Ali Larter sells to Cirkut in the Hollywood Hills

Now kids, you know a high-falutin’ gal like Yolanda Y. rarely deigns to discuss residential real estate transactions below the $10 million barrier. It’s just entirely foreign territory to your gurl. Us writing about those “normal” folks’ houses would sorta be like seeing one of those the rapidly-and-alarmingly-reproducing Kardashian freakazoids piloting a base-model BMW 5-series. Or like Angela Lansbury wearin’ nothin’ but her bloomers while ridin’ ol’ Nessie herself down Fifth Avenue. It could happen but it probably shouldn’t happen, you know? The universe might explode.

But Yolanda’s got bills to pay and plus we need a better mix of stories on this mess of a blog. So normal folks’ houses it is. Uh, if a $4 million house is what you consider normal, of course.

When we first saw this listing pop up last year, we had no idea it was celebrity-owned. Then we found out it was owned by actress Ali Larter. Who the hell is Actress Ali Larter, you wonder? Yes, well. We wondered that too.

Turns out Ms. Larter has been working hard and consistently in Tinseltown for nearly 20 years.  Perhaps her best-known role (at least to us) is when she starred as the exercise mogul-turned-murder-suspect in the classic cinematic masterpiece Legally Blonde. She’s also had supporting roles in other films we ain’t never seen that include Varsity Blues, Final Destination, and Resident Evil. And then there’s her starring turn in the TV show Heroes.

Anyway, Ms. Larter and her husband Hayes MacArthur purchased the three-story Hollywood Hills house for $2,925,000 in 2009. A comparison to old listing photos shows they performed some much-needed alterations to the place, including installing an in-ground swimming pool and a much-needed decor overhaul.

The Nichols Canyon-area crib occupies a mostly-flat .52-acre lot — unusually generous for this area of the Hills. The current structure on the property was built in 2007 by self-proclaimed “bad boy” architect Brian Murphy. While the house is relatively large — three stories and 5,500-square-feet (or so) of interior space — the property is completely private and all-but-invisible from the road thanks to a towering wall of high hedges.

Although the house’s style comes off as a bit too cold and clinical for Yolanda’s persnickety taste, but we do appreciate the airiness of the very open floor plan. The whole house has white oak flooring, which adds to the bright and open effect despite the smallish windows.

The all-white kitchen, with its sleek cabinets, high-end appliances and marble countertops, is certainly dramatic but probably a nightmare for Consuela the Cleaning Lady.

On the second level, just opposite the kitchen, is a long dining table with views over the backyard and to the hills beyond. Trendy mismatched sit-down dinner seating includes a couple Egg Chairs, a tufted black leather couch, and three more traditional armchairs. To the right is a moody half-bath  on the main level (the .5 of the 5.5 bathrooms in the home, we assume).

Just opposite the dining room and kitchen is the living room space, which centers around a beige-surrounded fireplace and flatscreen television. There’s also bookshelves and what appears to be a itsy-bitsy dry bar with mini-fridge.

The master suite lies on the uppermost level of the house and sports an smallish balcony for sunset-watching, a king size bed, leather recliner, all-white bathroom, and a surprisingly large master closet that sports shelving in a rather dismal but probably natural shade of orangish-grey.

The gym does not adjoin the master suite but is rather located on the ground floor of the property.

Two more of the estate’s four bedrooms — two of which are on the third floor and one (not pictured) on the ground level.

It was Ms. Larter who installed the classy rectangular-shaped pool you see here (her 2009 purchase came without a cement pond). The rest of the commodious backyard is simple but elegantly swatched with a particularly luminous shade of green grass.

Anyway, the house eventually sold for $4,150,000 this May (2016). Although the new owner’s identity is well-screened behind an LLC, Yolanda happens to know that the proud new man of the house is a 30-year-old music industry hotshot named Henry Walter, professionally known as Cirkut.

Mr. Cirkut has penned or co-penned all sorts of hit bubblegum pop ditties for the industry’s biggest-big-name singers and “singers” including Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, and Nicki Minaj. Jeez. That’s just about every successful poptart in the game, ain’t it?

We know little else about Mr. Walter AKA Mr. Cirkut other than just prior to the purchase, he had been leasing a modern extravaganza (pics below) just above the Sunset Strip and just below that exuberantly-expensive Bird Streets neighborhood.

By the way, Mr. Cirkut is the longtime producing partner and “right hand man” of legally-embattled songwriter mogul Dr. Luke. As you may have heard, the good (or allegedly bad) Doctor is currently caught up in a melodramatic lawsuit filed by glitter girl Ke$ha. Our Ms. Ke$ha claims that the Doctor used his position as a medical authority to take sexual advantage of her when she was his patient! Or something like that. We’re not really sure about all that details, sorry.

But anyway — Dr. Luke, as most folks know, paid $18,000,000 a couple years back for Courteney Cox’s former pad up in the hot-hot-hot Trousdale Estates neighborhood of Beverly Hills. (That house was sold by LA douche David Arquette, who was awarded the sexy A. Quincy Jones abode in the divorce.) And the Doc also owns Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne’s former oceanfront house in Malibu.

Dr. Luke’s $18 million residence in Trousdale Estates — courtesy of Courteney Cox & David Arquette’s divorce

So obviously Dr. Luke has a lot more money than not-a-doc Mr. Cirkut, or at least he chooses to spend a lot more. But as far as we know, Mr. Cirkut ain’t being called a rapist. So there’s that.


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