Billie Lourd Bags Big Blue in Santa Monica

A “modern farmhouse” style home in a south-of-Montana location in Santa Monica recently sold for $2,250,000. While that normally wouldn’t be particularly interesting to your gurl Yolanda, the exterior of this house happens to be completely swathed in a particularly striking shade of cobalt blue. It’s not everyday we come across a cobalt blue house, my dears. What will these crazy kids think of next?

Naturally, Yolanda wondered who would own such a thing and who would want to spend more than $2 million bucks to buy it. Turns out the seller was a young whippersnapper of a kid himself — a guy in his mid-20s named Justin Yoshimura.  Good gracious! Mid-20s?! Mr. Yoshimura’s barely out of Huggies and he’s already got a $2.25 million home sale under his belt!

If that weren’t enough to get you hustlin’, wait ’til we tell you who the buyer is. She’s even younger than Mr. Yoshimura. Her identity is technically shielded behind a mysterious blind trust, but of course your gurl just happens to know the new owner is none other than 23-year-old actress Billie Lourd.

Anyway. Let’s dive right into discussing this sorta-patriotic house (it’s blue with some white-ish trim!). Mr. Yoshimura acquired the property in late 2014 for $2,040,000. Our boy is a high school dropout and a tech entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar firm. Damn! You can read more about him here, if you so desire.

But we digress. Mr. Yoshimura is not the guy responsible for the retina-searing paint job or most of the oddball fixtures and cabinets in the place. As far as we can tell, based on a quick comparison of 2014 and 2016 listing photos, it does not appear that our homeboy made any significant alterations to the place other than a little paint and a little redecorating here and there indoors.

big_blue_5  big_blue_3

The house sits on a tiny-but-typical-for-the-neighborhood .14 acre lot, but it manages to maximize the space thanks to its corner lot location and high hedges, gates, and walls that surround the entire property. A stone walkway leads to the front door. Once within the residence, folks are greeted an open-concept floor plan with the kitchen, living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms and office all mashed together.

big_blue_2  big_blue_8

Though this house was apparently “published in Art Book 2000 as one of the ‘World’s 100 Best Houses,'” sorry, we just don’t see it. Beyond the unique paint job, there’s not much Yolanda is digging here. We like the white oak flooring, but the kitchen cabinets and distress-inducing light fixture that looks like an exploded 5th-grade science project. Pardon Yolanda.

big_blue_4  big_blue_6

The living “room” section opens up to the backyard.

big_blue_11  big_blue_10

The house has 2,279 square feet with just 2 bedrooms and 2.75 bathrooms. One bedroom and bathroom are on the main floor, while the master suite takes up most of the home’s second level.

big_blue_9  big_blue_13

The listing also calls out there is a potential third bedroom on the first floor, though we really have no idea is Miss Lourd will attempt to convert the space into another guest room. It appears that Mr. Yoshimura had that set up as a sort of quasi-study slash gym area. Odd.

And as for Miss Lourd, in addition to her starring role on Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, the up-and-coming actress (Yolanda happens to think she’s quite a cute-lookin’ young lass) is, of course, a Tinseltown scion. She’s the only child of talent agent Bryan Lourd (longtime CAA co-head honcho) and actress/Tinseltown treasure Carrie Fisher. That also makes her Debbie Reynolds’ granddaughter, natch. Holy moly. Lotta big personalities in that family, eh?

But do any of Miss Lourd’s relatives have them a house laciviously slathered in a truckload of cobalt blue paint? Yolanda thinks not!



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