Actor Brian Sacca pays way over asking in Silver Lake

Yolanda broke her phone last night. We wish this was one of our sarcastic jokes or whatever, but it’s not. The damn thing still works, though. It’s just that the screen is now crisscrossed with so many spiderweb cracks that it’s all but illegible.

One thing that isn’t stale and cobwebbed, however (how’s that for a clunky transition?), is Eastside real estate. We don’t give it nearly as much attention as it deserves — we’re a semi-uppity lass so we tend to hone in on the Westside — but it’s steaming hot back east, too. Just take this rather ho-hum 1936 Tudor in hipster-approved and fully-gentrified Silver Lake.

We’re still sizzlin’ hot out in the Silver Lake real estate market

Property records reveal that the previous owners lost the house to foreclosure in March (2016). It appears that the property was then quickly transferred in a trustee sale for $1,313,000. After what was a quick spit-and-polish — Yolanda presumes — the house was put up for sale in September (2016) with a $1,849,000 asking price. The sublimely-situated property quickly sold in just one month for an even-steven $2,000,000 — or $151,000 more than asking.

Records reveal the new owner is an LLC that is easily linked to a fellow named Brian Sacca. Our Mr. Sacca is an actor who perhaps has not yet had his true “breakout star” moment yet. However, he’s had bit part roles in a popular TV show (The United States of Taraand a controversial film (The Wolf of Wall Street) and even a starring turn in the new TBS show Wrecked.

Mr. Sacca in the Wolf of Wall Street

As they say, however, time is money. So let’s quit wasting it and discuss Mr. Sacca’s expensive new house, which is located on Moreno Drive, one of the best streets in Silver Lake. It is also just a block or so up the road from the world-famous and downright divine  “Silvertop” house by John Lautner.

A brick walkway leads from the driveway and up a short brick stairway to a petite brick porch with views out to the street and over the jewel-toned front lawn.

The front door (also jewel-toned) opens to a surprisingly spacious living room with an imposing vaulted (and beamed) wood ceiling. The “walnut hued” hardwood floors (per the listing) continue throughout the entire main level of the 2,378-square-foot residence. A appropriately-huge brick fireplace takes centerpiece in the room.

Unfortunately, the rest of the house isn’t nearly as interesting as that living room might lead you to believe. It’s nice enough but a bit too whitewashed and character-less, in Yolanda’s useless opinion. Then again, it is a flip.

The kitchen has medium-grade stainless appliances and plenty of cabinet space.

The master bedroom (top) isn’t a typical huge suite, but it does have more of those walnut-hued floors and a smallish bathroom with vanity and a soaking tub. There are a total of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the structure.

Perhaps the most valuable asset of the property (besides the trendy Silver Lake location, of course) is the view it provides over the neighboring homes and to the westward yonder hills. The backyard ain’t particularly spacious — it’s only a .15-acre house, after all — but there’s grass and a garden shed for Mr. Sacca’s gardening tools. Also might make a good place to store a body or two (?).

The listing also makes a point to call out the detached two-car garage, which it says “can house your Aston Martin”. Fancy! No word on whether a Ferrari or even Yolanda’s dusty Caddy will meet the garage’s approval, though.

Brian Sacca’s billionaire brother Chris

Now, you may wonder how a bit-part actor like Mr. Sacca affords a $2 million house up in Silver Lake. And of course Yolanda does not have access to his finances, so we can’t say for certain (duh!).

But we do happen to know that he is the younger brother of billionaire Shark Tank star (and investor) Chris Sacca, who built his fortune through early seed investments in tech giants like Twitter, Instagram, and Uber. Mr. Sacca has homes in Manhattan Beach (CA), Palos Verdes Estates (CA), and up near Lake Tahoe (on the border of CA and NV).

Perhaps Mr. Sacca gave/loaned his little bro some cash, or perhaps he just taught him some of his investment tricks. Eh?

It’s always nice to have a close family relative who is a billionaire, right? Right. And especially if that billionaire is generous with his cash. Which the elder Mr. Sacca is. But we digress — that’s a story for another time, place, and day. Okay? Okay.

Mr. Sacca’s agentRichard Wilkinson, Keller Williams Realty Los Feliz


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