Daryl Hannah sells Malibu ranch to her boyfriend Neil Young

We know our Mama over at Variety already broke this story, but we’re gonna throw in our two cents because we just can’t resist.

Malibu is more than the media cracks it up to be. It’s not just celebrities lounging on the sand, sauntering into Nobu, and perhaps “accidentally” exposing themselves to the paps. It’s not just all those oceanfront mansions packed closer together than any sardines could ever hope to be. It’s not just the fires.

The oft-repeated “27 miles of scenic beauty” tagline also includes horse ranches, ramshackle old hillside cabins, secret creeks and many miles of hillside hiking trails and craggy canyon roads that spiderweb their way across the forests that dot the majestic Santa Monica Mountains.

Take stalwart actress Daryl Hannah’s 17-acre Malibu compound, secreted way up in the hills above PCH and about as far removed from more “glamorous” areas like Malibu Colony and Broad Beach as a house in the city can be. The only thing visible from the canyon road in a fairly remote part of northern city that accesses the property is a dirt road and an old-fashioned padlocked timber pine gate. That’s right, kids, Ms. Hannah’s mini-compound has a damn dirt driveway.

First, a little background on our gurl. The humble (for a celebrity) residence might give you the impression that Ms. Hannah, despite her professional success, is admirably clinging to her modest beginnings before the bright lights of Ho-wood beamed down on her. But that’s not the case. By all accounts, Ms. Hannah grew up extremely wealthy in Chicago with her mother and her late stepfather, billionaire businessman Jerrold Wexler. She studied at the most-definitely-not-for-poor-folks Francis W. Parker school (tuition runs around $30,000 per year) before graduating from the also-most-definitely-not-for-poor-folks University of Southern California (tuition exceeds $50,000).

Ms. Hannah may be best-known for her seminal role as the mermaid in Splash, but she’s also had starring turns in a host of other successful films that include Steel Magnolias, Blade Runner, Wall Street, and one of Yolanda’s favorite film series of all time: Kill Bill, where she portrayed master assassin Elle Driver. We’ve seen that movie countless time and it’s Yolanda’s opinion that Ms. Hannah killed that sh*t. You go, gurl.

Mr. Young, of course, is the Neil Young. A guy who needs no introduction. Anywho, Ms. Hannah and Mr. Young — 55 and 70 years old, respectively — have been dating since 2014 and shacking up for quite some time, apparently. Mr. Young also has ranches in Northern California and Hawaii, and Ms. Hannah keeps a secluded estate outside Telluride, Colorado.


In 2011, Ms. Hannah pushed her 17.6-acre compound onto the open market with a hefty $4,995,000 pricetag. The ask eventually tumbled to $4,250,000 before the listing went off the market in early 2013.

Unfortunately for Ms. Hannah — or perhaps fortunately — it wasn’t until her boyfriend of 1.5 years decided to buy the place this year that she was finally able to unload it. Property records show Mr. Yong acquired the (mostly) rustic compound via something called the “Mosquito Trust” in March 2016 for $3,600,000.

Though it’s a good 10 minutes’ drive from PCH, the coumpound still sports distant views through the hills and down to the sea.

Ms. Hannah acquired the two-parcel property in two separate transactions back in 2001 for a total of $1,325,000. The earthy driveway and solar panels ensure her enviro-friendly cred game remains strong.

The stone hunting lodge of a main residence dates all the way back to 1927 and was extensively upgraded by Ms. Hannah during her 15 years of ownership. She added a walk-in dressing room/closet, radiant heated floors, a Japanese soaking tub, and an indoor/outdoor shower.

Can y’all picture these two frolicking together in the outdoor shower? Completely nakey?! We can, but we don’t want to. Lord have mercy!

There’s also a tiny little shack on the property with slapped together with corrugated metal panels. Yolanda noted that Ms. Hannah has a whole bunch of bird feeders, wind chimes, potted plants, and other assorted bric-a-brac hanging around the structure. There’s also a Prince-approved purple hammock.


The most alluring feature of the property (in Yolanda’s opinion) are the gorgeous, upspoiled acres of flat land that include a numerous species of cacti, a California live oak grove (with a wigwam!), natural streams and waterfalls, a fenced pasture, and an “ancient palm grove”.

We can’t imagine that a successful actress from a richie-rich family wants for money. But still, homegurl must be thanking her lucky stars that she didn’t sell this place when it was on the market a couple months ago. Now she’s got the money, still lives on the property, and will be saving on her moving expenses. Will Ms. Hannah be bustin’ out a U-haul to tote all her environmentally-friendly junk to a new locale? We sorta doubt that very much.

Seems like a whopper of a great deal for Ms. Hannah. A gargantuan whopper of a deal.


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