Real estate baller Shaun White buys his next door neighbor’s house for $11 million

He may be just 30 years old, but professional snowboarder/skateboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist turned wildly successful entrepreneur Shaun White has money. Serious money. And it seems that hardly a month goes by when he’s not popping up in all the property gossip columns for buying or selling this or that latest residence. By Yolanda’s count, Mr. White now holds title to no less than $30 million in luxury real estate. When Yahoo Sports called him “richer than every other snowboarder combined”, we don’t think they were lyin’.

Mr. White

Some of you may recall that the Bentley-driving Mr. White threw down an A-list style $8,940,000 for a mini-compound in Malibu a few years back (in October 2013, to be precise). The house was sold by The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss and is located on the view side of what is often considered to be the best street in the celebrity-friendly Point Dume neighborhood: Birdview Avenue.

For those who ain’t familiar with the neighborhood — Birdview lies on a bluff that looms directly over Malibu’s fabulous Zuma Beach (or is it actually Westward Beach?) and features incredible head-on westward views and sunsets.

Anyway, y’all may recall that Yolanda dissected Mr. White’s $9 million house when it popped up for lease last year. While we’re not sure if the place was ever rented out, we do know that Mr. White is certainly not planning to forsake Malibu. He just paid a truly baller-style $10,750,000 (in an off-market deal) to acquire his next-door neighbor’s house, after all.

(Fair warning for all you persnickety pumpernickels: this transaction actually went down last December (2016) and it may (or may not) have already been written about by one of our fellow real estate publications. But we feel like writing about it now so shove off, mkay?)

The house itself is nothing remarkable, but the view, the grassy backyard, and the huge pool are all to die for, Yolanda thinks. Sited on a generous 1.08-acre lot, the two-parcel property is completely walled, gated, and high-hedged so that the relatively tiny (by celebrity standards) 2,164-square-foot main structure is all but invisible from the road out front.

Right away guests will certainly be wowed by the shimmering sea views that are visible from grass-and-stone-motorcourt out front. The emerald-green grass, which appears to stretch all the into the ocean, is a stunning (if expensive and wasteful!) touch. There’s also a massive pine tree which is positioned just close enough to the pool to worry Yolanda. Pine cones, needles, roots and all. Sorry — we’re a mite bit OCD like that.

This is Yolanda’s idea of a dream beach house: clean, open, simple, and (mostly) uncluttered. We love the white walls and hardwood floors. Cool stove, bro.

Most stunning of all, however, is the pool. The simple rectangular shape only serves to accentuate its size — this thing is massive. Unfortunately, we don’t think the photos here do a good job at visually communicating how big this thing is. Just trust Yolanda, it’s huge. Practically as big as the house.

The seller of the property, records reveal, was an LLC controlled by an internet entrepreneur named Brian Kariger. Our Mr. Kariger has a whole boatload of money thanks to the $100 million windfall he got when he sold his Dictionary.com website thing some years ago.

Property records show Mr. Kariger originally paid $6,000,000 for the house back in September 2012, which means he nearly doubled his investment when he sold the unchanged house to Mr. White just four years later. Y’all may be interested to know that Mr. Kariger had purchased the property from Mike Fleiss, who is the same guy that sold Mr. White his other house next door. It seems that Mr. Fleiss at one time also owned both homes, and now The ex-Flying Tomato has reunited the old compound.

Shaun White’s $20 million Malibu compound

If Yolanda’s maths are correct, Mr. White has now spent a fat $19,690,000 for his multi-structure Point Dume estate. And while a $20 million compound might be more than even most millionaires can afford — that’s creeping up close to billionaire territory, honestly — these aren’t even Mr. White’s only multi-million dollar homes.

Mr. White’s Hollywood Hills house… for sale at $7 million

The rich redhead — whose formerly long, luscious locks have sadly been shorn — paid $6,400,000 in August 2015 for a 4,500-square-foot spec-built contemporary in the Hollywood Hills. Last month, Mr. White flipped the property back onto the market with a $6,950,000 pricetag. Lo and behold, the house is already in escrow, according to the MLS. Lucky fellow!

Mr. White’s Encinitas house… for sale at $8 million

Down in the San Diego County city of Escondido (CA), Mr. White also holds a blufftop house with gorgeous vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Property records indicate he coughed up $3,850,000 for the 4-bed, 5-bath, 3,500-square-foot structure back in August 2012. This March (2017), the house — which has been extensively renovated during Mr. White’s tenure as owner — was listed on the open market with a $7,995,000 ask. It remains available at the same price.

Our boy also keeps a modest condo in the winter resort town of Park City, Utah. That’s what you can afford to do when you’ve won 10 ESPYs, two Olympic golds, and hold the record for most X-games gold medals, ever. Not to mention a clothing/accessories line sold at Target, sponsorships with Burton, Oakley and Stride gum, a partnership with GoPro cameras and a band signed to Warner Brothers.

Whew! Did we mention this guy is only 30? Yolanda gets plum tuckered out just thinking about all that!

Anyway, if Mr. White is planning on making Malibu his full-time home — as it would seem — he won’t have to worry about having to borrow a cup of sugar — or whatever — from some non-celeb Joe Schmo across the street. Just a few of his famous Point Dume neighbors include Bob Dylan, Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts, Chris Martin, Don Rickles, Kid Rock, Sean Penn, and Gerard Butler.

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