Tool’s Danny Carey pays $6.35 million for Emilio Estevez’s Malibu micro-vineyard

First it was Variety‘s Mama and then a bunch of our other real estate gossip compadres whispered that actor/Tinseltown scion Emilio Estevez had finally snagged a buyer for his landlocked “micro-vineyard” in Malibu’s Point Dume neighborhood. Then the peeps at the LA Times went on to snitch that the sale went down for $6,350,000.

Since Point Dume is by far the most celebrity-infested neighborhood of star-soaked Malibu, Yolanda was naturally curious as to the identity of the deep-pocketed new owner. Well, property records have now cleared and sure enough, they show that the house was acquired by an oddly-named blind trust (“The Exarp Trust”) that we’ve long known is a front for (wait for it!) a famous fella named Danny Carey.

Danny Carey & Drums

Mr. Carey (no relation to Mariah, we think) is — for those of you ignorant fools who are somehow unaware — the OG drummer for the critically-acclaimed and Grammy-winning rock band Tool. He’s a pretty big deal. Just for starters, the “percussion colossus” was recently the guest of honor on Seth Meyer’s TeeVee show. But we digress.

That our Lamborghini-driving big little drummer boy/man can afford a $6.35 million house in Malibu should come as no surprise, given that he has amassed a reported net worth of $40 million. Not bad for a lifetime of bangin’ dem sticks, eh? Another fun fact: Mr. Carey is (allegedly) the 21st richest professional drummer in the whole wide world. Well, we never! Give Yolanda a hoot and a holler, Mr. Carey.

The Estevez-cum-Carey Point Dume spread lies on a flat acre of land with little vineyards in both the front and backyards and was originally acquired by Mr. Estevez for $2,200,000 just a few months after the turn of the century.

Poor Mr. Estevez once optimistically hoped someone would pay him $9,995,000 for the privilege of owning the house. After several long years and myriad price chops, however, he finally settled on the much lower number offered by Mr. Carey.

Tax records indicate the single-story house is not particularly big — just 3,700-square-feet or so — but it was custom-built in 2008 by Mr. Estevez so it now has a flashy Hollywood pedigree. Whoop-dee-do.

The wooden front door opens to gleaming hardwood floors in the big living room with weighty wood ceiling beams and trusses. They’re a bit too weighty, we think. One other particularly oddball feature is that giant stone mantel over the fireplace. What on earth is that thing doing? Just no.

The living room adjoins the formal dining room which adjoins the rather hideously overwrought kitchen. Come on now, Mr. Estevez. Those weird-ass tiles on the island? That stained-glass greenhouse window? How about them Howdy Doody barstools?

And Yolanda is not even going to mention those creepy little mariachi men dancing around the kitchen sink. Oops, we just did. Ugh!

The kitchen connects to a family room which connects — we think — to a wine cellar/tasting room.

In the main house there are 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms with an additional bedroom and bathroom out in a petite guest house near the front of the walled and gated residence.

Out back there’s a brick terrace surrounding a rectangular pool and a colorfully-tiled firepit nearby. Other features of the little compound include several oak and olive trees and a surveillance system, naturally.

The property also possesses vegetable planters and two micro-vineyards where Mr. Estevez and his boutique vintner wife Sonja Magdevski grew Pinot Noir grapes used for their Casa Dumetz brand of short-run artisanal wines. No word on if Mr. Carey shall discontinue the vineyards or hire a team to squeeze him some juice. Perhaps he’ll even get to stompin’ himself?

One thing that the mini-estate does not possess, however, is any sort of ocean view. That’s a damn shame in Yolanda’s book. Were we in the market for a $6.35 million house in Malibu, we’d want at least a sliver of bluewater sightlines. But oh well.

Some of Mr. Carey’s nearest new neighbors in Malibu are rocker Matt Bellamy, producer Ryan Kavanaugh and Emilio Estevez’s daddy Martin Sheen, who are all within egg-throwing distance of his property. If that ain’t Hollywood enough for ya, then just around this or that corner of down this or that Point Dume street are the homes of just about every famous person still living: Julia Roberts, Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, Gerard Butler, Owen Wilson, Sean Penn, Chris Martin, Don Rickles, Chad Smith, Matthew McConaughey, and many, many more.

Mr. Carey’s longtime compound in LA’s Bronson Canyon

For nearly 20 years, Mr. Carey has primarily resided in LA’s Bronson Canyon neighborhood. Tucked in between the larger and more well-known communities of Beachwood Canyon and Los Feliz, the area is nonetheless home to a plethora of high-profile folks. Some of Mr. Carey’s nearest neighbors out in Bronson Canyon include Craig Ferguson, Stephanie Savage, Moby, Flea, a Saudi royal, and that bizarrely and bitterly divorcing Brangelina pair.

The first property Mr. Carey acquired in Bronson Canyon was the one above on the right, the tall mock-Med looking thing. Records indicate he paid a paltry $695,000 back in 1998 for the house, with its relatively modest 2,423 square feet and 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Exactly one decade later, in April 2008, Mr. Carey paid a much more celebrity-style $2,200,000 for the house immediately next door. No big shock, really. You know what Yolanda says about that, right? No matter who the person is — be they famous or not, sexy or not, old or young — rich people love buying their neighbors’ houses and creating compounds.

Or at least they do for at first. For some reason, Mr. Carey and his wife Sabine opted to sell the second property (the one on the left above) earlier this year. Maybe it had something to do with the acquisition of their new Malibu house, or maybe not. Either way, the 3,310-square-foot traditional house popped up for sale just a few months ago — and with no tattling by fellow property gossips!

Maybe it’s because Redfin does not list the exact address. For her part, Yolanda was unaware that the property had even been up for sale.

Although the pictures look pretty good (check out Mr. Carey’s drum set!), the listing delicately stated that the property “needs TLC” but has “great bones”. Someone apparently agreed — the house was sold lickety-split for $1,758,000 to a non-celebrity woman just about two weeks ago.

Good for her. $1.7 million for a .53-acre private lot with a pretty nice house in Bronson Canyon seems like a steal to Yolanda, TLC or not. But poor Mr. Carey lost his damn shirt on the property, taking a $442,000 loss, not counting taxes and real estate fees and any other costs associated with maintaining this residence over the past 8 years. Yikes. Good thing he can well afford it.

We have no inside intel on whether Mr. Carey will continue to hang onto his other Bronson Canyon property or divest himself of that asset as well. Yolanda can’t help but believe he is rich enough to maintain both that place and the Malibu spread into perpetuity. But if he ever feels like selling, why not give ol’ Angie a ring? We hear she’s out looking to buy a new crib for herself and her 58 children.

No? Too close to Brad?

Emilio Estevez’s agent: Ellen Francisco, Coldwell Banker
Danny Carey’s agent (Bronson Canyon): Tessa Johnson, Coldwell Banker
Buyer’s agent (Bronson Canyon): Isaac Fast, Coldwell Banker


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