base of busy-busy Laurel Canyon Boulevard, above Hollywood, and many of the homes have marvelous views, the area has never been particularly popular with celebrities. Blame the somewhat — ahem — “taste-specific” architecture. Most of the homes were built in the 1970s and tend to err on the gaudy side.

Rather than celebrities, Mt. Olympus has long attracted a well-to-do international crowd of buyers, particularly those that originally hail from the former Soviet Union.

All the same, there are celebs here and there. Billionaire heiress/producer Megan Ellison famously owns the most expensive home in the neighborhood, a $30 million beast that she is widely rumored to be planning to raze, ostensibly to make way for something much more grand.

Anyway, rumors surfaced a couple months ago (courtesy of our friends at The Real Deal) that Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actor Jeremy Piven was considering a move to the area, and indeed he reportedly even entered escrow on a rather butt-ugly $2.25 million residence in the ‘hood. But it seems the Real Estate gods had other plans in mind! For whatever reason, Mr. Piven wisely lost interest  — so it would seem — and quickly moved onto something much more grand.

Jeremy “let’s hug it out, bitch” Piven

You see, Yolanda happens to know that Mr. Piven — through a strangely-named blind trust — has just shelled out a fat $6,800,000 for a very contemporary house near the tippy-top of the neighborhood and just a couple doors down from Megan Ellison’s mega-compound. Better get to borrowing that sugar, quick, Jerry — mama Ellison’s not gonna be up here much longer.

Originally built in 1980, the concrete/glass/steel structure was purchased back in 2014 for $2,655,000 by a couple of developers who took the shapely ol’ girl — her silhouette kinda reminds us of a humpback whale for some reason — down to the studs and completely rebuilt her into a sexy, contemporary goddess worthy of Mt. Olympus. Or something like that.

The house is large but not particularly huge — 4,824-square-feet with 4 beds and 5 baths — and the lot is not especially sizable — .29-acre — but it is clear that the views are the real star of this show and the reason for the king’s ransom sale price of $6.8 million.

Naturally, the property is walled and gated for complete privacy. The entryway, which features a double-height ceiling, a dramatic floating staircase and white oak flooring, is clearly meant to wow guests. The kitchen is sleek and minimalist, and the dining room area features a unique geometric chandelier, but it’s obviously the view that will draw everyone’s attention here. Seems like the skyscrapers of Downtown LA are just a reach away (on a clear day, natch).

Reinforcing the bachelor pad theme are the master bed and bathroom, which take up most of the home’s second story. Yolanda likes the bathtub, even if it slightly reminds us of a melted giant teacup like the ones y’all might find at Disneyland. The bathroom has dual vanities and the bedroom has a fireplace and private balcony that is large enough to host a sizable private party.

If the balcony is not enough space for Mr. Piven’s entourage (get it?), however, a short flight of stairs connects that outdoor space to the top of the flat-roofed structure. Hopefully none of his guests have vertigo, or that could be trouble. Eh?

Disappearing walls of glass connect the indoors to the glassy infinity-edged pool. Despite the wide open, unimpeded views, the backyard remains almost totally private from prying eyes, as the hillside directly across the way lies undeveloped and Mr. Piven’s neighbors are screened out thanks to evergreen trees and hedges.

Can’t get enough of Ari’s new home? Watch this video!

Mr. Piven continues to own his longtime oceanfront home on Malibu Road (above), currently available for purchase with an asking price of $10,495,000. The three-story structure also contains 4 bedrooms and 5 baths. Plus there’s a spa and a sauna. And 50 feet of beach frontage. But pity about that lackluster decor — should’ve paid Lloyd to pick out the furniture.

Listing agent: Sally Forster Jones, John Aaroe Group

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