Inside Stunning Celebrity Home Gyms

When looking good is your business, a home gym is not only a welcome tax break but a necessity. Celebs who don’t want stay in their own pain caves face getting hounded for selfies each morning at a local gym or the torture of having members discreetly take snaps of their every bicep curl to post on social media. Plus, when mandatory self-isolation is over, how many of us will be in a rush to share dumbbells with hundreds of strangers?

There are some acting roles that merely require actors to be in somewhat decent shape and others that require their triceps to look like small fidgeting hens under their T-shirts. It’s no wonder then that A-list hardbodies like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg have built their careers around their physique. And in the process, they’ve turned into decent actors. But if they didn’t have the muscles, they probably wouldn’t have got the roles in the first place.

The Rock often does Instagram Livestreams from his own mammoth Miami gym that he affectionately calls “Iron Paradise.” It has more metal and rubber than a Ford factory and if you’re ever seen the actor in a mid-sweat session you’ll know he’s not the kind of person who can be interrupted.

Mark Wahlberg drew attention when he posted his insane daily routine on social media, inviting James Corden for a pre-dawn work-out in the basement of his current home. However, it was his previous Beverly Hills Post Office home with its hangar-like gym, seemingly sized to house an NFL squad, that drew the most attention.

And let’s not forget athletes such as the always-chiseled Cristiano Ronaldo and ageless Tom Brady who both have and have had the kind of serious home gyms that keep them fit all year round. When he played for Real Madrid C.F., Ronaldo also had a lap pool with a spin bike placed in the middle, while Brady has gyms in his all numerous houses and condos.

Finally, you’d expect something special from a celebrity fitness trainer. However, Tony Horton, the man behind P90X and many more, doesn’t go in for conventional heaps of steel. His gym, which extends into his backyard and to the side of the home, is sleek and interesting, full of functional fitness equipment, designed to test balance and agility as well as brute strength.


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