Anthony Hopkins spends millions on the house next door

As he elegantly glides into his sunset years, Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins remains determined to show these young hooligans how it’s done. The still-hardworking 81-year-old (catch him on Westworld!) now boasts a nonstop career spanning nearly six full decades.

Sir Hopkins

And he’s schooling young’uns on the property front, too. After all, life could end at any moment, for any of us. So Mr. Hopkins is livin’ it up right proper. Over the past three months, he’s spent a whopping total of $12,600,000 to assemble a new compound in Pacific Palisades.

Mr. Hopkins’ $6.6 million digs

Astute real estate watchers may recall it was last December (2018) when Mr. Hopkins shelled out $6,600,000 for a new spec-mansion in the Bluffs section of town. That contemporary house features a generous 5,700-square-feet of living space, albeit cramped onto a rather tight lot.

Now it seems that Sir Hopkins is already feeling a bit crowded — or something — because he’s quietly plunked down another $6,000,000 for the property next door.

The latest acquisition: the $6 million lair next door

Because this deal closed off-market, we unfortunately don’t have any proper listing photos of the latest Hopkins acquisition. But we do know that the Colonial-style house was originally built in 1940 and expanded in 1990.

The property was long owned by ad agency CEO Joe Phelps and hasn’t been for sale in decades. However, public records show it sold last year (Feb 2018) in another off-market deal — this one for $5 million.

We think the 2018 buyers (a couple named Robert & Anna May) made few changes during their year of ownership, as no new permits were pulled. But thanks to Mr. Hopkins, the couple still pocketed a cool million-dollar profit (before taxes, closing costs and other fees).

Another view of the property

There are two huge trees — one a magnolia, the other a spruce (?) — in the front yard, partially shielding the home’s facade from public view. A low brick wall topped by a wrought iron fence encircles the corner lot property. The house sports a rooftop deck — possibly with ocean views — although there does not appear to be a pool. A long gated driveway leads to a detached garage and rear motorcourt.

The rambling structure features 3,557-square-feet of living space, per records. Two slender columns frame the forest green front door.

Mr. Hopkins’ two side-by-side properties contain 0.4-acres of land (total), certainly spacious enough but still far from huge. At least the compound sits on a broad corner, lending it an increased sense of roominess.

The Hopkins complex

See what we mean?

In addition to the $12.6 million compound, Mr. Hopkins owns at least two other Palisades properties — a luxury condo bought in 2016 for $1.1 million and a small cottage he’s owned since 1995. And then there’s his blufftop Malibu estate, miraculously unscathed in the recent wildfires but now perilously close to sliding off the cliff.

Anywho, we really don’t know what our boy plans to do with his new Palisades pad — maybe it’s just a buffer property to house guests or for storin’ Hannibal Lector’s corpses memorabilia — but Yolanda wishes him many more years of health, happiness, and loads of California sunsets.

  1. Petra says:

    Bet Sir Hopkins wishes the Malibu place burned down so he could collect insurance! Looks about two feet away from crumbling altogether.

  2. Sandy Santa Monica says:

    ‘It may be in no-man’s land but it’s near Ronny’s Market which carries my favorite chianti. Sluuuuurp!’

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