Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry bring Napa to Hancock Park

Less than a year ago, veteran Tinseltown actress Sara Gilbert (Roseanne, The Talk, The Big Bang Theory) popped out a baby with her new wife, successful and famously opinionated songwriter Linda Perry. (Ms. Perry, in case y’all didn’t know, is a talented singer who was a major one-hit wonder with “What’s Up”, as a member of the 4 Non Blondes. That moody song happens to be a favorite of Yolanda’s, so, you know… listen to it and stuff if you’ve never had the pleasure.)

As is often the case when famous folk (or not-famous folk) bring a new bundle of joy into the world, it wasn’t long before the two longtime LA-based ladies went on the hunt for a larger and more family-friendly spread than their current digs above the Sunset Strip.

Eventually, they settled on a “modern farmhouse” in the increasingly trendy and spendy Hancock Park area. While Yolanda has more than once heard Hancock Park referred to (somewhat cattily) by real-estate obsessed folk as a “stuffy old white money stronghold”, the neighborhood is changing rapidly and becoming more attractive to wealthy entertainment-industry folk who appreciate the central location and family-friendly atmosphere. Property records show Miz Gilbert’s trust acquired the residence in early January (2016) for a substantial $6,850,000.

A wooden walkway leads through the drought-tolerant front landscaping to a glassy front door. The airy entrance hall sports a dramatically-high cantilevered ceilingwith one of those ultra-modern chandeliers to impress the guest and light knotty wood floors that continue throughout most of the residence.

The light and bright theme migrates into the living room, where all the pastel and cream colors remind Yolanda very strongly of the James Perse store in Malibu (not necessarily a bad thing).

The living room opens into a the dining room, with its useful skylight and rather whack-a-doodle bare-bulbed chandelier. Watch your head, ladies.

Around another corner is the lovely open-concept kitchen that is equipped with all the latest high-end appliances, a huge center island, and a wine cooler. For Your Mama over at Variety, there’s thankfully – and mercifully – nary a pot rack to be found.

The master bedroom and adjoining bath have more honey-toned wood floors and separate crannies for the toilet and shower. There’s also a separate soaking tub that gracefully overlooks the lush backyard and provides a through-the-trees view of the famously-exclusive Wilshire Country Club. Yolanda wonders if some fancy-pants golfer might look up from making a birdie on a blissful Saturday morning to see some lady-lovin’ going down in this here tub. Oh, we tease.

Yolanda gives her yenta approval to that funky guest bathroom flooring.

The 6,000+ square foot house does not appear to have a dedicated media room (shocking in these modern times), but in addition to the 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths, there are several high-toned recreational rooms that include a louge-type area that includes a Foosball table that looks pricier than an average Kia. There’s also a rather low-ceilinged gym with views to the backyard and several pieces of exercise equipment resting on some rather unsecured-looking carpeting. Hmmm.

The backyard all about relaxation with those comfy couches. The pool is refreshingly free of any free form madness in its classy rectangular simplicity. There’s also a raised deck above it that almost looks like it’s made out of teak (but probably is not).

Frankly, y’all, when looking at this house Yolanda sees less of a “modern farmhouse” and more of a traditional house that’s been remodeled and nipped and tucked and expanded to within an inch of its life. And that’s pretty much what it is. Here’s the very same house a bit over a year ago, before it was acquired by the local Hancock Park designer couple responsible for the upgrade you see in the photos above:

Before granny went glammy.

As we mentioned previously, Miz Gilbert and Miz Perry currently shack up in a glassy contemporary remodel of a mid-century residence just above the Sunset Strip. Property records show the couple coughed up $3,500,000 for the property back in August 2012.

Way back, prior to her 2011 coupling with Miz Perry, the Yale-educated Sara Gilbert owned a 2,500-square-foot love shack in a very star-studded gated community tucked into the mountains high above Beverly Hills. She shared the property with her then-mate TV writer/producer Allison Adler until June 2010, when she sold it for $3,300,000 to the property’s current owners, Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz and her Oscar-winning husband Javier Bardem. Some of the other high-profile current residents of that gated community include Cameron Diaz and the Madden boy, Nicole Richie and the other Madden boy, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lawrence. And that’s just to name a few.

But Yolanda does digress…


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