Lakers coach Luke Walton balls out in a $7.2 million Manhattan Beach mansion

Last year, our friend Vlad the Revealer from Celebrity Address Aerial requested Yolanda’s help in identifying the owner of a large LA-area mansion that recently transferred for $7,200,000 to an enigmatic blind trust. Unfortunately, Yolanda was preoccupied at that time with our busted bunions (no more Jimmy Choos for us) and our annoying third ex-husband Randall, who was determined to clawback our jewelry that he gave us! Sadly, we completely forgot about this house until just the other day.

Well, better late than never, right? Yolanda finally did some research on the property, which is situated in the wealthy oceanside city of Manhattan Beach. The big M.B. has long been home to scads of professional athletes. Some very fit people live out there! Just check out the boardwalk next time y’all are in town.

Lo and behold, Yolanda discovered that the buyers are a young(ish) couple named Luke and Bre Walton.

Luke & Bre Walton at their 2013 Aspen wedding

But when we imparted this info to Vlad, he naively asked if the Waltons are Walmart heirs! Oh Vlad, you silly goose. Although Mr. and Mrs. Walton do share a surname with the Walmart family, they are not related, at least as far as Yolanda knows. Rather, Mr. Walton is a former professional basketball player turned successful pro basketball coach. He currently helms the LA Lakers. And he is a very big deal in the NBA: he played something like 10 seasons for the Lakers (and secured two championships) and his dad Bill Walton is a retired NBA hall of famer. Poor Vlad — maybe basketball is not a big deal in Romania?

Only kidding, Vlad! Yolanda loves ya, baby.

Anyway. It was natural that Mr. & Mrs. Walton would want to upgrade their residential circumstances — they have now been married five years and have two young sons, after all. The couple clearly has love for Manhattan Beach, because their old house is located there, too. More on that in a moment.

The listing calls this house “one of the finest estate properties in Manhattan Beach,” and “a magnificent 10,000 ft French Riviera villa.” And there is no doubt the house is one of the largest in the city — 10,000-square-foot mansions are very rare in this tightly-packed beach town. The .34-acre lot is also relatively generous.

Also noteworthy is that this place is actually not particularly close to the beach (it is probably a 10-minute drive with moderate traffic), nor does it have an ocean view. Rather, the house is located in a woodsy, inland area of M.B. near the end of a private road. But if the Waltons were looking for a large family home with privacy that still gets those ocean breezes, it probably ain’t get much better than this.

The three-level structure was built in 2003 and last sold in 2006 for $5,860,000 to John Macaluso, the former CEO of Wizard Entertainment. Two two-car garages flank the gated walkway to the home’s front door, which swings open to a grandiose entryway equipped with a Subaru-sized chandelier and one of those infamous bridal staircases.

The kitchen is newly remodeled, per the listing, and sports dark brown oak floors, marble countertops, and all the expected high-end stainless appliances. The breakfast nook was also redone with those same floors, but for some reason the formal dining room does not appear to have been updated. Yolanda thinks it could use a reformatting to more cohesively match the other spaces.

According to the listing, the mansion sports 6 beds and 6.5 bathrooms, though Yolanda actually counts 7 beds and 7.5 baths. There is a maid’s bedroom suite in the full basement, a mother-in-law suite on the main level, and five family bedroom suites upstairs.

But anywho, the master suite has a fireplace, a balcony overlooking the backyard, and rather a lot of beige everything. Just off the master is a full-size gym equipped with lots of workout equipment. Ya gotta stay trim if you wanna live down in Manhattan Beach.

The basement level sports a huge theater w/ a kitchenette, and a wine cellar with rouge-colored walls. Outside, the mini-estate offers plenty of entertainment options: lounging in the shade, swimming in the large pool, frolicking on the grassy lawn, eating/drinking by the full outdoor wet bar and pizza oven, or having a family meal under the bougainvillea-shaded trellis.

And for all you folks infatuated with floor plans, here are some drawings to ogle.

To be perfectly honest, Yolanda is not certain whether Mr. and Mrs. Walton have moved into their big new Manhattan Beach mansion, though they purchased it more than a year ago (back in March 2017). But in any case, they do/did not have far to move — the couple are both longtime M.B. locals. Since 2007, when Mr. Walton bought it for $2,750,000, the couple have owned a 5,100-square-foot Manhattan Beach house that is perhaps a 3-minute drive from his new pad.

Mr. Walton’s old Manhattan Beach house

Yolanda fully expects the Waltons’ old mini-mansion to soon become available for purchase. For now, however, the house remains unlisted and unavailable (publicly, at least).

Listing agents: Kathrin Nicholson & Michael Grady, The Agency

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